Flicker and Jay

Pictures: My feeder has slowly been picking up new birds from the area but sadly it will be time to move soon. Here is a Northern Flicker and Staller’s Jay. I started putting out un-shelled peanuts and the Jays have figure out that they likes them 🙂 They also like the suet I put out.

As always click the images twice for the larger size pictures.
Northern Flicker.


Steller’s Jay.


Exercise: All the good walks have finally caught up with me and the knees have spoken …. time for a break.

Night Folks


Looking ahead

Pictures: Some old shots for today. I have not taken many pictures over the last 3 weeks, so it is time for some old shots. A fellow blogger, Hien posted some great shots of the Rose-Breasted Grosbeak and made me realizes that I miss the eastern birds 🙂 After I made a commend on his blog, he mention that I had the Black-Headed GrosBeak in this area which reminded me of both the picture I posted today.

This Black-headed Grosbeak shot taken in Cloudcroft, NM maybe 4 years ago.
Black-headed Grosbeak photo Black-headedGrosbeak7-3-12.jpg

And this Rose Breasted Grosbeak picture taken over 9 year ago, in KY.
Grosbeak,  Rose Breasted photo gb.jpg

Swamp thing/Weather: Today I sold the Swamp thing and I am now using the AC which does a good job and I don’t have to add water ever couple hours, of course it cost more to run. Getting ready for a new and hopefully a cooler place 🙂 The whole south-west is hotter than normal now and it will be warmer than it should be about anywhere I go but I think it will get back to more normal temperatures as the summer goes alone. I sure hope so.

Diet/Exercise: I have been off my Atkins diet for some time now but I need to get back at it and maybe getting a little isolated will help, so I am keeping that in mind on this move. My exercise routine has not been up to power either, mostly due to my knees hurting so maybe a good diet with a little weight lost can help that too.

Exify plugin: Do you use plugins in your Browser? I use a good bunch of them and one of my favorites is Exify for the Firefox browser. If you have it install and hover over an image it will give you basic Exif info, but only if it is there of course. Sometimes I need a second plugin to see some Exif data in an image and I use Exif Viewer for that, by right clicking on the image and picking View Link Exif Data it gives you more detail, lots more. Neither work all the time but one or the other work most of the time.

Night folks

About birds, diet and exercise

No they are not connected: Well the exercise and diet is but not the birds.

Walk?: Maybe, I have not decided yet. 10am; The knees don’t feel too bad this morning but we might give them some slack today, I’ll be on my feet enough with all the RVers coming in today. The knees don’t differentiate between walking and and just standing or moving around as I do my work. Bottom line, on days that I am going to be on my feet a lot is best to not walk, so says my knees.

Bird: This is a Mountain Blue Bird and I took this shot at Blue Water State Park, NM.
Mountain Blue Bird_0966

Here is a Rose-Breasted Grosbeak, this picture taken many years ago in KY.
Print 2

Diet: I am making adjustments to my diet and like all other folks this is a tough thing for me, but at any rate it is coming along pretty well. Many more vegetables, a little less meats and taking out the soda(again), been without soda for a week tomorrow. This time I am drinking other drinks to replace the soda, like tea, water additive, maybe a half glass of some kind of juice however not more than two glasses of anything but water and I try to drink a gallon (or more) of water per day.

Night folks

Kicking up the pace

Weather: Almost every morning is pants and sweater weather here, and that is what I expected. Today is windy too, making it feel even cooler. Hey, it really is not all that bad but I do like the T-shirt and shorts weather, because I’m a bit spoiled. 😛

Walk: The wind is cutting today so it made me kick up my pace a little 😯 I’m holding to short walk still, the knees ask it of me! I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.36mi, time: 43:39, pace: 18:31min/mi, speed: 3.24mi/h.
Little faster this morning

Blogging with Android: Blogging with the nexus 7 to be more precise, has gotten to be fun and ease. About the only thing I don’t do with the Nexus is post my pictures. Neither of my mobile browsers(Firefox or Dolphin) interact well with the photo sites(Flickr or Photobucket). I’m going to play with Chrome a little today to see how that works.

Bird: Well the test of posting with Chrome is not much better than the other two browser, the way I see it. I can do it but it has it’s problems too. The bird is a American Avocet and I took this picture just a day out two ago.
American Avocet2_1037

Night folks


Crisp Mornings: Woo-we it is nippy this morning but the sun is out and it’ll be nice soon 🙂 Guess I’m adjusting to this cooler weather pretty well. I wasn’t really sure how this weather was going to set with me after the warm AZ winter, at any rate, it’s not bad. I do have to run the heater in the morning but I’m getting by without heat in the evening.

Knees: Wow, I’m surprise that the knees are not making a big fuss today. I’ve not tried walking far yet though, that might be when they decide to get my attention 😯

Couple of Birds: Here is a pair of American Avocet and a Say’s Phoebe. Pictures fresh off the camera this morning.
American Avocet_1039
Say's Phoebe_0989

Strolling about: No walking today but I have done a couple of miles strolling around and bird watching.

Night folks

My Workout

I didn’t much think I would walk today after yesterday’s big walk but I found myself wanting a short walk this morning and the knees where okay with it, so I did a little walk. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.29mi/// time: 42:29/// pace: 18:35min/mi/// speed: 3.23mi/h. http://mapmywalk.com/workout/476625623 Maybe I will take tomorrow off.
Update, late in the day my knees are feeling the walks, so yes, tomorrow will be a off day to give them their due respect.
Here is last week walking’s totals.
6 workouts
5 routes
29.5 miles
10.0 hours
3,338 kCal burned From what I have read these Kcal are about the same as a calorie.

