Dove and Quail

Pictures: White-winged Dove/friends and a Gambel’s Quail.



Solar: Today I got out and tackled the solar replacement and I over did it a bit. My friend (Barry that hook me up with the solar panels) help and was beat down by the time we finish for the day. I was still feeling pretty good but now as the evening has set in, I too am feeling the beat down! Often my Friend Barry and I do job that old dudes like us should not be doing …. but hey they need done so we do them!
At any rate we took off my 4 130 watt panels and put on two 260 watt panels, so 520 watts off and 520 watts back on. Needless to say they are much different size panels so had to be mounted very different but we got it done for the most part, still some loose ends but the hard part done for the first two panels. Two more 260 watt panels to put on.

Night Folks


Another of the Sunset

Pictures: This is just another shot of the sunset from yesterday’s photo and it is a little closer shot, maybe you can see the bird in this one 🙂 Also one more of the Gambel’s Quail.Sunset-4-7D1-042318


Apps: I have run across a app that I like. I am one that hates all the permission that apps ask for so when I see a poplar kind of app that has few or no permission I jump on it. One of the kind of apps that abuse permission is weather apps and I found this one (Klara Weather), it has much less permission than the others, so I’m giving it a try, so far I like it.

I guess accuracy is important so comparing forecast … comparing highs for today and tomorrow Klara = 82/86, AccuWeather =84/86, Under Ground weather, 84/88. So maybe Klara runs a little cool but nothing I can’t live with.

Exercise: I walked 2 miles this morning.

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Two Feathers

Pictures: Here is another of each the Ring-turtle Dove and the Gambel’s Quail.

Click the images for the bigger pictures.
Before I left Caballo Lake this bird had become a regular at my feeding area.Ringed-Turtle-Dove-3-7D2-042418

I have seen these birds now for over ten years and with this bird it is the first time I have notice that they have two feathers in their head-do’s 🙂 (Note: I posted a pic earlier with the two feathers showing)Gambel's-Quail-14-7D2-042418

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Sparrow and Quail

Pictures: Chipping Sparrow and a Gambel’s Quail.

Clicking these images will get you to a bigger picture.


Weather : It is very hot on some of the days now( Well, maybe I should say it is very hot to me in the RV), reaching up near 90. I am in high hopes that I can get all my VA(medical) stuff done soon! After I get done with the VA I can be on my way to cooler places. Still have no ideal where that might be …. but likely it will be north.

This Area and State Parks: I have enjoyed my stay in this area and it has been handy for me to get to the VA. There are 3 State Parks in a 20 mile radius, Caballo Lake, Percha Dam and Elephant Butte State parks, all of which you can switch between when you like.

I bought the annual State Park pass ( $100.00 for senior residents, $225.00 for most others) and with that I can stay in any NM State park free(no hookups) for two weeks at a time. Note: there are over 30 parks. If you want to hook up to Electric/water it cost you a whole $4.00 a day 🙂 Ain’t that great! Once you stay your two weeks you can leave for 6 days and come back and stay another two-week if you want and some folks spend the summer doing that. In this area there are three State Parks and you can rotate between them if you want to and that is what I have done. I have only stayed at two of them. I will likely spend the summer running around the State Parks, but I will go north when I can, to cooler places.

Friends: Well my friend Bruce will hit the road tomorrow headed east, good travels to you Bruce and be careful out on the big road!

So, I guess I will have some solo time. That is okay, I like friends and I like alone time too 🙂

Night Folks


Office: Today I will have to work the office at the Ranger station for a few hours and it is the job I dislike the most out of all the things I do here because I like being outside and hate the feeling of being stuck somewhere. Maybe it won’t be too bad and it requires the least effect of a all the work I do, so we’ll call it a lazy day.

Campers: Last night I ended up with 3 campers here and today I have two for now. Very peaceful place 🙂

Tags: Let’s see if the tags are working today (was not working yesterday) …. Yes, they are working and my first tag is WordPress tags 👿

Internet: My internet connection has been staying at 4G over the last few days, sometimes here after a storm the connection will drop to 3G and it worries me a bit when it does that. I like my faster connection!

Office: So, here I am I the office ………… yep just as exciting as I thought it would be :-\ LOL.
Update; Lucky me, I only had to be in the office for about an hour 🙂

Birds: here is a Gambel’s Quail.
Gambel's Quails photo GQOT.jpg

A Green Heron playing with a frog …. don’t think I would want to be the frog 😦
Green Heron photo GH1.jpg

Night folks

Got a few chores done today, laundry for one and it was much-needed 😯

Took a very short walk today, maybe a mile. I had better add a little stretching to that, I’ll do that now. 15 minutes later …… There, all stretched 🙂 I don’t do a lot but I do try to keep the ham strings stretched out a little. On the little walk today I took my camera along but didn’t get near any birds, but I did see the Gambel’s Quails in the distance. Here is a shot from afar
Gambel's Quails1_0618

I am just a little board, I have given some thinking to moving …….. not sure where I would go. It would be best to stay put (the cheapest thing to do) but who knows. Trouble is, there is not too many warm spots, well ones that I want to go to, that is.

Night folks