And here we Go!

GO!: And just like that the new year is off and running! So …….. will it be more of the same or are new things in store? Well for me it is just like when I travel we’ll see as we go.

Photos: I’m still not in the mood to post any shots just yet, I’m sure it will not be long 🙂

New Year Resolution: I don’t much like doing them … I kind of feel like starting something new for me works just as well in June, Aug or any other time as well as New Years does. However there is one small thing that I would like to do. To type without looking at the dang Keyboard!! I can do it but I seem to have to make myself not look and I do far better if I don’t think about it. Catch 22 is that if I am not thinking about it I will start looking at the Keyboard! &%$#!!! Maybe I will make that a resolution! Not look and not think about!!!

Exercise: I will keep up my exercise even if it hurts. I am in my off days just now (Monday and Tuesday) and will be back at it tomorrow. 5 days a week is my gold.

Extensions: I think I talked a little about extension yesterday but I want to say a little more today about the new one (for me) Multi-Account Containers. I just love this one! If you use Firefox and extension you should try this one. I sometimes like to make setting to multi accounts, such as, my two google accounts. This extension lets me do that in the same window with different tabs open but isolate from each other. Also cuts way back on the tracking from Web sites too, because all they see is what is open in the container tab that you have their site open in and not all your other tabs. Works beautifully!

Social: I have not been keeping up with all my web friends of late but I will make an effect to catch up a bit soon 🙂

Night Folks

Is it Over?

Holidays: Holidays, are they done for a while? Oh good!!! Sometimes there is way to much of a good thing 🙂

Blogging: I am starting back blogging today but it might be a bit before I get on track with photos and such. I will at least say Hello and Night Folks each day 🙂 Hey, that is the best I can do for now, LOL.

Texting: Over the last year I have just started to do a little texting … why you ask? Well, seems like over the last year I have run into people who want to do it. Most of the folks I know are older like myself and didn’t want to text, but that seems to be changing a little. What made me think of this is that I just got a text form an old friend that I know just hates anything Smartphone, so if he is willing to texts than it must be catching on with us old folk! Right Barry? LOL.

Firefox: I have always use private browser mode in Firefox but I have learned about an extension Mult-Account Containers that I like even better than private tabs. The extension seems to isolate tabs better when putting tabs in their own container. One of the best things about this is that I can log into both my google accounts and both my Flickr accounts all at the same time and they can’t see each other on Firefox. Helpful when you want to make different setting to like accounts 🙂

Internet: Over the last few months I have had lots of problems with Verizon internet service, I think maybe they have overloaded they network since they have push so hard with they new unlimited plan. Like most big businesses they like to get the customers but hate to do the services, (money for as little effect as possible).

Exercise: I have kept up with my exercise, doing five days a week and taking two off, but I have put on a good amount of weight over the last year and it is making it hard. I’ll keep pushing!

Friends: I have 3 folks in the area that I know from last year. Good to have folks around that you know.

Night Folks

Is it over?

Peeking out: I am peeking out now …. looking around ….. is it over? Is it safe to come out now? Is it time to start a new year? I did so good right up till the end, LOL. Some years me and the holidays ain’t the best of friends other years not so bad, I never know till they come. Never-no-matter, I hope that everyone else had a great and fun Holiday and I hope the New Year brings all the things you wish for.
As for me, the things I need to do this new year is get back on a better diet, start back exercising, get the camera busy and get my blog going again. All these things keep me busy and content most of the time, I hope they still will.

I am still looking at Lens for my camera and I am still looking at computers but I’m not buying any, just yet. Still got my eye on the 100-400 canon L and am still thinking on the Apple computer. I seen the 100-400 L as low as $1500 refurbished this year (I missed the deal) and I find it hard to up more money once I’ve seen a good deal and that may not come again till next year. The new price will come down a little more too, maybe this year coming. I’ll keep watching.

