Last of the Light Houses

Pictures: Here is the last three pictures I got of the Mini Lighthouses. This is about half of them. A boat is needed to see some of them.






This seem to be a bulletin board about all the other light houses.


Weather: Well the weather has turned more normal now which is a bit chilly. I hate it when the weather does this ….. hot one day and cold the next(Big swing in temperatures). It is not really cold, just a little cool in the mornings. Though it does give me something to fuss about 😈

Exercise: I walked for a little over two miles today.

Night folks

Light House 4

Pictures: Next two mini Light House around Lake Havasu.





Moved: I have moved to what will likely be my winter home for the next 2 to 4 months. It is a fairly peaceful place compare to most of the other in lower southwest AZ. I have winter here before so it is a old haunt. Lake Havasu is a great place but a little busy for my liking.

Night folks


Posts: Today I make my 2000 post, not that I have said a lot but it least I say it often 😉

Exercise: Today I took a little walk. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.53mi, time: 01:02:35, pace: 24:42min/mi, speed: 2.43mi/h. While here in this area the walks will be slow ones because the area is full of hard to walk on rocks. Lots of loose rock.

Pictures: Some pictures I took last year north of Lake Havasu. Click the images for larger views.

Havasu sunset.

Location: I have just notice that I had not updated my location info so I took a few minutes to do that and if you want to know where I am just click the Where I am Now link at the right side of the page or the Location of Past Stops at the top of the page.

Night folks

Lake Havasu pictures

Pictures: I forget that sometimes when I go to a different area that I have been to before that some readers have not seen any pictures of it, so here is a link to a few from last year and hopefully I get out soon to take a few this year. Here is a couple of shots of the London Bridge in Lake Havasu. This is a neat little place to visit with a beautiful lake on the Colorado River.
Here is a couple of shots from a boat ride I took last year with a friend(Jim). One of the London Bridge and one of Lake Havasu. Click for lager images.
boatride 4_0927

Boatride 3_0913

Exercise: Only a very short walk today.

Night folks


Trip to the city: I took a ride into Lake Havasu today, pick up some water, few food items, did my laundry and got a hair cut. Big chuck of chores out-of-the-way. Such is the life of a busy old dude 😛

NO Exercise : I did no exercise today but I did do a little stretching and I will ride the bike tomorrow if the wind behaves and if not, there is always walking. I have been getting to my stretching about every other day and I want to step that up to everyday. I think I make far better progress it I stretch everyday.

Diet: The battle is on going and I am coming to another change …… I’ll let you know if I do any good with it. I got to give up something that I don’t want to, but it has to go, and this is not the first time I have had this battle. No more about it for now. Just know that I am still at the battle 🙂 I hate it when I must have the same fight over and over, don’t you? Sometimes that just the way our mind makes us do it.

Slack: My blog has not been getting much love of late, the old mind has just been wondering in other places. That is okay, I like letting it(the mind) float around on its own sometimes, it takes me to places that only I can visit, LOL. I was once a young hippie dude and my mind did do some floating around ….. I think there was the one night that I watched …. through a purple haze or maybe it was some strawberry fields …could have been a window pane …? You got to be an old hippie to understand this 😛 I am sure glad that part of my life passed pretty quickly 😯 Oh, I’m pretty sure I did inhale too …. deeply, but that was another time, long ago! Okay, enough self-incrimination.

Wake up the blog:
Oh boy, those last few lines should have woke up the blog a little, LOL. I am out of here, before I get into more trouble. It was fun being young 🙂 …. best I remember!

Night folks

Little ride

Today: It is early in the morning and I’m debating what I’m going to get into today, if anything. I’ve had my breakfast and have decide not to ride the bike today, the wind is up a little already, so if there is any exercise today it will a walk. Soooo, I think I’ll fire the computer up and see how much money I don’t have in my bank account and that will help me decide to keep whatever I do today small 😦 I can not tell a lie, this economy is kicking my backside on this purely fixed income I have 😦
Okay, bank accounts checked, maybe I can make it to the city for a little while today 😉 , can’t stay to long but maybe I can drive though, LOL! Okay it’s not that bad, but it feels like sometimes 😯

City update; Okay I enjoyed getting out for a little while and running the roads. I got some water for the RV and a few food items.

