The Coldest Night

Pictures: It has been 3 or 4 years since I have been to Kingman AZ but it was one the places I like to stop when headed west. It has some of the best bike trails around!

Ha, looking it up in my “Location of Places I have stayed ” Link, it looks like the last time I was there, was in Oct of 2015, seems like just the other day! Also I looked it up on and it looks like it is still open to RVs 🙂 This is a Boondocking area by the way.



Weather: Wow, last night was my coldest night this winter because my basement water froze up. Thankfully it didn’t take long to thaw out when I put a little heater in the basement this morning. My thermometer says it hit a low of 14° F last night and that is pretty cold weather for an RV.

Night Folks



Pictures: Still more 🙂

Kingman 8_20d_191015

Kingman 9_20d_191015

Exercise: Only 3/4 a mile but I was climbing around on the cliffs. The knees where giving me a bit of trouble too.

Camera : Looks like my Camera and other small goodies will all be at my mail service Thursday, so I can have them ship to a post office somewhere near me on Friday and receive them next week at some point. I order couple memory cards and a remote for the Camera too. When you boom-dock getting mail is a bit of a pain, because there no address for the desert! Just have to wait a few more days 😦

Night folks

City and chores

Pictures: I have three folder of pictures from the area and I am still on the second one, so …… more to come. I was lucky to have some overcast days when I came and it made for good photographing 🙂

Kingman 18_20d_181015

Kingman 20_20d_181015

City: Went into Kingman today and did a few chores, pick up water for the RV, pick up a few gallon jugs of water for my drinking water, did the laundry and little shopping. Such is the exciting life of an old dude out in the wide RVing!

New Lens: Ha, that is probably a year out, only one toy at a time. I have been looking at the Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM Lens a lot but that thing is just too costly for me just now. The 100-400 with a 1.4 ext would give me a nice reach of 560mm. I think in a year the price will drop some and maybe by then I’d be ready to buy. I have looked a lot at the Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM C lens too, a much cheaper lens with about 90% of the ability of the Canon lens. The Sigma would be great competition for the Canon on the long end seeing as I would have to use the 1.4 ext on the Canon but from 100-400 the Canon would be the top dog for sure! Given the choice and money not being a considerations, I would for sure go with the Canon but seeing as the Sigma is half the price and money is a considerations, well ….. Just thinking on it all 🙂 Jump in with comments if you have thoughts on it.
My long lens for now are the Canon EF 300mm f/4L IS USM Lens and the Canon EF 400mm f/5.6L USM Lens with no IS. Both great lens but I would trade the two of them and some dollars for the new Canon 100-400mm II. Oh I do have the Canon EF 1.4X II Extender, would be nice to upgrade to the III. Of course I could go on with a long list of all the gear I would love to have …. but I’ll make do I guess! LOL

Night folks

New camera

Pictures: The area is good for me 🙂

Kinman 24_20d_191015

Kingman 20_20d_191015

Exercise: I walk just over two and half miles today.

Camera: I have finally broke down and order a new(to me, Refurbished) camera! Nothing major but I did order a Canon 7D II. That means that my 20d will soon get a long await rest(over 10 years of use) as the old 7DI takes over it’s job and the new 7D II will become my birding camera. I think I got a good deal on a Refurbished 7D II from Canon Direct. From reviews that I have read you can’t tell the different between the Refurbished and a new one. At any rate I’m looking forward to a new toy 🙂

Night folks

Up to three


Kingman 4_20d_191015

kingman 5_20d_191015

Kingman 7_20d_191015

Exercise: I did a little better today, with a 3 mile walk.

Blogs and following: I am following a lot of blogs and between keeping up with those that interact with my blog and the sometimes the WordPress reader, I miss some of the post I really want to see so I added a plug-in/add-on (or what ever you like to call them) to Firefox and it does the trick by letting know when folks update their post. It is the “Distill Web Monitor” works great so far. You add websites to it that you want to monitor and it checks them for you and give a notice when they change. It will watch a page for changes in a few different ways and if you watch everything it will even tell you when the adds change and I don’t want to know that! I just use the date of the last post and when that changes I know there is a new post and so far that is working (still have not seen changes in all the ones I added, but maybe those folks will get busy and update soon). Great plug-in 🙂

Night folks


Pictures: This morning it was very wet and muddy when I got up and the weatherman said more was coming so I decide I best try to get out of the area I was in. I sling a little mud around but I got out Okay. It rain a good bit while I was traveling today so most of the mud got wash off. Of course they is still plenty of road dirt on things if you know what I mean ….. but better than the mud I had on this morning. I am now near Kingman, AZ. Here is some shots looking out my windows.

Kingman 2_20d_171015

Kingman 1_20d_171015

Travel: Always leaves me a little tired even when it is not far that I travel.

Night folks