Birds: On with the Robins.
Robin photo IMG_4809.jpg
Robin photo Robin12.jpg

Haircut: I went out for a haircut today, which I only do once a month. While I was out I stopped at Walmart and brought me a set of clippers for this winter when I am out in the boondocks for months on end, I’ll use them to do my own haircuts. Won’t be pretty but it will be sufficient looking for the boon-docks. I have a couple of friends that do this and I never notice their hair, so it must not look too bad o_O
Haircut photo sbathroom_grooming_haircut_100-101_zps96e34ed1.gif

The day gone: Seems like the day got gone fast for some reason. Every have one of those days where look at the clock and think “Wow, what happen?”

Travel: I am 30 to 45 days out but am thinking about it all ready. I am near sure my first destination will be Quartzsite, AZ.There I will replace my house batteries.

Night folks


Few chores today

Chores: Little shopping, haircut and a trip to the local VA clinic to set up an appointment for blood work and see a doc, just to make sure things are working right o_O

Bird: Here is another Canada Goose.
Canada Goose2_5559

Windy: It is really kicking up today! I don’t mind the wind so much here because it don’t carry near the dust as it might in other places I stay.

Night folks

RVing Birthday

Today is my sixth year of full-time RVing. Man, I am glad I found out about RVing when I did, it is so great living wherever I am park! I remember the first day that I started RVing , there where many things on my mind that day. A lot of wondering about how things where going to go, a little worry too because I had burned all my bridges and there was no going back! It was the first day I had ever lived on the road, you see I had never RVed before in my life. I had sold my home and had no ties pulling me back. There where people that I left behind that I will always miss but I felt the need to go. I feel that I lost some things by coming out on the road but I feel that I gain much more. I could go on a great deal about that first day but I think I will not, I was feeling a little pain about some things and some people, that is, as it is. In the end I am glad to be where I am, parked out here it this peaceful western spot that I am in. Life is good.

Later on in the morning; I am now at Walmart and I will spend one night here. Not so peaceful here, LOL.  On the other hand, it is not bad just for one night. I will stock up a bit today and be on my way tomorrow. This morning I stopped to do my laundry before coming to Walmart. The last time I was at the laundry mat I had looked it over and decided that it was big enough to park my RV, so I kind of plan for the laundry stop. One has got to keep an eye out for opportunity when living in an RV full-time 🙂 

Took me a good walk to the barbershop and got me a haircut, it was a little over two miles away so round trip of about 4 to 5 miles is my best guess.

The weather has been really nice today, no rain and lots of sunshine, I am sometimes happy when the weatherman get it wrong 🙂 



I am getting my post started late today! It has been a beautiful day and I have enjoyed it to the max! I did get in a bike ride today but that is all, except maybe 5 or 6 minutes of stretching.

I finally deleted my yahoo account and that is good because it was a paid account. One less bill to pay, even if it was not much.  The free email that I have is a little better than what I was paying for with Yahoo, so there was no point in continuing to pay. Glad it is gone. I knew a year ago that I was going to do this and have been changing things to a new email address all last year. I don’t think I have anything left coming to that account other than junk mail, if I do, too bad!

Got myself a haircut today. I eat out aging today ……….. at Windy’s again, two Hamburgers(no buns) and a diet drink. So you can see all the big excitement I have had today 😕 .  OH I also fill up the truck with fuel and that always excites me, but not in a good way LOL  😦 .

Wow it is already 6pm, the days go by so fast. Later.

Settling in

Settling in today here at the Ranch.

One of the things I will do today is going to get a haircut, much-needed. I will have to find a new barber in town. The one that I went to for over two years has shut down. Maybe if I wait till it warms up a bit I can ride my bike in (hopefully the wind will stay down). Still cool out for now around 50°.


The other day I told you about uninstalling Itunes and then reinstalling it …………… here is the links to all the steps LOL. Some software companies just like to make life hard on you I think! Look at the link to see what I mean.

Once again I am trying to do better on my typing. I do pretty good I think but like a lot of self-taught typist I am having the hardest time breaking myself from looking at the keyboard while typing and it is making me nuts! When I look my speed is much faster but I think it is only a mental thing.


Rode the bike to town, got a hair cut, stopped at McDonald and had a chicken biscuit for a total of about 12 miles. Done a little stretching this morning too.

Night folks