Less Wind

Bird: Northern Cardinal.

Cardinal photo CM9.jpg

Canon EOS 20D
Focal Length

A wild Flower.
KY photo F6.jpg

Nexus 8?: Will Google announce the Nexus 8 at the up coming IO on June the 25? I wonder, can’t wait to see the specs. Should be a nice tablet. Many of the internet rumors say HTC will be the maker of the Nexus 8, but after being the owner of the Thunderbolt Phone I don’t know that I think that is all that great, like many on the net do. I was kind of hoping they would stick with Asus, I have enjoyed my Nexus 7 (2012) and I still am. The Nexus 7 (2013) can be had fairly cheap(under $200.00) now and I am not sure it might not be a good deal to go after.

Weather: The wind is much milder today, makes everyone happy 🙂 There is still a little wind but not like it was.

Short Post: I do a lot of short post while I am volunteering don’t I? Well I do have a few other things going sometimes, but then again I always do pretty short post.

Night folks

4 off, after today

I will have 4 days off now and I look forward to it. Last week I fill in for a lady one day and she got hurt on another day so another lady and I split that day. The other person working in the office is still in training so I help her a little(not Much) on another day. So in my 4 days off I was doing something with the office 3 of them. Maybe this week I can have all my off days to myself.


I am back at the bike riding and this morning I did a shorter ride of 11 miles. I did do about two of those miles at a faster rate just to get the heart going a little. This week I am going to try to do shorter but faster rides on the bike and see how that goes. The long miles are taking a toll on my knees, and I am still trying to find the right combination of distance, speed and number of days to ride.


I am watching the Thunderbolt Forum news closely for the gingerbread update. HTC (the maker of the phone) says it is coming in Sept. They are running out of time. I keep checking for the updates on my phone to, and this morning it is telling me that the service is unavailable. Making me think something is going on. Maybe not.

The morning has flown by and it is time for work, later.