Pictures: Say’s Phoebe and another Brewer’s Sparrow.

Say's Phoebe 5-7D2-200416

Brewer's Sparrow 4-7D2-200416

Weather: Got couple of warm days going for now but then it will be just right in about two days 😉 So says the old dude!

Exercise: The long ride up the hill the other day has got the knee hurting a little so I will slack off a bit.

Night folks

Touch of rain

Bird: Fridays Cardinal
Cardinal photo CarHead.jpg

And a Deer.
 photo DeerGB.jpg

Exercise: I am really chilling out this week, the doctor ask that I take it ease this week before going back next week to do my blood work again. I am not fully sure why he wanted me to do that but he did, so I will. I guess the knee could use a break anyways. Bottom line I am not walking or riding the bike much this week.

Weather: A welcome site, we got rain! It feels really nice to have the rain. Well, it didn’t last too long 😦 Still nice and cloudy so maybe later today.

Nice day: It has been a nice day here in the park.

Night folks

Shorter Sunday Walk

Moving slow today …. Debating whether I will take a walk and if I do, how long it will be. My day always starts with a little breakfast, a shave and cleaning up, doing the dishes, and then from there i can go in any direction. By the time I eat breakfast I usually know what’s next, however not today though. Well as it turns out, looks like a bit of blogging is the first order of business, LOL! That’s okay, as good a way as any to start today.

Weather: Man oh man, it looks and feels like it is going to be a fine day weather wise 🙂 , just as the weather person predicted. Okay, I’m going to get up and move a little, and see what happens next, I’ll let you know later.

Walk : I did walk but not as long as the last two Sundays. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 7.55mi, time: 02:53:09, pace: 22:56min/mi, speed: 2.62mi/h. Still felt like a pretty good walk to me. I will not walk tomorrow. I think this week I will set my weekly walking gold to only 16 miles, that should be enough.

Being older : The evening it’s setting in now, and I feel the chill out mode coming on, oh wait, that is what I’ve felt all day, LOL. Being older does have some benefits 🙂 . Maybe it is better to fuss over the few things you can’t do anymore vs fussing over the things you don’t want to do (you know, like go to work everyday). I guess it is good to see some things pass by. However, I try to be careful and not wish time away, when it is gone, you are gone!

This week bird of the week is Double-crested Cormorants with friends. Best I remember this was a very long shot.
Double-crested Cormorant photo TB1.jpg

Night folks

Happy Knee

Man, the knee is doing well today after yesterday’s long walk, I am pleased with it. Still I will not walk or do very little walking today and give it some rest. Maybe a small birding walk but not a long one. I like the knee being well.

Took a trip down to Ehrenberg to get water for the RV.

Weather, it is as good as it gets 🙂 We had a little sprinkle last night, just enough to turn the light coat of dust on everything to mud 😦 so the truck and RV could both use a washing. That happens often out here in the west. I would have like to seen it come a good hard rain to settle the dust a bit, but you get what you get. The temperature is in the sweet spot and I’m loving it.

I did take me a little birding walk but got nothing. I did see some but they stay their distance so no pictures. This has been a tough birding area for me. The only bird I have seen come to the feeder is a House Sparrow.

Here are a couple of Humming birds I have seen around. This first one is a Costa’s Hummer at my feeder and the second one is a Anna’s Hummer I seen while out walking the other day.

Night folks

Knee is doing good

Slow start today, it was coolish this morning and I didn’t much want to climb out of my nice warm bed, so I didn’t 🙂

The knee does not hurt today but it does feel a little inflamed. There will be no exercise today, we’ll give the knee it’s much deserved rest. I may do some stretching but that will be all for today.
Update; I did do some good stretching today, still not back to where I was last year, but coming along.

My humming feeder keeps busy with a few Hummers coming and going but the seed feeder and the water I put out for bigger birds has gotten no visitors. I see and hear a few birds when I walk but not a lot. The Colorado River is about 6 miles away so I’m guessing that is where all the local birds hang out, near the water.

I added the water to my fresh water tank that I picked up the other day and I have done my stretching ……. and the day mosey on by 🙂

Night folks


Time for a little maintenance around the RV. My RV is pretty old, 1998, so it is in constant need of maintenance of some kind or the other all the time. Today I have sealed some of the seams on the sides, the southwest sun dries things out quickly. I checked the house batteries and added water as needed and worked just a little more on the solar panel mounts, they are about done.

I will not exercise today, the knee needs a little break after the 8 miles yesterday. The knee doesn’t feel too bad but I am going to ring in the walking a little, maybe bring it back to 2 mile a day, for a spell anyways. I need to make 2 miles my normal walk and maybe do a longer walk once a week and take one or two days off per week too. One other thing is to maybe make my longer walks slower too.

The weather is pretty fair, good temperature, little wind and a bit overcast. As the day has went on the wind has picked up a little with some gusting. Still a great day.

My truck needs a set of wiper blades and I’ll get me a set next time I get near a parts store. The southwest sun is cooking things again. I spent most of my life in the east and didn’t have to replace the wiper blades near as much, even with ice and snow. Still, if I compare the weather of southwest vs east, I’ll take the southwest every time.

Night folks

Broke Moderator

The morning is cool but warming quickly, so I think I will take me a walk. The knee feels good this morning, but I don’t think I will push too hard today because I want that knee to stay feeling good. However once I start on a walk I never know how long it will be till it is over 🙂 So I am off to see where the legs will take me.

