Couple more Grace’s Warblers

Pictures: Grace’s Warbler, I am back where I first seen this bird maybe it will come around again.



Moved today: Move back to the south of Flagstaff today, yesterday was my moving day but it was too muddy to go, had to wait till today for a little drying time. It is still a little muddy but not near as bad as yesterday. At any rate Barry and I got move and we are now in the same area as Jeanne.

Night Folks

Grace’s Warbler

Pictures: Couple more shots of the Grace’s Warbler.



Exercise: I walked 4.4 miles this morning.

Holidays: Most of the time I try to find a place that is fairly peaceful and ride the holiday out. I no longer go out and get into the mist of the holidays, I much prefer my peace and quiet. This holiday has been a good one for me in that I am in a good spot that gives me all that 🙂 I expected there would be far more people here but it has not been bad at all.

Night Folks

Grace’s Warbler

Pictures: I am happy to add yet another lifer to my list, Grace’s Warbler 🙂



Data: Verizon will suck a extra $25 out of me this month 😦 Everything seem to take more bandwidth to do now-a-days. I fear that it will soon become prohibitive for me if the rate keep going up. Today is my last day on this data cycle so I will be able to do more tomorrow 🙂

Travel: I have moved but not very far. I am now about 40 miles west of Flagstaff.

Night folks