Pictures: This is from my storage files but they are not that old, I took this shot while at Blue Water Lake State Park.


Flickr: For any of you who use Flickr the change over from Yahoo to Smugmug is starting to happen. I have a Pro account and a free account. Today I changed both my Flickr accounts over to the new login and it went very well for me.

Night Folks


Pictures: Today I have pictures of a old friend, the Groundhog that would visit me at a place I once live at. Besides it was just Groundhog day 🙂 Forget the weather here’s to the Groundhog 🙂

Groundhog 20d_9788

GroundHog 20d_9787

Social : Wow, I have been getting my “social” on this winter as far as the internet goes. Lots of stuff with the blog and a lot of Flickr too. I just wonder how I will do this summer when I get busy with my Volunteering job? We’ll see. Of course my “social” will have to be on for dealing with the folks in the campground this summer.

Exercise: A walk with a friend, my friend Jeanne (link on right side of blog). I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.17mi, time: 41:56, pace: 19:20min/mi, speed: 3.10mi/h.

Friends: A couple of my friends (Jeanne and Barbara, links on right side of blog) are here in the area with me now and it is great to have friends around.

Night folks


Late Post : I didn’t get my post done yesterday and only had it saved as a draft. I posted it just now so it will look like I didn’t post yesterday and posted twice today 😦

Studying Yesterday: Yesterday I was looking at Html and wondering about web publishing. When the internet was first getting started I build a couple of web site just for the fun of it and learn enough Html to play around a bit. So …. over the pass few days I have been looking over Html code again and man ………….. have things changed! LOL. I may do some more today.

Flickr/Yahoo Broken: I don’t know who made changes but something broke my Flickr/Yahoo. I was able to disable AdBlock Plus plug-in in Firefox to get things working again, So ……. either Flickr or AdBlock Plus one made changes and whichever one it was broke something. I am going to bet that it was something Yahoo did, but who knows?

Birds: My Humming Birds have slow down a little now, I guess they are heading south. They have been a ball to watch this summer. Anyways here are some more Hummers!

Female Rufous.
Rufous Female_1480

Black-Chinned Female.

Exercise: Today I have not did any hard stuff but I have rode around the park a few times.

Night folks

Kicking up the pace

Weather: Almost every morning is pants and sweater weather here, and that is what I expected. Today is windy too, making it feel even cooler. Hey, it really is not all that bad but I do like the T-shirt and shorts weather, because I’m a bit spoiled. 😛

Walk: The wind is cutting today so it made me kick up my pace a little 😯 I’m holding to short walk still, the knees ask it of me! I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.36mi, time: 43:39, pace: 18:31min/mi, speed: 3.24mi/h.
Little faster this morning

Blogging with Android: Blogging with the nexus 7 to be more precise, has gotten to be fun and ease. About the only thing I don’t do with the Nexus is post my pictures. Neither of my mobile browsers(Firefox or Dolphin) interact well with the photo sites(Flickr or Photobucket). I’m going to play with Chrome a little today to see how that works.

Bird: Well the test of posting with Chrome is not much better than the other two browser, the way I see it. I can do it but it has it’s problems too. The bird is a American Avocet and I took this picture just a day out two ago.
American Avocet2_1037

Night folks

Moving Change

About moving: I had planned to move today but now I think I will not. I will stay here for a few more days.

Weight: I forgot to do that this morning. I near always do the weight thing first thing out of bed, but this morning found me thinking on other things and I forgot the weight. That thinking thing, is just hard on me, LOL!

Walk: Another short walk today. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.29mi, time: 43:36, pace: 19:03min/mi, speed: 3.15mi/h.

Stretching: Last summer I stopped stretching and did not start back until about four months ago. I’m just now getting back most of my flexibility in my hamstrings. I can now reach my toes and a little lower now, and I think that is pretty good for an over 60 something dude that has a good bit of arthritis. The best part is that I think I can still gain a little more flexibility in my hamstrings and I like that ideal. I’ll keep working at it.

Blogging with a Device: For the last three or four days I have not used the computer for any of my blogging. With all the practice I’ve had this winter, I’ve gotten better at using the Nexus 7 for near all my blogging. About the only thing I have trouble doing is linking pictures from Photobucket and Flickr. Those two sites are too messy to deal with, but I’m working on it. It is kind of neat, all the things you can do with mobile devices.

Another couple of thoughts on mobile devices.
1. I think the absolute best app that has came out for mobile devices is the Swype Keyboard (and other keyboards like it, pretty sure the Swype keyboard was first).
2. The divide between computer and mobile devices has really narrowed down in the last couple of years.
3. My biggest fuss with mobile devices is that the apps are so damn nosy.

Night folks

Fine day

I have started the day with a little bike riding, and I am just using the bike for transportation today. I have racked up about 5 miles so far and I will do some more riding as the day goes on, and hopefully get up around 10 miles by the end of the day. Feels good to be back riding around on the bike and the knees are not fussing yet, a good sign.

My neighbor, a nice fellow, ask me today if I knew much about bikes and I said “a little what’s up?” He then told me that while riding his bike last night that it stopped pedaling  and would just spin. So we took a look ………. the chain was missing. LOL, he is an older guy like myself and I think that maybe he has not been around bikes since he was a kid, I thought maybe for a minute he was just pulling my leg, but he was not. He told me where he was when it happen (just down the road a bit) and I took a ride down and picked up his chain, it had a broken link. As we get older and more unfamiliar with things from our pass, it is strange the things we will over look. It is much like some silly thing I would do, LOL.

I think I will get out and ride around on the bike a little more.  2:30 pm update: I took a couple more rides on the bike with the last one being a good one. A total of a little over 15 miles. When I got back from the last ride I had one of the better stretches …………. that I have had for a spell now anyways. All and all, a good day for exercise.

Click this picture to see what it does on your computer.
FlickrtestI am going to play around with Flickr as a photo sharing place and this is just a test link. I am not sure how this will turn out ~~~~ This is a Snip I took of the Flickr page. It was OK in the Preview, only thing I don’t like is that Flickr always links back to its own page, so if you click on the picture, it will take you to my Flickr page …………. I think, LOL. Photobucket is doing that a lot of late too, seems like sometimes it links to the blank page (like I want) and sometimes it takes you back to their page to see the picture.

I am going to test it another way here with a bigger picture, to see how that turns out. Here goes.
FlickrtestLooks like I can make it big enough to see it plenty well and that will leave the readers where there is no need to click on the picture to see it, maybe this is the way to go.

The weather is starting to warm up a little but it is still pretty pleasant as far as temperature goes I think, It is just below 90° outside and just over inside. For me that is not too bad out here in the west where the air is very dry, making the temperature feel a lot less than it is.

Enough chat for today, everyone have a nice day.