Dead app

RIP MapMyWalk: The MapMyWalk app will no longer work on my old Thunderbolt Smartphone 😦 Okay it is time to give up the Thunderbolt. I only use it as a pocket tablet anyways so I guess things will work out. I don’t have a mobile phone because I am too cheap to pay the ridiculous monthly cost to have one, so for a phone I use Verizon Home connect and I kind of like the ideal of leaving the phone at home 🙂 But I do like to have a data connection with me … so some kind of device that I can carry in my pocket is the thing I,m looking for. A smart phone that is not connected to a carrier would do the trick like the Thunderbolt but a newer one that will work with modern apps. For now I just put the MapMyWalk app on my Nexus 7 and stuck it in my back pocket, but I would like a smaller device for that. So ….. I am on the lookout for something that will work. Maybe a iPod or Smartphone of some sort. At any rate I have needed to let the old Thunderbolt go for a while now so now is the time, RIP Thunderbolt!

Exercise: I took a good walk, just to walk off my frustration of not being able to get the MapMyWalk app on the Thunderbolt, and that I did, no more frustration 🙂 I walked with MapMyWalk! Distance: 5.30mi, time: 02:04:07, pace: 23:25min/mi, speed: 2.56mi/h. A nice walk.

Bird of the week ….? : Okay bird of something …. it is a
Curve-billed Thrasher.
Curve-billed Thrasher photo CBThrasher1.jpg
Curve-billed Thrasher photo CBthrasher2.jpg

Night folks

Walking day

I have pretty much turned Wednesdays into a walking day instead of a bike riding day. I take a short two-mile walk and do my stretching. I like breaking up the exercise a little. This winter when I get out by myself (somewhere in the boondocks) with little to nothing to do, maybe I will finally get that upper body thing going.

Windows 8 Tablets; What do you think about them? My thoughts ……….. I think that they will make a big splash and take the market by storm. Why? Because they are going to work well with lots of stuff that is already out there, all that windows software. Many of these (not all) are going to have Intel chips and be able to run full size Windows programs and that in my eyes, is a big one!  The iPad has a big jump in the tablet market and I think that will stay fairly big but I think Windows will take the lead at some point. Maybe not in the next year or even two but I do think it will happen. Too many Windows machine out there, and its going to have some pull on things. The Windows 8 desktop move will help make it happen. I think Microsoft will do big things. I am not that big a fan boy of Microsoft either but they are just too big to over look.

The cost of the new Windows Tablets may hold things down for a bit but I think they will come in line with other tablets sooner or later and that is when things will start moving faster.

When I bought a iPod a few years back I was blow away that I had to have iTunes to run the thing, You kidding me?!?!? Only Apple makes iPads and the Windows tablets will have a bunch of makers out with products on the opening day(26 Oct 2012). Apple likes to keep things near the home front and once again they will pay the price. That is my best guess on tablets.

On the smartphones, I have no good guess. The carriers have a big say on phones, but the windows phone will make a mark there too. I am not sure how big it will be.

I would love to hear opinions from others on this.   Drop me a comment if you want.

Enjoying the weather

I have been spending time outside and enjoying the beautiful days. If I order the weather the way I wanted it to be, the last 4 or 5 days would be just have I would want it. My time out today so far has been a great walk, a long one of 5 to 7 miles, fine day for it.

Computers; I have not had my desktop running in weeks. I guess I am getting use to the ideal of just a laptop. Maybe at some point I could do away with the desktop. I guess the big computer now-a-days is a laptop with a tablet or Smartphone being the smaller computer, LOL.

I am starting to watch all the new stuff that is coming out …………….. looking to see just how I will replace my Smart-phone. There are rumors that the next Ipod may have 3g connectivity, that could open up some possibility.

Winter is coming on

It has gotten right down cold. Temperature are running in the low 30’s at night, brrrrrrrrrrr!

I am still sating around playing with my toys. The Smartphone, the new tab, and others. I think I will give away my 2g 34GB ipod which still work well but I am not using it much right now. Too many toys and I keep them longer than most I think. I think a friend of my may be able to put it to good use. Today I will be helping my friend set up the iPod (if he wants to), and playing with the (new to me Tab).

Well it has been decided my friend and I will stay one more week or part of one anyway, here at the LoW-Hi RV Park. We both need to get a few things done and the weather is not to bad yet.



Back to work

Today is my back to work day and I got a few things to do today, but the owners have hire someone to do the cleaning so I will not have to so that any more ever though I did not mind doing it. I am sure I can found lots of other office types things to do. There is always lots of stuff to do in an office if you just look around .


After my 40 miles this week I will take a day off and let the legs rest a bit and then maybe a short ride tomorrow ………. we’ll see. My knees don’t feel to bad this morning but still I’ll just do a little stretching and call it good. I got to learn how not to over do things. I would like to ride the bike for another 10 miles today but I know that my legs need the break, so I will take it and also being a work day I don’t have the time for a long ride anyway.


I guess the rain will come soon ………….. they say it rains like cats and dog when it does rain here in the desert but it didn’t last year for some reason. Maybe it will this year. It is overcast here today and feels nice.

RV Stuff

There is a few things I need to get out and do to the RV but it has sure been hot and i sure have not much wanted to get in the heat and do the things I need to do. Hopefully it will cool off a bit.


One of the things I will mess with next week when I am off is to see if I can get my Email contacts fixed on yahoo and my iPod which are synced together. They are full of double entry and it bugs me …… it don’t hurt anything but it sure bugs me. I guess I need to delete both the list and start over. i can do that by exporting my list from Thunderbird and putting it into yahoo and then syncing it to the iPod. Well I think I can anyway.

Ok I am going to call it good for today on the blog so everyone have a great day and I see you all tomorrow.

Later John

Miss one

I got to messing around on the computer here and forgot to do any blogging yesterday.


I manage to get in over 11 mile ride both yesterday and today so I feel pretty good about that . It don’t hurt to bad either LOL! As a mater of fact I am a bit sorer then usual  but it feels good to be able to do that much again. I am doing more than I have in a long time but it still really takes me out to stay on my feet for long spells at a time like 3 or more hours.

Hehe if I keep this up I could make it to 50 miles a week which is pretty good for me. I fear that I will not do much more than that because the old left knee will get all upset with me but we’ll see as it goes along.


The water heater is going bad I think … the electric  heating element anyway I will have to work on that this afternoon or tomorrow. I will have to shut it off and check it with my meter, guess I’ll do that now.

Well the meter show it as good and it is still heating just not as hot as it was so I am betting that it is going soon.


Yesterday and today (well this morning anyway) I work on doing a thing call jail-breaking  the Ipod and I finally got that done! It was a job because I did not know what I was doing. I found out that not all USB ports are equal. The ones that are on the computer itself have more power maybe?

What jail-breaking does is to let the Ipod do things that apple did not want it to do even if it can ……(they need to sell new stuff to you) this let the old Ipod do things that the new ones can do.  Between the new update to OS 4 and jail-breaking I can do lots more stuff like multitasking, folders for apps, Fast app switching, Custom backgrounds, iBooks ebook reader app and lots more.

OK I was up a little later than usual last night so I think I will take my shower and go to bed.

Later John