On the computer side, if I am going to put the cost of a high-end Apple computer into a computer I want one with high standards and newer connections because I plan on keeping that computer for a long time. The thing I want to see in my next new computer is the Thunderbolt 3 Standard with C type connectors which I think will become a standard pretty quick once it starts getting out there because it will be a kind of catch-all connector. I am near sure PC will go that way, …. and Apple …. well we’ll see. Thunderbolt 3 and C-connector are different things but can and will more than likely be joined, and Intel is doing that. The only computer out with that just yet that I know of, is the Dell computers. The good thing about Thunderbolt 3 is that it is very fast and when combined with the C-connector is compatible with about everything up to this point, USB 2, USB 3, USB 3.1 and the very fast Thunderbolt 3. Adapters from C type to USB should come soon after the C-connectors start hitting the market. Of course when using a slower USB device you will only get the speed that the device will offer but it will connect. Now all that being said this is just what “I” think is going to come to be and it may …. or it may not!

I have given a lot of thinking to the Apple computers and the latest iMac sure looks nice. It would be a lot lower powered then the desktop that I have now (good for me on solar) and is a fine-looking Machine for sure with the most updated specs Apple has for now. I am hoping that maybe the next Macbook Pro will have some big updates and maybe that will pull me into the Mac world. I don’t much buy a computer for now but for the future and at that cost it will have to be into the future a ways!
I take a long time on things like this because I am kind of stuck with whatever it is that I get, seeing as I don’t much have that kind of money to change my mind later on! I am sure that maybe some of you, like most people, have been in the place where you are paying for something that you wish you didn’t have but still have to pay for it …. I don’t want to be there!

Pictures: Anna’s Hummers, picture taken only a few minutes ago 🙂

Anna's hummer 9_7D_2301215

Anna's 16_7D_2301215

Night folks

More chores

Today was laundry day, it has been a while, I had a couple good size loads. Dishes and laundry, never done!

Without my walks or bike rides I am just a little board. Hopefully I can soon get back to some kind of exercise. If you have a thing that takes an hour or two of your day and then it is gone all of a sudden ….. It sure messes with your day’s time- schedule. It is like a big hole in my day.

There has been a bit of clouds in the days of late, I don’t like it 😦 I want my sunshine, now! LOL. I can’t fuss to hard because the temperatures have been just the best, over the last few days. As a matter of fact I have worn T-shirts and shorts for the last two days, and that is my kind of temperatures 🙂 Looking over the ten-day forecast the weatherman says a little cooler for the weekend but back warmer next week. Sounds good.

The last three mornings have had beautiful sunrises but I have only watched them from the comfort of my bed : shock: The sunset on the other hand have not been as nice. Maybe this is mother nature’s way of telling me to get up and enjoy the mornings, but I sure enjoy snuggling in the covers on the cool mornings and staying warm. Hey, the sunrise looks nice out the window too!

Evening update: Ha, as luck would have it we had a beautiful sunset this evening. Maybe a picture or two in the next few days.

Night folks


I got 4G

Yea, I got 4 G on my Verizon air-card this morning! Both the air-card and the phone are running at 4G speeds today and just in time for a big Windows update, good deal. 4G speeds make things happen so much faster. I knew it was coming to Yuma but I was not sure if it would be here in Wellton too, I am so glad it is.
Not the best but better than 3G, I’ll take it.


Knees/exercise; the knees ain’t to bad today, at least not as bad as I was expecting. I did take a very short walk today just to do a little something. That will be all the exercise for today but I will likely add some stretching later on.

The weather today is going to be great but it was a little cool this morning. Tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer and so is tonight compared to last night, both good things.

Mail; I was surprised to find out that my mail had not come today. The post office said that Valentines day slows things down some, I sure didn’t think Valentines cards where still a big thing. Must be an age thing 😉   us grouchy old guys don’t get many Valentines cards!

Solar panel; I may pick up another one tomorrow. Found some used ones that someone has for sale.

