A good old bad day is a coming

Brr, the mornings are starting to cool off a bit now and I will miss the warm mornings. Mind you, in a couple of hours the temperature will be right where I like it, but it sure is nice to get up to a day and put on your shorts and t-shirt and be set for the day. In the summer I seldom ware long pants or long sleeve shirts, but often in the winter I can’t get by with it, just too cool. OK enough old man weather talk 😉

Soon it will be moving time, not sure where we’ll go to, but it won’t be far. My friend and I are kicking ideals around, and we think we got a plan, but with the two of us …………. you never know.

My friend’s inverter stopped working and we had to figure out what was up with it. Took us a try or two but I think we got it going. We’ll know in a day or two for sure.

Had a decent bike ride today, it was slow and easy but it was on an old sandy road and kind of had to be that way, but still it a nice ride. I got a Google “My Tracks” of it and I’ll post that if I can remember how.

Well shoot, Google tracks made a mess out of my tracks. I will put the link in, but it has too many lines, if you remove the two straight lines from the start/end point, you will pretty much have my tracks. Google, what are you doing? Here is the link, for what mess it is 😦  The next time I ride my bike, I will use an Android app called MapMyRide and see if it does any better.

One thing I would like to mention, tomorrow is my day to be bad bad bad on my diet! Once a month I have what I call a bad day and just damn well eat what I want and tomorrow will be that day for me 🙂   I look forward to my bad day each month and I never have more than one bad day a month. I will have some biscuit and gravy to start, then some donuts, then there will be pizza and bread-sticks and lastly maybe I will top that off with some strawberry shortcake with lots of whip cream …………….  or we may just run into other bad food and just eat what we see! I have me a big time on my bad day! LOL. I often start these days with such plans but after a couple of treats, I call it good, but we’ll see because tomorrow is my bad day 🙂

OK, this is the end of my day, so a good night to you folks.