Moved today

Pictures: New area.

Hiding away.

I set up a feeding area but I am not sure I will be here long enough to get any birds coming by.

Moved: I have moved today and I am near Ash Fork, AZ again, not sure how long I will stay.

Exercise: I walked for about 2.5 miles today.

Night folks



Pictures: Pines and feeder.
Lots of Pine trees.
Pine Trees 20d_2567

Lots of Pine Cones.
Pine Cones 20d_2564

Here is my feeder loaded down with goodies but I am getting no takers 😦 It has peanuts, wild bird seed, Black oil sunflower seeds and Meal-worms. Steller Jay came and took a look but didn’t take a thing!
Feeder 20d_2568

Defrosting the refrigerator : About Once a month I defrost the bottom part of the refrigerator and about once a year I defrost the top part of the refrigerator, the freezer. Today was that chore for both, all done! I use a hair dryer for this job and it is a excellent tool for it. This Particular hairdryer I got off of a “free table” (where people put stuff they no longer want, but others may) and I think it was not running hot enough for drying lots of hair but it is near perfect for defrosting my refrigerator with the temperature being just right 🙂

Exercise: I have been walking 🚶right along but I’ve not kept track of it and the walks have not been long ones. I think maybe 2 miles at least 4 times a week. I seen to walk more when I’m out by myself then when I got non exercising friends hanging around I end up visiting more, but both keep me content so all is good!

Night folks

WordPress Editor

Redbellied Woodpecker 20d_3721Pictures: How about a Redbellied Woodpecker? These pictures where taken back 7 or 8 years ago when I was still living in a stick and brick(house) and I had feeders out. In these pictures the pieces of wood has holes in it that where filled with suet and the Woodpecker where enjoying a meal.

WordPress: At the top of my WordPress editing page there is a line that says “There’s now an easier way to create on! Switch to the improved posting experience.” and I fear one day I will go to the editing page and the old  editor will be gone. I just can’t see this editor not being the better editor and the new one just looks a mess to me 😦 I don’t want to change!

What will be, will be.

Redbellied Woodpecker 20d_3709

Exercise: A pretty good walk today. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 3.35mi, time: 59:24, pace: 17:45min/mi, speed: 3.38mi/h. Not a long walk but a good pace today.

Night folks

On Track

I am again back on track with my exercise. I was a little tire after the drive over Tuesday and was still dragging a bit yesterday (even if I did get my exercise done, I still felt tire) but today I rode the bike for 8 miles and then walk a little over 1.5 miles and I feel fine. I had a great stretch afterword too.

I have put out my humming feeder and already have a few Humming Birds coming around. I like watching them and I watch as I set here and do my blogging. The feeder hangs outside the window beside my chair and the Humming Birds are maybe 3 feet from me.

It will not take me long to settle into a very relaxing state here in the boon-docks, I love the peace and quiet, it is resting to my soul. I guess growing up in the backwoods of KY and spending lots of time in the woods by myself made me a bit of a loner.

My solar is doing good but I may be in for some cloudy days here this weekend and early next week, but I have the generator if needed.

My internet connection is doing good now that I have set up my antenna and got the direction right. Takes a couple of tries to sometimes but them I am set.

I belong to a Club called Loners on Wheels (LoWs) and about anywhere I go, I see members of this club. I have seen two pass through here in the two days that I have been here.

Man I am full of one liners today, looks like it is going to rain a bit and that will be a good thing. I guess my mind is in short mode today LOL. Hell, I guess it is a normal day 😉

OK enough nonsense for today, later.

The mornings are so cool

I love the morning up here on this mountain of Cloudcroft, it is just the right temperature to sleep in. I did manage to get out of bed by 8am this morning, a good thing. If I was one with lots of money I would buy me a summer home up here.

Time to get my breakfast on, two eggs and sausage, mmmmmmm mmmmm good.  Yes that was good.

