Hanging out

I decided to hang out at the ranch today. This morning I got in a really good bike ride (15 miles), I have missed two days this week so maybe I can make up for some of the loss exercise.  I have to get out and do some stretching sometimes this afternoon.

Water; I have been drinking Walmart spring water for a long time now but I think I am about to change that because to me it is starting to taste like it has a lot of chlorine in it. Spring water should not have that taste.

Changing address is a job, lots of places to contact and update the address at, but I am getting the main ones done fast enough.

As the time goes by

I am still happily hanging out here in Deming, but my mind keeps going west LOL. Don’t matter I am enjoying life so all is good.

Still a few things I could do to the RV but I am not getting at it any to fast LOL! Maybe one day soon.


Lots of wind here in Deming this week, looks like it will be with us for a spell.


As I play with my devices Smart-phone( made by HTC) and Galaxy Tab( made by Samsung), I do believe that I like the way Samsung does things better. Should I every buy another smart phone it will be a Samsung.


Last week I rode for maybe 35 miles and walk a few. This week I have started off with a couple of days off. I do have the knees hurting a little, probably due to walking so much. Got to adjust a bit.


Sunday a day off. Best thing about being old you can have lots of those (days off that is). Think I will rest today and just hang out with my friend B. B loves to go on long rides around the country side and I enjoy going with him now and again. Always see some interesting parts of the country we’ll in. Best of all I think B(when riding around) is like me when I am RVing he never knows where he will end up and that kind of makes it fun.


I am trying a new Oil Lubricant call Dry Lubricant  made by Liquid Wrench. It does not pick up dust and dirt and that is a biggie out here in the desert. Put a little oil on anything and it turns brown with sand dust in short order as a rule here n the desert. This Dry Lubricant may be just the thing.


Off on an excellent adventure! Later ……….(8 hours later)…………  5PM I am back and it was a excellent adventure, good time just goofing off.