Enough for today, Later.

Day one done

No soda yesterday at all. Good deal, but the caffeine withdraws are keeping me with just a little head ache, which I expected to happen. I am still drinking the tea but it don’t have the amount of caffeine the soda does, but the head ache will go away in a day or two and some of the craving too. The habit will take a bit to forget but it will come. Once I get even out in 3 or 4 days I will start the cut back on tea. I think once I am on just tea I will be able to cut to 3 glass a day pretty quick.

Exercise; I did get a little done yesterday and also my stretching and hopefully I will found my way to doing something today. Yesterday was just a very short workout of the upper body. It will take me some time to get to the point where the workout is very meaningful. I hope to work up to a hard half hour at least. Seeing as I don’t have no weights, I will have to be creative to keep it challenge. If I can get my heart into it I will be fine, but first I got to learn to love it again! LOL. I am 60 years so I am not looking to be a body builder but I would like to put just a little tone back in the upper body, and that will take a good bit of work. I have not did much with the upper body now for over 6 years.

My card reader (compact flash) has stop working for some reason, so this weekend I will be picking up one from Walmart. At least I hope that is the problem and not something with the computer. Oops, on a little farther inspection it turns out I just needed to reformat the flash card, at least that cleared things up for now.

The only birding I have done is watching the hummers and here is a shot of the Anna’s Hummer.

Click for a larger image.

Time to get up and move, Later!   4pm update; I took me a short walk (only 2 miles) and did my stretching. I feel better. While on my walk I seen several birds, I should have taken my camera.

Caffeine update; no pop today but I have put away some tea and now I will start on my water again (had several cups at Jack in the Box this morning). I will do a total of at least one gal before the day is done. I like drinking water. Come this weekend I will start my cut back of tea. It will be good to drink mostly water again.

Night folks.

One more beautiful day

I guess starting tomorrow it will start to cool down here in the Casa Grande area, maybe I should be over in Yuma? If it warms back up, I will hang tough here till the end or near the end of the month. IF it stay cold, I might move out. I have said it many times …………. I like the ideal of my house having wheels!

Exercise today; a good walk, at least 5 miles. I will do a little stretching later on. Diet; I am doing OK and keeping my weight at about 190 lbs but I still need to be rid of the artificial sweeteners. Man I am really fighting this ideal of giving up that sweet tasting goodies(maybe baddies!) LOL.  Diet pop and tea sweeten with Splenda are my two big down falls. I am looking for the strength, send some my way if you have some extra, OK?

Update at 3 pm; I got my stretching done and it went well. I have stayed with my stretching now for a few months (maybe a year) and it has help a lot on the hamstrings, but I need to grow a little with it and extend to better cover things other than my hamstrings. Man there is no end to the improvements that I need to make!!! LOL. The best thing about being flawed is that there is so much room to get better    😉

Typing; I have not talk much about my typing lately, so I will just say that it has gotten to the point where I don’t hate having to type anymore. I am still not very fast but I get by and it is no longer the hardest part of blogging for me, like it was when I first started to blog. It makes blogging a bit more enjoyable for sure.

Birds; I have start to get a few House Finches at my feeders along with the Woodpeckers and Humming birds now. I had 3 Gila Woodpeckers this morning one female and two male but one male put the other on the road pretty quick. I got me a deal work up with a friend (thanks friend 🙂  )  and I will be getting a new long lens to shoot with soon so maybe I will get encouraged to start taking some pictures.

Bird of the week updated, I took the picture in Deming, NM of this Curve-billed Thrasher.

OK I think I will get outside and collect a little more Vitamin D for today. Sunshine and a warm day are just two great things.

Sign! Tonight we spotted this sign at the entrance to the park. It was put up 2 years ago and folks went into town looking to see where to get this permit and was told, there is no permit. LOL

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign Blockin’ out the scenery, breakin’ my mind Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign?

Looks a bit beat up, don’t you think?