Pictures: Orange-Sulphur is my best guess for this Butterfly.


RV Slide: We worked most of the day on the slide and didn’t get much done but we did learn a good bit about what we need to do.

With both of us being old dudes …. it has left us both a bit sore and beat up! 😕 🥴 We have to sit under the slide and you can not sit up straight without bumping your head and to see under the trailer we have to bend over even farther or lay on the ground. I counted maybe 5 times my friend Barry bumped his head on a metal part of the slide that is a bit lower. Once today he drop the support(made of heavy metal) we are installing on his leg and made a good dent. I would get twisted up and my hip-joint would lock up and that would get me stuck and fussing …. ! I guess if you had been someone watching, it was a bit of a comedy show, even Barry and I would have to stop from time to time and laugh at our self for a bit, LOL.

Why my friend Barry helps me doing this stuff and getting beat up so much … is a mystery to me!! It is sure deeply appreciate!

Night Folks


Say’s Phoebe

Pictures: Some more shots of the Say’s Phoebe.



Exercise: Dale, Carol and I walked 2.8 miles this morning.

Friend: My friend Dale hit the road this morning, so good travels to my friend Dale!

Air Bags: My truck was one of the Vehicle that had the recall on the airbags so today I got that done. It was a small dealer in Cottonwood, AZ so they where able to get me in and out pretty quick.

Night Folks

Wren and Bluebird

Pictures: Here is a Rock Wren and a Western Bluebird.

I looked out my window one day and seen this Wren playing around under the hood of my truck.



Exercise: I waked 3 miles this morning.

Friend: My friend Barry hit the road today after hanging out for about a month. My friend Barry is the one that likes to go all the time and went somewhere everyday and I would go with him. Now I will go back to going to the city once a week, I’ll have “going withdraws“, LOL! I met Barry early on in my RVing and he was one of my first RV friends from near 10 years ago.

Good Travels Barry!!!

Night Folks

Old Friend

Pictures: White Crown Sparrow, a picture I took while in Kingman, AZ and another Say’s Phoebe Shot. Neither of these shots where taken very close but I still like them.

White-Crowned Sparrow 5_7D2_050416

Say's Phoebe 3-7D2-170416

Exercise: Took a walk this morning, about 3 miles is my guess.

Old Friend: I got a friend that is coming to the area that I met not long after I started RVing. I worked with him at an RV park, stay at his place, and kept in contact with and he is also a photo bug! It is always good to see those kind of old friends, I look forward to it.

Weather : It is nice but still a bit windy.

Update; Enjoyed my day with my friend.

Unique Rig

Pictures: My friend (Lee) is visiting for a few days and he has a unique rig, here is a couple pictures. The desert sand color is all bed liner coating, the whole rig is cover with bed liner.

 photo Lees rig 9_7D1_151115_zps4fy1efql.jpg

 photo Lees rig 7D1_2726_zpsiwfm5iml.jpg

Exercise: Walked about 2 miles today.

Night folks

Running the roads … again

Pictures: This and that.

Sunset peeking through.
Sunset peaking 20d_2490

Rabbit 20d_2484

Albuquerque: My friend and I ran into Albuquerque today and it was an all day trip (something over 200 miles and then time to do the things we went for). I am glad to have a friend around to run the roads with 🙂 While we were out and about, I bought a new water pump for the RV, my old one has had it.

Night folks