Western Bluebirds

Pictures: I got to enjoy so many Bluebirds this summer, I will miss them.



Weather: Hot today, the weatherman says 100° F today. Little warmer than I like for sure!

Night Folks



Weather: Well I must be in the summer plan now. I know that some folks out there are still having some very cool weather but here in Truth or Consequences, NM it is hitting 90 today, pretty dang hot being in RV(and not hook to electric). I would be gone from here if not for appointments with the VA Doc, I got to stick it out till at least the end of the month. From looking at the Weather app on my phone it looks like we are in for a hot week and then back down a bit temperature wise, I’ll be looking forward to the back down a bit part.

Wiring: Yesterday Barry and I wired up a couple of 3-way Switches for his RV water pump. It had only one switch in the Kitchen area and we add a second one to the bathroom and make them 3-way so he can turn the water pump on or off from either switch. We could not find any SPDT DC Switches anywhere in this little town so we used 120 AC 3-way switches. I know that is not the best practice but the pump is less than 10 amp(12 Volt) so I think it will not be a problem.

Weekend: The State Parks always picks up a little more activity during the weekends but where we are park, it is not much, just a few folks out for a little weekend fishing. Don’t ask me about what kind or how many they are catching because I do all my fishing at Long John Silvers! However … just watching a bit, I see some of the folks pulling a few in here and there.

Night Folks

Getting Warm

Pictures: Just more shots of the flowers.





City: I took a ride into little city of Parker today and did a few chores and shopping.

Exercise : Taking the day off.

Weather: The weatherman is giving 90s and that will be hot in my RV parked out here in the desert. This time of year always gets me started thinking about where I will be going next. Even with option in mind, I still like to keep it open till the very last day before going 🙂

Night folks

Got moved

Pictures: Here is a couple of shots of a Pinyon Jay, but I couldn’t get a good background and not very close either. I ran the ISO up some so Noise Reduction was used and I loss a little detail in the doings.

Pinyon Jay 2-7D2-210616

Pinyon Jay 3-7D2-210616

Changes: Pie Town is a very isolated little spot along highway 60 with a little camping area that has let camper stay for as long as they like over the years and many folks have spent their summer here. There is a sign now that says limit three nights stay. Is it enforced? Well I’m not sure if it is or not. I don’t much like going against posted sign at any rate.
Want to read more about Pie Town, (click if you do)?

Note: I would like to also note that not far east of Pie Town is the Very_Large_Array and this is where they watch for the little green guys 🙂 Just kidding …… Maybe!

Weather: It is hot here (about 90) but I can do that for a few days and it is not too bad with the door and windows all open.

Night folks

Looking ahead

Pictures: Some old shots for today. I have not taken many pictures over the last 3 weeks, so it is time for some old shots. A fellow blogger, Hien posted some great shots of the Rose-Breasted Grosbeak and made me realizes that I miss the eastern birds 🙂 After I made a commend on his blog, he mention that I had the Black-Headed GrosBeak in this area which reminded me of both the picture I posted today.

This Black-headed Grosbeak shot taken in Cloudcroft, NM maybe 4 years ago.
Black-headed Grosbeak photo Black-headedGrosbeak7-3-12.jpg

And this Rose Breasted Grosbeak picture taken over 9 year ago, in KY.
Grosbeak,  Rose Breasted photo gb.jpg

Swamp thing/Weather: Today I sold the Swamp thing and I am now using the AC which does a good job and I don’t have to add water ever couple hours, of course it cost more to run. Getting ready for a new and hopefully a cooler place 🙂 The whole south-west is hotter than normal now and it will be warmer than it should be about anywhere I go but I think it will get back to more normal temperatures as the summer goes alone. I sure hope so.

Diet/Exercise: I have been off my Atkins diet for some time now but I need to get back at it and maybe getting a little isolated will help, so I am keeping that in mind on this move. My exercise routine has not been up to power either, mostly due to my knees hurting so maybe a good diet with a little weight lost can help that too.

Exify plugin: Do you use plugins in your Browser? I use a good bunch of them and one of my favorites is Exify for the Firefox browser. If you have it install and hover over an image it will give you basic Exif info, but only if it is there of course. Sometimes I need a second plugin to see some Exif data in an image and I use Exif Viewer for that, by right clicking on the image and picking View Link Exif Data it gives you more detail, lots more. Neither work all the time but one or the other work most of the time.

Night folks

Without Internet and hot

Pictures: A mountain and couple wild flowers.

I took this shot somewhere alone the road between Page, AZ and Bryce Canyon. Note the electric pole and the small building on the lower left for size perspective.
Alone the Road 18-7D2-180516

AAA Wildflower 19-7D2-300516

AAA WildFlower 14-7D2-180516

Internet: I have been without the internet for a few days. I had my Verizon account on suspension and the RV Park’s WiFi was not working well enough to use. So hopefully I will get back in the swing of things here soon. I will likely be moving soon too, not sure just when but soon. Verizon account is live again.

Truck: My truck is running good (new clutch and all) now but I still need a tailgate but I’ll look for that as I travel alone the way.

Weather: Hotter than hell! I’m not even in the hottest place I could be either, think about Phoenix, AZ! Sure glad not to be there 🙂 No matter I can’t wait to get out of this heat. At 6pm it is 104° outside, the Swamp thing has it at 92 here in the RV ….. a bit hotter than I like.

Night Folks

Lots of boating

Pictures: Couple shots of Lake Navajo, this is a big lake so boating is a big thing here.

Lake Navajo 20d_1996

Lake Navajo 20d_1994

Riding: Yesterday one of my friends and I did a lot of riding and I got a few pictures, so for the next few days, I be sharing 🙂

Weather: The weather is a little warm especially not being hooked to electric to run a fan or AC. I”ll tough it out for a little while.
 photo summer-animated-animation-weather-smiley-emoticon-000399-large.gif

Weather Update: Looks and feels like we might get a rain/thunderstorm, that would be good, as it would cool things off. Oh yeah, here it comes.


Night folks