I was bad …… I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 8.02mi, time: 02:22:24, pace: 17:45min/mi, speed: 3.38mi/h.

I can’t help myself, when I take off on these walks I just want to go forever! I had to talk myself into turning around even this time, because there was a hilltop only a another mile or so away. I have decided what my problem is ……. yep my moderator is broken! That is it, I have no moderation, with me it is all or nothing. LOL, I have been much like that all my life, I do a thing or I don’t 😯 Now if only I had picked a few of the right things LOL!

Well it is done, so I hope my knee is strong! It don’t feel too bad for now but this is way to early to tell. I have my ice pack out, so maybe that will help.

I worked on my solar panel mounts a little today. Getting them a little better sealed. I don’t think I’ll see much rain while here in AZ but this summer in upper NM there will be some rain. So this winter will be a good time to go over the RV roof and check things out really good. I also need to check the seams on the sides too, lots to do.

Put out my humming-bird feeder today, so maybe I’ll get some little friends coming around soon. Update: It took only 30 minutes to get a Anna’s Hummer at the feeder.

Night folks

The Big Tent Event

As it gets nearer the time for the ” The Big Tent Event” in Quartzsite, this area (only 10 miles away) is picking up more RVs. The event is the last two weeks of January. For those of you who don’t know, the Big Tent Event is where they sat up a very large tent and then hundreds of RV vendors of all sorts set up inside (and outside) and sale their goods. About anything RV related can be found, and lots of other things too. At any rate all the RVers are starting to show up. This area is much less crowded than the Quartzsite area, but this one does get some spillover.

The knee …….. feels fine today 🙂 🙂 No matter, it did such a fine job yesterday, that I will be giving it a break today. Mind you, sometimes the second day after a hard walk is when the knee fusses the most but so far today it is doing well, considering I pushed the knee pretty hard on the walk I took yesterday.

Evernote (a app that I use a lot) took a fit on me and would not do a paste from the clipboard on my tablet. After a bit of reading on it and not finding others that had the same problem, I decided it was just me and my Evernote so I uninstalled and reinstalled …. problem fixed! I think sometimes you just need to scare the software into thinking you’re going to get rid of it, LOL! Seriously, I do think it’s a good idea to uninstall and reinstall software/apps after about 5 or 6 updates, and the most popular apps seem to get a lot of updates.

Night folks

The knee and fear

Good news! I am now in the mind-set that my knee is going to come back to a better place that will allow me to take the longer walks(5 miles + ) that I so much like. Only a week ago I was beginning to wonder whether the knee was going to return to a better state. About 6 weeks ago I did something that ended up causing me a lot of trouble on my replacement knee. What that was I am not totally sure about, maybe too many long walks or that short run(half mile) I took one day when I remember that I had left water on the stove to boil for my tea before going out for that walk. At any rate about six weeks ago a felt some pretty sharp pains in the knee that felt a lot like when I first injured my knee 10 or 12 years ago that ended in a full knee replacement 4 years ago, and this was not a thing I wanted to feel again!

Yesterday I took me a pretty nice little walk a little over 5 miles and today the knee is not fussing too much, a bit, but not bad. Mind you, I am not going out for another long walk today and maybe no walk at all, but the knee feels better than it has since first feeling the sharp pains 6 weeks ago. I may not be out of the woods yet but I am certainly feeling more optimistic about it. Not feeling cocky about it because I know that because it’s feeling good today does not mean that will carry over to tomorrow (that is just the way of old joints) but thinking my chances are better anyways! We’ll see.

The sun is being slow to warm things up this morning but the weatherman says it will. Looks like another cold front is dipping down from the north we may get a little feel of it.

Weight, I am up 5 pounds, I will be attending to that right away! Of course the slacking off from my exercise is not helping and I think maybe my eating habits have not been as good as they could be lately. My weight is a thing I much keep a close watch on. I love to eat, but I have learned to control it over the last 3 years or so, however it is a thing that needs constant vigilance with me. One of the bigger areas I could do better on foods is probably processed meats, such as hotdogs, hamburgers, lunch meats, canned meats and such. I get caught in the easy to fix trap sometimes 😦

I did add a short walk to my day, a slow mile, if that much. Just so I don’t get rusty 🙂 I did some stretching too.

Night Folks

Walk and a app

Took me a walk this morning and I am waiting to see just how the knee feels about it all! Felt good to be out and about.

I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 4.63mi, time: 01:41:19, pace: 21:52min/mi, speed: 2.74mi/h.

There are some mountains about 2 miles away ……. I didn’t get to climb in them but I at least made it to the base of the mountain 🙂 Man I hope the knee don’t fuss too much.

The weather is tops today, sunny and warm, my kind of weather.

Just found me a great app! Another one of these things ” Google why ain’t this a default feature?” LOL. The app is
. This is one of those apps that make you wonder why it is not part of the android system to start with. If you are an android user and switch between apps a lot like I do, I recommend you give this one a try.

Going backwards on one thing that I try to accomplish most of the time and that is to run as least background apps as possible. Text to speech app , Avast security , Clipper clipboard, Adblock plus and now Siwpepad are all apps running in the background. One of these days I will figure out which way I am going!

Hey ……. I guess it is almost a new year, so a big Happy New Years to everyone, May all your Resolutions be yours to command 🙂

Night folks