Another beautiful day

Another beautiful day for sure, this Nov has been one of the finest I have seen in my 5 years in the desert. I am loving this weather.

Exercise this morning was about 3 miles or so on a nice walk. I like walking in this kind of weather, it is good for the soul.

Ido Lanuel is one of the folks that comes by my blog now and again and I go see what he is up to now and then too, and in my visit today I found this interesting link from back in July. Now how did whoever wrote this know me? LOL. Ain’t this one on the mark? Ido has a lot of self-awareness post on his blog that I enjoy reading. You should give him a read if you enjoy little awareness tips.

OK I have been in my chair too long, playing with all the “devices” (tablets and computers) or as a friend of my says (fondling the electronics) LOL. Back later, I need to do some stretching anyway.

Later update; not only did I do a little stretching, I also added in a little walk of maybe 1.5 miles, so at least 4 for today.

Bandwidth usage; I have used a good bit of that lately. I am stuck on only 5 gig on my air-card but my smart phone is unlimited for now. I am using near my 5 gig each month on the air-card and a little over that on the phone. I use my smart phone for tethering to my tablet on which I watch the tech show from Twit. Video uses bandwidth fast. So for a total I am going through maybe 10 gig. When my  contract is up with Verizon I think I can do better if the same deals are open that are available now. I will be getting more internet and less talk/text.