Old and New

Pictures: Here is a shot of some cat-tails, some from last years and some from this years, and another shot of the same flower I posted last week, I took about five shots of the flower.



Exercise: No exercise, I’m taking it ease for a bit.
Update: I couldn’t stand it, I got out and sputtered around on the bike for 5 miles. A little something.

Night Folks



Pictures: A Bee on a flower.



WordPress and Tracking: Due to new Privacy laws in Europe, site like WordPress have to notify folks in Europe when they are being tracked, and I got a notice in my blog saying I could enable this notice if I wanted to. (Which I did). Maybe this is WordPress’ way of trying to work around this by dumping it on the user?
I love the new Europe laws by the way and I hope they make it into the US!
WordPress is a free site for me so I have to put up with how they behave 😣

Exercise: I walked a mile a couple of time today.

Night Folks

Couple more Flowers

Pictures: Here is some more flower shots from a couple site back.



Weather: Looks like we have a rainy day ahead. I woke to rain and it has continue now for over two hours. I will say that we really needed it because things were very dry, so this is good. It is kind of cool too so this is not my favorite kind of weather, I don’t mind the rain so much but with the cold it makes the old bones ache a bit.

Exercise: Not today, it has rain most of the day or at least been misting and it is cold, good day to stay inside and warm 🙂

Night folks

Back to Yellow

Pictures: This is near the end of all the spring flowers I have shot in the desert this year. I am sure there will be more over the summer but hopefully I can found a few birds to photograph too. I am starting to see a good many birds now that I am in a higher elevation.



Exercise: We walked 3.3 miles today, a good walk indeed. The knee fuss at me a little bit. We are moving tomorrow so maybe I give it a rest with a day off.

Night folks

Twisted Bee

Pictures: This bee was busy working away at the little colorful bush. I’ll post some close-ups shots of the bush in a day or two.



Exercise: We walked two and half miles today.

Weather: It has been a bit cold! The days are not getting too warm (mid 50s) and the nights are right down cold for RVs (high 20s) but by adding a little heat in the RV with the Wave 8 Heater, it is fine. This is a bit early in the year for RVing in the Flagstaff area, so a few cold days is expected. We are to have a couple days like this and then it will be a mix of warm and cool days off and on, for the next two or three weeks. Over all it looks like we will have more nice warm days than cool days 🤞

Night folks

Back to Flowers

Pictures: I have a few more flower shots that I want to share and then maybe I’ll shoot something else for a bit, there was just such good blooming of flowers this year. Here is a nice looking little flower.



Exercise: Another good walk today, Jeanne and I walk a little over two and half miles today. I have notice over the last year or so that the best walkers I have come across are women. I do see guys out walking but less so than the women.

Night folks

Say’s Phoebe

Pictures: A flower and a Bird.


This shot taken through the window.

Exercise: I walked about 2 miles today. Seems I am walking about every other day now 😦

Data/Phone Plan: I guess this month I’ll be testing the limits of this Verizon Unlimited Plan, I am near 7 gigs and I am only about 8 days in. I am sure to go over this month in both the 10 gig data limit as hotspot/MiFi Device and the total limit of 22 gigs, if I see any slowing I’ll let you know! This is not the best place for testing as the area has very slow 4G on any plan.

Weather: It has been just fine! A little windy sometimes but that is not all the bad to me.

Night Folks

Rain yet again

Pictures: Just a couple shots showing the rainy day.

The sky looks just like this today, a bit grey for sure but hey it is still nice and green 🙂



Weather: Rain yet again here in the desert, the amount of rain this year has amazed me a bit. The years I have been here before didn’t have near as much rain. It is a good thing pretty much all around for a couple of reason. one; the area can always use more rain(it is the desert 🙂 ) and two it helps keep the dust down.
Update; It has rain all day and it’s still raining.

Exercise: It is early in the day just now but I am going to say I will not be exercising today. The old joints are fussing at me today so I will give them a rest. Hips, shoulder, back, ankles, wrists and knees, that Author is such a constant friend on these rainy days *%$#(*!!! That is okay he will calm down when it warms up a bit 🙂

Night folks