No “Big” Birds

Pictures: I have stay for a week in this spot that I am in now and I have not had any birds come for the water or seed that I have out, that is odd seeing as I stay a week in a spot about 200 feet from here about a month ago and had a lot of birds come by.
However … I have been well entertained with all the Humming Birds 🙂

These images are not very good as far as photos go(It was still near dark when I took these this morning, so high ISO, slow shutter speed and handheld.) but they show the ideal of just how many Hummers are coming to the feeder.

Canon 7D Mark II, Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II at 248mm, Shutter 1/6, ISO 2500, F5.6 , Handheld.

Canon 7D Mark II, Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II at 248mm, Shutter 1/16, ISO 2500, F5.6 , Handheld.

I put the Exif data in hopes of forgiveness of such poor photos 🤔

Exercise: I walked a little over two miles this morning.

Birds in the RV: I get a lot of little birds in the RV from time to time but for a fun tell and a “BIG BIRD” coming in a RV read Judie’s comment in yesterday’s post! A Hawk would sure bring some excitement to an RV!

Night Folks

Short walk today

Pictures: Thistle and a Robin with lunch 🙂

The Thistles is actually two images that I patch together in Photoshop, they where about six inches apart so I couldn’t get them both in focus at the same time.
Together 7d_2335

Robin 7d_2257

Exercise: Today I only walked about two miles after my unplanned uphill walk of about 3 or 4 miles(and back down) the other day. I find my legs and knees to be fussing a little at the old dude 😦 for getting all carried away!

Night folks


Birds: My humming feeders is starting to pick up business now. The Rufous and Calliope Hummers are here now along with the Black-chinned that has been here all summer. This makes for a lot more excitement with all the chasing going on.

Okay, here is a Chickadee busting open his newly scored sunflower seed.
Carolina Chickadee Seed_9895
This Chickadee is ….. stepping off on his first step to a Waltz? 🙂
Carolina Chickadee DanceIMG_9053

Weather: The rain yesterday turned out to be just a teaser and only got things damp and smeared the dust on the Vehicles 😦 , maybe the next rain will be better. The summer temperatures here have been very much to my liking with the days in the mid 80s and the nights around 60 or so, just like I knew it would be, sweet!

Night folks

No more snow!


Walk: I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.21mi, time: 55:23, pace: 25:02min/mi, speed: 2.40mi/h.  Another short walk. Maybe I’ll add to that later.

Another walk, I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.40mi, time: 02:26:45, pace: 61:10min/mi, speed: 0.98mi/h. Second walk

The time is off on both walks, the first one I stopped and chatted and the second one I forgot to stop the timer.

Weather: Hey, the weatherman missed, as in that it did not get as cold as predicted, I like it when they miss to the warmer side of thing. I think I might make it into t-shirt and shorts today. I’ll just call this happy weather 😀

and …..

Pictures: I am glad this is over!
Storrie Lake Snow2_1099
Storrie Lake snow_1097

Birds: I am seeing lots of birds around the area, Hummers, Magpies, Blue Birds, King Birds and others. I will be getting some pictures before long.

Computers and Devices updates: Today seems to be a day for updating, Windows updated and lots of my apps updated today.

Night folks

Rufous Hummer

Weight 185: The ideal of posting my weight everyday was to shame myself into motivation ……. It appears that I have no shame 😦 LOL.

Humming Bird: I have just seen a Rufous Hummer. I wouldn’t have thought it was time for them to be headed north yet, but looks like it is. They are beautiful little birds, with their bright orange color.

Weather: The wind has started early today, it is that time of year. I mentioned the winds but of all the possible bad weather the wind is probably my least concern and fortunately that’s about the only kind of bad weather we get on a constant basis here in the deep Southwest. Of course it can get hot in the summer but that is when us RVers head for the mountains 🙂 (If you want to stay the summer in the southwest ). One of the most dangerous things about the wind is trying to travel in a RV when it is blowing, it can be dangerous.

Exercise: Today exercise was a walk, definitely too windy to ride the bike. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 4.15mi, time: 01:22:03, pace: 19:46min/mi, speed: 3.04mi/h. I did add in some good stretching today.

Vista to Windows 8 : A friend of my is making the change from Vista too Windows 8.1 , this is a shock for many. The users interface is just one big major change.

News time:

Night folks

This BLM Land is So peaceful

So peaceful, is how I would describe the area that I in now. The BLM land has about 10 or 12 improved sites and the host and I are about the only ones here. I talked with the Host and he says it is slow now and that over the summer the place did have a few coming and going. I do have a few pictures now and I have posted them on Flickr. Here is a link. If you looked at the labels by hovering your mouse over the pictures, it will give you an ideal about what they are. The one’s labeled BLM are the camp ground area, the one’s labeled Sand buff are from the over look in El Malpais, one is labeled RVJohn1 and if you look hard you can find my RV in there, there are a few labeled lava and they are over-looking the lava fields, I walked over to the look-out and back and that is where the rest of the shots where taken. What a great place!

As I said above, I walked over to the El Malpais Sand buff over-look, so that was my exercise for today, a great walk. If you want to drive over from the camp area it would be less than 3 miles I would think, as the crow flies only a mile and the walk somewhere in between those distances.

