LG Access rooted

Pictures: White wing Dove and Eurasian Collared Dove.

White-wing Dove 20d_8735

Eurasian Collared Dove 20d_1550

Email: It seems that my email has been particularly busy of late, ever have one of those time when it feels like your email is filling up way to fast? Most of it is stuff I want which is good, but sometimes I wonder if maybe I should opt out of a few things, LOL. I know that I should some of it because all I do is delete it anyways.

Exercise: I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.63mi, time: 49:22, pace: 18:46min/mi, speed: 3.20mi/h.

Rooting : Yesterday I rooted my phone (the LG Access L31L) with the Towelroot app. It went well, the only thing about doing it this way that is bad is that the bootloader is still locked. Which is kind of bad because you can’t flash another rom or do a lot of other things that a custom recovery would let you do. Still I have root and that allows a lot to happen. For me the best thing is the “ops app” app which lets me control a good bit of what other apps do.

Night folks

Yet another busy day

This one should hold me for a while ………… I should be able to slow down a little and get back to a nice slow routine again. This morning I went off to have the oil changed on my truck and a few things checked out. Before being stuck at the garage most of the morning (nobodies fault, just busy like all garages, and I like this one) I went and sent my Nexus 7 off to Asus ( the maker of the device) to be repaired. I have no ideal how long this will take. I did this at Fedex and it cost me over $20.00 to send. The last thing I did in town was to pick up a friend and grab some lunch at Windy’s and then stopped at Walmart for a couple of things. At any rate, by the time I got back to the RV and then went out for my walk the day is just about gone. Just a few busy things that needed to be done, now they are 🙂 .

Trying to let all the folks I know around Deming, know that I am back in the area for a short spell.

Looks like we are in for some cool weather here in the Deming Area over the next few days, down in the 30’s at nights, just a bit of a change from AZ, LOL. I don’t think that kind of temperature will last long here in Deming. However the wind will go on for a while. It is always windy here in the spring.

I have a lot of email to catch up on, so I think I will start that now. Later.

Work day

My work seen to come fast this week, but I am off tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a day that goes by fast because I will have lots to do. After that it is back to work for the weekend Sat and sun. Next week will be more split up with two partial days and two full days.

A couple of weeks or so after next  I will have to have three of my off days to do a little job down in Deming. It will involve setting up a couple of new computers for a club that I am in. The job that will keep me busy for at least three days. The best thing about it all I will be around many of my friends. The only down side I can see is that it will be a bad week for exercise because I will be very busy.

Food/Diet; One of the things I love about the Atkins Diet is that I can have lots of foods that other diets would not let me have and I can have all I want too! I am enjoying my eggs and sausage now mmm, mmmm good!  I eat very well on this diet and if I eat often I have no cravings on this diet which is great. I do need to eat at least four times a day and five is OK. When i get caught away from my RV it is kind of hard because this diet don’t lend itself too much eating out. I can do it but it is not all that great. I can do things like order hamburgers and throw away the buns but is not as good as somethings I would fixes at the house. At any rate I like the diet very well.

Weight; I don’t like to spend money that much but I will enjoy getting new smaller clothes. One of the best things about losing weight is being able to go into the stores and buy clothes that don’t cost more because they are larger, LOL, yes that is nice.

I will have a busy day today with a small rally coming into the park, I think maybe 12 RVs and of course we will have our regular guest. I hope I can keep up with it all, and I think I will do fine, I will just have to take my time. I bet the day will go by fast at least.

Email; Since I have gotten rid of my Yahoo paid account my junk mail has went way down. Good riddance to you Yahoo! Google sure has less junk, even if they do keep every piece of mail you send for a 100 years LOL! That is OK I guess ………….. if they read my mail much they will be really bored LOL.

I am trying to get a few chores done before work today, like my laundry and a bit of cleaning, both are much-needed.

Everyone have a nice day.

Cool and Windy

The weather is a little off for now but I like this area pretty well this time of the year for the most part, weather-wise. Given the weather, I will probably just stay in and chill for most of the day.


Catching up on my Email a bit this morning.


They make me nuts ………… You can’t find a phone that has descent coverage and service charge at all. You find one that has low-cost service and they will not have phones wroth while. You find a service that has good phones and the service cost is just to high.

I have two phones now one from T-Mobile and one from Straight Talk and I have use in two case, one: when I need a lot of talk time (1000 minutes for $30.00) or two: when my T-Mobile does not have coverage (happen once and that is when I got the Straight Talk phone). Other than those times I only use the T-Mobile phone.

The Straight Talk phones is on the Verizon network so that is why it has such good coverage. The choices of phones at Straight Talk is not good. I must admit that T-Mobile has not been too bad on coverage over the 4 years I have use it while full-timing. Could be that I have just been lucky as to where I have gone ………….!  T-Mobile while not have the very top phones for prepaid they do have pretty good phones. Also any of T-Mobile phones (full service ones with contacts) will work on the prepaid side if you can get your hands on one at a good price.

Cell phones and cell plans are moving fast and it is hard to keep up with what is available.


Just another day in the life of RVing! Is is already a beautiful day out and it calls me, so hopefully I will get out in the weather some today. This weekend is to bring the Spring winds of this time of year that NM has and they are usually hard winds.


I have slowly started to change my Email address from yahoo to gmail(Google Mail). Lots of places to change it.

I got a few things done today like wash my truck(not a super job, wind coming this weekend) Walmart and I check on some tires for the truck.

For those checking in to see how my friend is doing(for those who know, who it is) all is good!

Back to work

Today is my back to work day and I got a few things to do today, but the owners have hire someone to do the cleaning so I will not have to so that any more ever though I did not mind doing it. I am sure I can found lots of other office types things to do. There is always lots of stuff to do in an office if you just look around .


After my 40 miles this week I will take a day off and let the legs rest a bit and then maybe a short ride tomorrow ………. we’ll see. My knees don’t feel to bad this morning but still I’ll just do a little stretching and call it good. I got to learn how not to over do things. I would like to ride the bike for another 10 miles today but I know that my legs need the break, so I will take it and also being a work day I don’t have the time for a long ride anyway.


I guess the rain will come soon ………….. they say it rains like cats and dog when it does rain here in the desert but it didn’t last year for some reason. Maybe it will this year. It is overcast here today and feels nice.

RV Stuff

There is a few things I need to get out and do to the RV but it has sure been hot and i sure have not much wanted to get in the heat and do the things I need to do. Hopefully it will cool off a bit.


One of the things I will mess with next week when I am off is to see if I can get my Email contacts fixed on yahoo and my iPod which are synced together. They are full of double entry and it bugs me …… it don’t hurt anything but it sure bugs me. I guess I need to delete both the list and start over. i can do that by exporting my list from Thunderbird and putting it into yahoo and then syncing it to the iPod. Well I think I can anyway.

Ok I am going to call it good for today on the blog so everyone have a great day and I see you all tomorrow.

Later John