Bills: I am up, I have had my breakfast, got the gate open to the park this morning, paid my bills and wash up, so … I guess my day is on it’s way.

Bird of the Week: Let me see what it’ll be …. Okay this one everybody sees, Canada Goose.

Flower: I took a picture of some wild flowers that I liked but the sun light was too harsh, so I used a filter effect in Photoshop, some kind of paint thing.

Exercise: I do a lot of walking and bike riding while I’m working around the camp ground so I have not been doing any exercise for the sake of exercising. I am getting plenty.

Desktop: I get really use to the Laptop and the tablet when I am in the boom-docks but it don’t take me long to get back spoiled to having the big screen of the desktop, back in front of me.

Firefox and tight controls: I use a lot of plugins with Firefox that gives me a little better control over what web site do and see. Here is a list of them.

  1. Adblock Plus
  2. Better Privacy
  3. DoNotTrackMe
  4. HTTPS Everywhere
  5. No Google Analytics
  6. No Script
  7. Self-Destructing Cookies

I also use these and they are very helpful.

  1. Exify
  2. Lastpass
  3. Xmarks

Firefox is the only Browser that allows this much control, that I know of.  This is why I try to use it on my tablet when I can.

Night folks



Today I did my first day of work and all went well. Just did a little picking up and cleaning around the grounds and like all camp grounds there is plenty of that to be done. I think I will like it here, we will see as things go along. OH I have forgot to update my location links. I am here. Don’t know for how long.

Switching Computers (laptop to desktop) is always interesting. So many things get so far out of date even when you try to keep everything up. I always use the laptop in the Boon-docks and the desktop when I am plugged in to power at a camp ground. I go for months each way and they do get out of date, no matter how hard I try to keep them up to date. By the way, my Nexus & is running great, still.

By the way, I am loving the fast WiFi here at the park. It is really good and fast and I like it. Hopefully it is safe …………. I use a plug-in called HTTPS everywhere and that should help but not all pages have that option, but when they do Firefox uses it automatically with this plug-in installed.

Exercise and stretching; I am so out of whack with it all! I got to get me a routine going again soon. I will settle in soon, hopefully. One of the things I need to watch out for is how much time I put on the knees. We’ll see.

Birds; Today while out working I seen me a Painted RedStart, wish I’d had my camera with me.