I have a few humming birds coming by now but not near as many as I had farther north of here.

The weather here is nice and sunny with just a cloud now and then, I have heard a little thunder off in the distance but that is about it so far. I can see where there has been some good hard rain here, (the road have mud and sand washed over them) (there are large puddles of water here and there) it is evident.


Wind and lots of it

Last evening the wind blew like mad for a few hours, it blew the clean right off my truck that I had just wash a few hours before 😯   Oh well, it is the desert. The weather feels a little better than I thought it would today but tonight is to be cold as heck. I guess even the south-west desert has got to have a little winter.

My Humming bird feeder has become very poplar of late. I now have 3 or 4 on it about all the time, and that is great. I may have to buy more sugar to make sugar-water, but that is OK, makes for really cheap entertainment.

Changes to the way I blog, one; I will start saving drafts till I am done with the day’s page, two; I need to start running my text through a TTS reader and listen to see if I can find some of my many typos and miss spelled/wrong words that I so often find later. I am also sure that I never see many of them and they just go off to blog heaven, or maybe that other place … LOL. You wouldn’t know it to read this blog but I do work hard on trying to do better. Oooooh, if I had only listen to those elementary teachers ………….. How I got through my first 8.5 years of school is a mystery to me. I quit in the 9th year. I later got my G.E.D. and many yeas later a bachelor’s degree but you never really get back them first years of school. I have no ideal why the teachers let me move on in those classes, even after all these years it still shows just how much I missed. Well it is no big deal at this point, at 60 years I have at least 3/4 of life in the bag … so to speak. A lot of folks don’t get that many years, so I should be thankful. I keep trying to make each year better than the last one. This is of course from my perspective and seeing as it affects only me …… it is the only one that counts! 🙂  Folks as always if some typos or missed spell word is bugging you, by all means feel free to drop me a comment and I will try to correct it.

Exercise; First thing this morning I walked down to Jack In The Box and back, that is about 3+ miles. I just got my stretching finish so exercise is in-the-can for today.

Weight; Just for the record I am still staying at about 190 lbs, not going up or down. I won’t get too excited unless I start going up again, 190 is far better than 280, don’t you think? I still have not give up the fight just yet to lose another 10 lbs, the battle is still going! I am staying on my diet too but if something don’t happen soon I may have to adjust a little somewhere.

OK enough for today, later folks.

Busy today

I have been out hobnobbing today and enjoying old friends, that I meet last year here in Wellton. I am starting to enjoy my different set of friends each place I go. I got to be careful and not visit too much or I won’t get the things done I need to get done. LOL.

Exercise; I walk a mile or so, rode the bike about 13 miles and did my stretching just now. Exercised up! For you folks that read this blog you know just how boring I am by now with the same things everyday, but one day, not too many years from now I will look back at this blog and say “damn I was getting with the exercise then”! I fear another ten years will tell a big tale on me, but I am doing pretty well at 60 years of age. This blog will give me something good to read.

Just as I got back from my bike ride the air in my front tire let go. The value stem cut itself on the wheel, probably where the bike shop did not mount it in straight. Lucky me, this time I had an extra tube. I think I need to start doing all my own work on the bike, that would be better than waiting till others work breaks and then having to fix it myself.

The weather was cool in the morning but the afternoon turn out pretty nice. I think we are in for some winter here in the desert, but that is still great weather compare to most places one come be in the US this time of year.

Birds; I have move my Humming feeder to the sunny side of the RV and the Humming Birds seem to like it much better there. I did not see any Hummers on it when I had it in the shade of the RV, I guess the Hummers like the sunshine too.


Overcasted day

Yes the old clouds have come to cast their shadows upon my solar panels 😦   . That is OK I still have lots of battery power left for now, if I get just a little sunshine here and there today I will be fine. Actually I can do fine with no sun for a day but may have to get out the generator if I have two or three overcast days in a roll.

Exercise; I good walk of maybe 3 miles this morning. Just a bit of wind out today and I prefer to walk when it is windy. I still have not done my stretching but maybe later, back was bugging me a bit this morning. There is a good chance of rain today 40% (that a big one here in the desert) and we have a little Humidity today and that always makes my old bones fuss just a tad.

Update to Exercise; I took another small walk about 1.6 miles this time. I also did a little stretching before this walk, so I am pretty caught up for the day.

I like animal a good bit even though I don’t have any pets (I don’t feel like I can give a pet the life it needs from my RV) but their owners make me nuts sometimes. I have a neighbor about a 100 ft away from me that I have not seen since I have been here (3 days now) and there is a dog (young one) tied up outside his RV and one of the other neighbor comes and checks on it about twice a day but that is all the company the pup gets. I don’t know if the owner is gone or what the deal is. The dog is getting fed and watered but that is about it.

HA OK, I just talked with one of the other neighbors and it seem that the owner of the dog is in the hospital, Sorry to here that. Maybe I will visit the dog now and again, after asking the neighbor that is taking care of it.

I have several Anna’s hummers coming to my feeder already, I enjoy watching them.