Post # 3000

Pictures: A pair of House Finches. I don’t have a bird feeder set up here but my friend Rick does, and he has lots of House Finches and others visiting each day, so this morning I went to visit too, just like the birds 🙂
I am always surprised at how happy taking a few bird pictures makes me feel. LOL, don’t guess it takes much to make me happy!

As always, click the images a couple of times for the bigger pictures.
Mr House Finch.


Lady House Finch.


Post 3000: This is my 3000th post today! That is a few over the last 10 years 🙂 Amazingly there are times that I may have not posted for a year or so, I was workamping then. Also I usually take a couple months of slack time each winter or I have for the last two or three years anyways.

Exercise: No not yet, another day or two and I’ll get back at it.

Flu: Still a little hanging on but I feel like I am out of the woods now. I am feeling much better but it took a full two weeks to get here. I understand there is 3 or 4 strings of Flu this year so I’ll still be as careful as I can when out and about. I don’t want anymore of this!!

Night Folks

House Finch

Pictures: Just a lone House Finch toady.


Exercise: I am now off for a couple of days. I did walk two miles yesterday.

Moved: After getting back from my walk yesterday morning I decided it was moving day (kind of in a matter of a few minutes, it hits me like that sometimes) so I packed up, hook-upped and hit the road! I am now near Parker, AZ.

It was later in the morning yesterday when I decide to hit the road and I didn’t get here till late afternoon and I was beat after setting up and taking a quick trip to the local Walmart for a few things. So … that is why there was no post yesterday 🙂 I didn’t get to sleep till late last night for some odd reason so I am a bit wore down today too. It goes like that sometimes but I’m sure I get good and rested up tonight 🙂

Night Folks