Working on it, Blue GrosBeak

Pictures: One spring about 12 years ago this young Blue Grosbeak came by my feeder and was on it’s way to being blue 🙂



Friend: I am off to met up with a old friend of my today and I have not seen him for about a year, always good to see friends 🙂 We’ll meet up and take a trip to Havasu.

Night Folks


Say’s Phoebe

Pictures: Some more shots of the Say’s Phoebe.



Exercise: Dale, Carol and I walked 2.8 miles this morning.

Friend: My friend Dale hit the road this morning, so good travels to my friend Dale!

Air Bags: My truck was one of the Vehicle that had the recall on the airbags so today I got that done. It was a small dealer in Cottonwood, AZ so they where able to get me in and out pretty quick.

Night Folks

Wren and Bluebird

Pictures: Here is a Rock Wren and a Western Bluebird.

I looked out my window one day and seen this Wren playing around under the hood of my truck.



Exercise: I waked 3 miles this morning.

Friend: My friend Barry hit the road today after hanging out for about a month. My friend Barry is the one that likes to go all the time and went somewhere everyday and I would go with him. Now I will go back to going to the city once a week, I’ll have “going withdraws“, LOL! I met Barry early on in my RVing and he was one of my first RV friends from near 10 years ago.

Good Travels Barry!!!

Night Folks

Old Friend

Pictures: White Crown Sparrow, a picture I took while in Kingman, AZ and another Say’s Phoebe Shot. Neither of these shots where taken very close but I still like them.

White-Crowned Sparrow 5_7D2_050416

Say's Phoebe 3-7D2-170416

Exercise: Took a walk this morning, about 3 miles is my guess.

Old Friend: I got a friend that is coming to the area that I met not long after I started RVing. I worked with him at an RV park, stay at his place, and kept in contact with and he is also a photo bug! It is always good to see those kind of old friends, I look forward to it.

Weather : It is nice but still a bit windy.

Update; Enjoyed my day with my friend.