Late Post : I didn’t get my post done yesterday and only had it saved as a draft. I posted it just now so it will look like I didn’t post yesterday and posted twice today 😦

Studying Yesterday: Yesterday I was looking at Html and wondering about web publishing. When the internet was first getting started I build a couple of web site just for the fun of it and learn enough Html to play around a bit. So …. over the pass few days I have been looking over Html code again and man ………….. have things changed! LOL. I may do some more today.

Flickr/Yahoo Broken: I don’t know who made changes but something broke my Flickr/Yahoo. I was able to disable AdBlock Plus plug-in in Firefox to get things working again, So ……. either Flickr or AdBlock Plus one made changes and whichever one it was broke something. I am going to bet that it was something Yahoo did, but who knows?

Birds: My Humming Birds have slow down a little now, I guess they are heading south. They have been a ball to watch this summer. Anyways here are some more Hummers!

Female Rufous.
Rufous Female_1480

Black-Chinned Female.

Exercise: Today I have not did any hard stuff but I have rode around the park a few times.

Night folks