Long Bike Ride

Pictures: Forgive the picture taken in the strong sunlight but I wanted to show you the type of camping I’m doing. I like to camp in the desert with a little space around me but not be total isolated and this area gives me room while not leaving me out by myself. Here are some of the campers around and the space they give each other.

Again, please forgive the picture they are just mid day snaps.


Location: My new location seems to be making for better habits for me, I am falling into a better day-to-day functioning pattern. Exercising more and running the roads less (and eating out less ), all better for me πŸ™‚ I do like most everything about this spot with the exception of being far away from a large box store (Walmart). Mind you, there is a K-mart, couple good grocery stores, hardware store and many others as near as 10 miles away but still they are not Walmart. So, this means that I will make the 120 mile round trip to Walmart about once a month if I can plan my shopping good enough to get all the things that I need at once.

Exercise: A good 15 mile ride on the bike today on the 4-wheeler trails. Not sure I’ll be able to keep riding the 4-wheeler trails because the winter crowd is showing up now, with lots more 4-wheelers and toys, so the trails are being used a lot more and are becoming very loose and soft making riding the bike harder and harder.

Night folks

Rain in the desert

Rain,Β  is starting to come down and that is a good thing. It will help settle some of the dust around here and give the plants a much-needed drink. I like seeing the rain in the desert. After being in the desert for a long time it gets to be a treat to have rain now and then. It is just kind of sprinkling for now but maybe itΒ  will pick up a little later on.

I got my bike riding out-of-the-way early today and it is a good thing seeing as the rain is setting in. Never did do any stretching yesterday but I did today, so I am fit for today.

Me and my habits.

I have broken some really bad habits. The worse is alcohol. I did not get to the point that I was ever homeless (but close) but I did cause myself and many others around me a lot of pain. I was a working drunk, when I was working, I did not drink but if I was not working, I was drinking. Took me most of my years of drinking to realize I was an alcoholic and even when it finally hit me, it still took another 10 years to break the habit. I did not do too good with this habit, but in the end I got over it, alcohol free for near 20 years now.
Come to think on it …………. I did live in my car when I was a young man, maybe for just a few months. So I guess I was kind of homeless for a spell.

Smoking for me started openly in front of everyone at 11 years of age. I smoke for the next 34 years and for the last 10 years I was a three-pack-a-day smoker. I have not had a cigarette for over 15 years.

Food is also a bad habit for me. Twice in my life I have weigh in at 280 lbs. I lost down to 180 lbs before blowing out a knee and put that weight back on over the next 7 years. After having my knee replace 3 years ago I am back down to 190 lbs and still fighting the battle to make it back to 180.

So you think, looking at this tea/soda pop thing, it should not be a big deal, right? LOL. It is the little things that fool you, yes? Speaking of tea it is time for my one and only glass …………… πŸ™‚

OK, enough confessions for today! I am going to sat and watch the rain and enjoy my tea. You folks have a nice day.