Weight 185.2: I should just get a big rock and weigh it everyday, would be the same as weighing me, always the same!  LOL. I’ll just keep at it.

Weather: This morning I am up early and there is a bit of a chill to the air and that is reminding me that I don’t want to get out of here too early in the year. I prefer it to be a too warm than too cold.

Keyboard for Android: I guess I have settled on the Swype Keyboard. The Google Keyboard has one feature that I miss and that is by touching the button for the numbers pad and sliding to the number or symbol it will put that number or symbol in the text box that you are using and then return the keyboard to the letters by itself. Note: The number/symbols show without releasing once you touch the key on the Google Keyboard. On the Swype Keyboard you have to touch and release the button for numbers and symbols and then touch the number or symbol you want and then once again touch the button to return to the letters. However the one thing that the Swype Keyboard has that the Google Keyboard don’t is the cut and paste feature that is kind of like Windows. To copy text, you must highlight it and then you can simply slide your finger from the ” Swype Key” to the ” c key”, No big deal. This however is a big deal to me, once the text is in the clipboard and I want to paste, I make sure the cruiser is where I want my paste to be and Swype from the ” Swype Key” to the ” c key” and bang I’ve just did my paste.
Okay these are the two trade offs that are important to me, and I do a lot of cut and paste, so the Swype keyboard is the one for me. Well, at least for now.

Windows Tablets: A friend of my just bought a Windows tablet and it got me to thinking about getting one. I have done a lot of reading on them and I have decided that the Windows tablets are still too far behind to get one just yet. Also Windows is like Apple they want everything done their way, by that I mean they do not allow much customizing of their tablets. Google’s Android is the leader if you ask me, they allow far more flexibility in their OS for customization which is important to me. If you don’t mind doing things the “set” way than Apple would be the one. Windows touch, I think is best on a full computer (like a laptop or desktop with a touch screen)  and just not ready for a tablet or phone. This is just my thinking on it, your miles may vary.

With the above in mind my next tablet will be a Android. There are rumors of a Nexus 8 that may come out this year at a very competitive price and if so maybe that will be my next tablet. If you want to know all the specs rumored, just do a Google search for Nexus 8.

Shopping/goofing off trip: I took a ride into Lake Havasu and goofed off for a bit. I looked up the bicycle shops and found a tire for my bike and got some water for the RV and drinking. I stopped by Walmart for a couple of items too.

Exercise: Not today.

Night folks

Walking day

I have pretty much turned Wednesdays into a walking day instead of a bike riding day. I take a short two-mile walk and do my stretching. I like breaking up the exercise a little. This winter when I get out by myself (somewhere in the boondocks) with little to nothing to do, maybe I will finally get that upper body thing going.

Windows 8 Tablets; What do you think about them? My thoughts ……….. I think that they will make a big splash and take the market by storm. Why? Because they are going to work well with lots of stuff that is already out there, all that windows software. Many of these (not all) are going to have Intel chips and be able to run full size Windows programs and that in my eyes, is a big one!  The iPad has a big jump in the tablet market and I think that will stay fairly big but I think Windows will take the lead at some point. Maybe not in the next year or even two but I do think it will happen. Too many Windows machine out there, and its going to have some pull on things. The Windows 8 desktop move will help make it happen. I think Microsoft will do big things. I am not that big a fan boy of Microsoft either but they are just too big to over look.

The cost of the new Windows Tablets may hold things down for a bit but I think they will come in line with other tablets sooner or later and that is when things will start moving faster.

When I bought a iPod a few years back I was blow away that I had to have iTunes to run the thing, You kidding me?!?!? Only Apple makes iPads and the Windows tablets will have a bunch of makers out with products on the opening day(26 Oct 2012). Apple likes to keep things near the home front and once again they will pay the price. That is my best guess on tablets.

On the smartphones, I have no good guess. The carriers have a big say on phones, but the windows phone will make a mark there too. I am not sure how big it will be.

I would love to hear opinions from others on this.   Drop me a comment if you want.