Only one visitor

Pictures: I have had only one bird visitor to my feeding area and it is this Canyon Towhee.

Always good to put out an extra plate for lunch 🙂



9/11: It is a day in history to remember, a sad day. However for me it is a good day too, this was my first day as a full time RVer 9/11 of 2007, 9 years ago today 🙂

Night folks


Rode to Cruces

Today I rode to Las Cruces with my friend and I have done some running since I have been back. Bottom line the day is near done.  We left very early, so I did get any exercise this morning, maybe I’ll do a little walking this evening.

Weather; it is pretty warm today but cooler than the summer has been and that is good. I like it about this time of year when it cools down a little but does not yet get cold at night.

Dental; Next week I have an appointment to have my teeth cleaned, a thing I don’t do enough.

Birthday; Tomorrow is my 5th year full timing, so happy full timing to me! Yes, I started my full-time RVing on 9-11 0f 07 . I hope to find fun new stuff over the next 5 years.

Another work day

This is my hump day I guess LOL. Life is better when you can do it just part time. It will be one of the old long days but I only have this weekend and one more for the long days.


They are fun to watch ……….. this morning when I open the door a Robin and a White Wing Dove where sparring. Nature always has a big show going on if you watch. I need to take more time at it myself I think, because it is the good stuff in life! Unlike people it never gets mad at you and just does whatever it does. Nature never does things just to spike you.


I see that this morning I have beat George to the blog, he don’t have a post for today yet and he is usually pretty early to post. I always start my day with his blog, it is fun to see what George is up to. He has been playing with his parking technic in the big cities, he always does well at it.

When I think of it, I look at Facebook to see what other friends are up to.

Full time RVing/Friend

I think that I now know some of the must fun and interesting people than I have ever known in my life since I started full-timing. I like seeing and talking with all the folks from different walks of life. I like the ideal that the friends that are around me are always changing, neither better or worst, just different, fun and interesting.

I guess what I am saying is that this life style works for me and I enjoy it. I hope that it can last for a long time yet!

I have now lost everyone that I care about (passed away or move on) in KY and will probably never go back. Even if I wanted to (and I don’t) I would have nowhere to go. If I ever have to stop RVing I will just stop wherever I am at and that will be it. Hopefully that won’t be for years yet!

OK it is time to do the work thing.