This morning started out as gloomy as it could be, but it has now progress into a beautiful day with lots of sunshine and a nice warm temperature 🙂 The weather this winter has been just the best and I have enjoyed it greatly. I sometimes think about wintering in TX but I sure would not like to give up this fine weather.

Night folks

Nice long walk today

I got in a little over 2 hours of walking time today, and it feels good to be back at it. Hard to believe that it has been 5 days now since my big walk down to the Colorado River and back but it has. I still feel just a little amount of soreness but not much now, and walking is beginning to feel good again. The big surprise is that my knees are not screaming at me, a very good thing!  Today I found a road back behind the area where I am staying, that is very long and it easily give me my hour + in one direction for my walk today, so I will definitely be making more use of that road. Maybe I will get a little farther next walk.

While walking this morning on the above mention road, I passed a little thing called a Waterment (not so sure on the spelling here). I read the sign and it said that it was for the Big Horn sheep and other wildlife in the area. It was just a bit of roof with water tanks underneath and a pool outside that delivered the water. Maybe I will take the camera back one day and see if I can hide out …………… maybe I would get lucky and something would show up. The sign made a note of letting you know not to hide out on a high point around the Waterment because the animals would sense you as a predator and stay away from the water, so finding a spot that is more friendlier to the animals and good to hide in too, may be hard.

After getting back from my walk today, there where five or 6 local folks in the area that where out playing with their guns and shooting up lots of bullets, probably very expensive ones because they had some big guns. They paid attention to what they where doing and where very safe. I didn’t mind them none, but I was thinking that some RVers would be having a fit if they where here. Some folks don’t like guns much now-a-days. Nope, I have a nice blog here and I am not getting into how I feel about guns, LOL.

Here are a couple of shots of the BLM area I am in, just old rough desert, but for now it is kind of peaceful. Click for larger images.



Again, last full day

I am at the last full day again 🙂 , it was nice to get a couple extra days. I will say more about that at a later date.

This morning is just beautiful with mild temperatures, sunshine and singing birds everywhere. Yep, just a nice day. I will say the afternoons have gotten pretty warm over the last few days but I am good with that. I can not think of an area that would have better weather for me anywhere.

Speaking of birds, I did see some Western King chicks while out walking this morning and I am thinking they are the ones from the nest that was in front of my rig but I am not sure because they where a ways out. My Humming birds are back in force. I have reevaluated my thinking on which humming birds I have, and now I don’t think that I have the Broad-Tailed hummer. I only have three kinds, the Calliope, Rufous and the Black-Chinned hummers. But that is OK, because I have lots of them.  😯

Exercise; for today was a 2 mile walk. The knees are still not happy knees but they are a  little better. Still I am so surprised at the problems the bike has caused my knees. Another speculation that I have come up with, is that all the walking has cause my legs to become stronger and that allowed me to ride the bike at a much faster pace and in turn caused the knees to act up a little. As you can see, I really don’t have a clue about what happen, LOL. I will just keep a close eye on them and listen to the little aches and pains. I prefer not to have any more knee surgery. After my walk this morning, I put some ice bags on the knees, and it felt pretty good.

Weight; I am keeping my weight at 180 pounds 🙂  but I am not taking any more off 😦  . So both good and bad. 180 pounds is a great place to be after being at the much higher weight of 280, but I am a person that likes it all, and would just love to be at about 165, which is just under what the doctors says is my perfect weight for my height. I will wait a while before predicting as to whether or not I will reach that gold, as it is now I still have to watch my p’s and q’s to keep at this weight, not hard, but still …… it needs watching.

Folks have a nice day.

Another two days

I have manage to get another two days of stay, here at Storrie lake State Park, so Thursday will be my new moving day.

This morning I had to go to the dump and empty my waste-tanks so I took everything down to include the Humming feeder and now all my Hummers are gone, well most anyways. The feeder has become very poplar of late with as many as 10 to 15 hummers around at a time. Lots of fun to watch. I still find the Western King bird chicks around the park and I also see Blue bird chicks and Mocking Bird chicks being feed by their Moms. July is a good month for birds around here.

Exercise; I have walked around the park a bit just doing this and that but I have not taken a full walk today, still resting the knee. When the knee gets fussy, I listen, and give it a break. Don’t know why the bike put them in such a fuss.

With the moving around of the RV today, the day has slip by rather fast it seems, time just gets away any more.

It is a beautiful day, so I think I will get out and enjoy it for a while, Later.



Last day again

This will be my last day here in Storrie lake for this visit, my two weeks are up tomorrow. Where will I go? I have not a clue, but I think not far. There are two State Parks that are about 50 miles away, but both are very disconnected from the world, so to speak. By now everyone knows that I don’t like being disconnected very much 😦 , but hey, they are in some beautiful places, with lots of fine trials to walk 🙂

Birds; Man, I have a ton of Humming birds coming to the feeder, they go through more than a feeder of sugar-water (little over two cups) a day. I do enjoy all their antics. I seen my Western King Chicks yet again this morning and maybe I will go out and look for them again later today. Think I will get out now to see if I can find the West King chicks and walk a little. Update 3:30pm I did spot the Chicks and they are still not too far away.

Exercise; Maybe 2 miles of walking for today’s total. The knees are doing a little better today.

I am only doing a short post for today, so later.