Birds; I am seeing a few that I would love to get a picture of. I have put out a seed feeder and this morning I am near sure I seen a Female Black-headed Grosbeak. While walking and at my feeder I have seen a Dark-eyed Junco(Red Back). I am seeing lots of Northern Flickers while out walking. I wish I could get pictures of all these guys but they are a bit jumpy up here in the woods. Oh I have seen a few wild Turkey too.
I like to put seed out on the ground for ground-feeding birds and I do ……  but most of those seeds are going to a local chipmunk who takes care of anything that hits the ground LOL. Just look at that “Who Me?” look, will you!

Oh it is indeed a nice morning ……. my neighbor with all the dirt-bikes just left. They where off where I could not see them very well and on their way out I could see that they had 1 four-wheeler and nine dirt-bikes LOL. It sure is peaceful again around here!

The day is done and I have not did much on the exercise side of things so maybe tomorrow I’ll do a bit of walking or something. The knees have fuss at me a bit today. Looking at the weather I see some pretty high humidity in the forecast and I don’t know how much my old knees will fuss at that.

Seed feeders Down

I have taken my seed feeders down. I was only getting House Finch and there where lots of them. My RV is was the highest thing near that the Feeder so that is where they like to sat, well you know what happens when birds are just sating around LOL. It was getting to be a little messes up on top of the RV, so the seed feeder is gone. I may try other types of feeder to see what I can get to come in. I have suet feeder up now and may add a peanut feeder to see if gets any action.

Weather mostly makes it way to my blog when it is not too good! It is cool and overcast today, the forecast is showing 72° for a high today but my little temperature monitor is only showing 61° outside at a little after 1pm. Makes me think about Mexico a little, would be nice to be a little farther south.

Exercise was a walk today, about 3 miles is my best guess. A good walk.

House Finches

House Finches are near always one of the first bids to come to a feeder and I have a bunch of them already at my feeder. As a matter of fact House Finches are the only birds I have seen so far (they came within an hour of me putting up the feeder).  I always enjoy listen to the House Finches sing their songs too, it is a nice soft pleasant sound.  Having House Finches only for now is OK because when the House Finches come, it is not usually to long before other types of birds start showing up. If nothing else, some type Hawk will come by for a Finch dinner one day. Being a bird came be a tough life I would think …………. you would never know who is hungry o) .

We are having lots of nice sunny  days and I am enjoying them a lot. The one thing that is not too enjoyable in southwest AZ is the dust, and it is always everywhere in the boon-docks and there is no way around it. Keeping the rig dusted is near impossible or at least it seem that way to me.

When someone pushes the like button on my blog I get a notification that they did and who they where. I will near always go take a look at their blog and I did so the other day on a blog call and the blog is put together by two brothers and they promise one amazing photo a day. You should go over and take a look they post some really great shots.


I have not made up my mind as to what I will do today for exercise but I am leaning toward a walk and maybe I will take the camera along. Short lens, long lens or both …………. LOL we’ll see. I think I will get to that exercise now.

2:30pm I did go for a walk and I did take my camera. Here are two shots from my walk. Both these shot were taken with a long lens (300mm with 1.6 ext – making it a 420mm), maybe next time I will take a shorter lens.

Not so busy today

Today is a little more relaxed for me. Not much going on and I am taking it ease. I have gotten my exercise and stretching done already and I am getting into the chill out mode.

For exercise today I walked a couple of miles.

I may get me a barbecue grill sometimes this month. I have not had one the whole time I have been RVing but maybe it is time. The reason I don’t have one and many other things is because I will have to find a place to keep it, kind of tight when you live in a RV. One of the pitfalls of being a full-timer with a small rig.

I am really liking my new site (across the road pretty much). My nearest neighbor is about 100 ft away  so I hear no one hardly ever. If I want to visit it is a short walk to company.

Today I bought some birdseed and set up my feeder and put out some water for the birds, now that I am a ways away from everyone. I am reluctant to set up feeders when I am near others because some folks don’t want the birds around their rig and I respect that.