Busy today

I have been out hobnobbing today and enjoying old friends, that I meet last year here in Wellton. I am starting to enjoy my different set of friends each place I go. I got to be careful and not visit too much or I won’t get the things done I need to get done. LOL.

Exercise; I walk a mile or so, rode the bike about 13 miles and did my stretching just now. Exercised up! For you folks that read this blog you know just how boring I am by now with the same things everyday, but one day, not too many years from now I will look back at this blog and say “damn I was getting with the exercise then”! I fear another ten years will tell a big tale on me, but I am doing pretty well at 60 years of age. This blog will give me something good to read.

Just as I got back from my bike ride the air in my front tire let go. The value stem cut itself on the wheel, probably where the bike shop did not mount it in straight. Lucky me, this time I had an extra tube. I think I need to start doing all my own work on the bike, that would be better than waiting till others work breaks and then having to fix it myself.

The weather was cool in the morning but the afternoon turn out pretty nice. I think we are in for some winter here in the desert, but that is still great weather compare to most places one come be in the US this time of year.

Birds; I have move my Humming feeder to the sunny side of the RV and the Humming Birds seem to like it much better there. I did not see any Hummers on it when I had it in the shade of the RV, I guess the Hummers like the sunshine too.