Walk and stretch: After getting back from Lake Havasu I did a little stretching and took me a walk. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 4.06mi, time: 01:15:29, pace: 18:36min/mi, speed: 3.23mi/h.

Weather: Got to do a line or two on the weather. It is windy and dusty, and that is how this time of year is here in the wild west. Not complaining, this may have been the best winter I have ever had anywhere, weather wise.

Night folks

The evils of one bad meal

Weight 187 /Diet: 😦  That is what I get for having just one bad meal. This is the bad thing about a low carb diet, you simply can’t do any high carb days. When starting a low carb diet you lose 10 to 20 pounds within the first couple of weeks, unfortunately I am near sure it would go the other way too, if you decided to change to another way of eating, you would gain that much back in only two weeks. Gaining 10 to 20 pounds is enough to stop me from ever wanting to change diets! The truth is this diet works pretty dang good for me even if I am over my target weight by 7 pounds. Most important is that I like eating this way for the most part, I don’t have to go around feeling hungry. Yes I do like a bad meal sometimes but not often.
My diet before had me over by 100 pounds, so you can see the big picture here. Of course, my diet before was the (see-food diet, I see food and I eat it) LOL. So in the big picture, I have to keep reminding myself 7 or 8 pounds is not a disaster. However, after being able to lose a 100 pounds it is aggravating that I can’t control the bottom ten pounds of my weight. You would think that after being able to get a grip on losing that much weight, that controlling the bottom ten pounds would be child’s play, but it don’t work that way, does it?

Exercise: I rode with MapMyRide! Distance: 10.84mi, time: 55:34, pace: 5:08min/mi, speed: 11.71mi/h.

Stretching: I did a little stretching today and it felt pretty good considering I have not done any stretching for three days. I guess I’m getting to some stretching about three or four times a week.

City: This afternoon I took a trip into Lake Havasu, just for something to do mostly. I did enjoy just running the roads with nothing much to accomplish.

Night Folks


Weight 185.2: I should just get a big rock and weigh it everyday, would be the same as weighing me, always the same!  LOL. I’ll just keep at it.

Weather: This morning I am up early and there is a bit of a chill to the air and that is reminding me that I don’t want to get out of here too early in the year. I prefer it to be a too warm than too cold.

Keyboard for Android: I guess I have settled on the Swype Keyboard. The Google Keyboard has one feature that I miss and that is by touching the button for the numbers pad and sliding to the number or symbol it will put that number or symbol in the text box that you are using and then return the keyboard to the letters by itself. Note: The number/symbols show without releasing once you touch the key on the Google Keyboard. On the Swype Keyboard you have to touch and release the button for numbers and symbols and then touch the number or symbol you want and then once again touch the button to return to the letters. However the one thing that the Swype Keyboard has that the Google Keyboard don’t is the cut and paste feature that is kind of like Windows. To copy text, you must highlight it and then you can simply slide your finger from the ” Swype Key” to the ” c key”, No big deal. This however is a big deal to me, once the text is in the clipboard and I want to paste, I make sure the cruiser is where I want my paste to be and Swype from the ” Swype Key” to the ” c key” and bang I’ve just did my paste.
Okay these are the two trade offs that are important to me, and I do a lot of cut and paste, so the Swype keyboard is the one for me. Well, at least for now.

Windows Tablets: A friend of my just bought a Windows tablet and it got me to thinking about getting one. I have done a lot of reading on them and I have decided that the Windows tablets are still too far behind to get one just yet. Also Windows is like Apple they want everything done their way, by that I mean they do not allow much customizing of their tablets. Google’s Android is the leader if you ask me, they allow far more flexibility in their OS for customization which is important to me. If you don’t mind doing things the “set” way than Apple would be the one. Windows touch, I think is best on a full computer (like a laptop or desktop with a touch screen)  and just not ready for a tablet or phone. This is just my thinking on it, your miles may vary.

With the above in mind my next tablet will be a Android. There are rumors of a Nexus 8 that may come out this year at a very competitive price and if so maybe that will be my next tablet. If you want to know all the specs rumored, just do a Google search for Nexus 8.

Shopping/goofing off trip: I took a ride into Lake Havasu and goofed off for a bit. I looked up the bicycle shops and found a tire for my bike and got some water for the RV and drinking. I stopped by Walmart for a couple of items too.

Exercise: Not today.

Night folks