Last of the Light Houses

Pictures: Here is the last three pictures I got of the Mini Lighthouses. This is about half of them. A boat is needed to see some of them.






This seem to be a bulletin board about all the other light houses.


Weather: Well the weather has turned more normal now which is a bit chilly. I hate it when the weather does this ….. hot one day and cold the next(Big swing in temperatures). It is not really cold, just a little cool in the mornings. Though it does give me something to fuss about 😈

Exercise: I walked for a little over two miles today.

Night folks

Light House 4

Pictures: Next two mini Light House around Lake Havasu.





Moved: I have moved to what will likely be my winter home for the next 2 to 4 months. It is a fairly peaceful place compare to most of the other in lower southwest AZ. I have winter here before so it is a old haunt. Lake Havasu is a great place but a little busy for my liking.

Night folks


Posts: Today I make my 2000 post, not that I have said a lot but it least I say it often 😉

Exercise: Today I took a little walk. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.53mi, time: 01:02:35, pace: 24:42min/mi, speed: 2.43mi/h. While here in this area the walks will be slow ones because the area is full of hard to walk on rocks. Lots of loose rock.

Pictures: Some pictures I took last year north of Lake Havasu. Click the images for larger views.

Havasu sunset.

Location: I have just notice that I had not updated my location info so I took a few minutes to do that and if you want to know where I am just click the Where I am Now link at the right side of the page or the Location of Past Stops at the top of the page.

Night folks

Lake Havasu pictures

Pictures: I forget that sometimes when I go to a different area that I have been to before that some readers have not seen any pictures of it, so here is a link to a few from last year and hopefully I get out soon to take a few this year. Here is a couple of shots of the London Bridge in Lake Havasu. This is a neat little place to visit with a beautiful lake on the Colorado River.
Here is a couple of shots from a boat ride I took last year with a friend(Jim). One of the London Bridge and one of Lake Havasu. Click for lager images.
boatride 4_0927

Boatride 3_0913

Exercise: Only a very short walk today.

Night folks


Trip to the city: I took a ride into Lake Havasu today, pick up some water, few food items, did my laundry and got a hair cut. Big chuck of chores out-of-the-way. Such is the life of a busy old dude 😛

NO Exercise : I did no exercise today but I did do a little stretching and I will ride the bike tomorrow if the wind behaves and if not, there is always walking. I have been getting to my stretching about every other day and I want to step that up to everyday. I think I make far better progress it I stretch everyday.

Diet: The battle is on going and I am coming to another change …… I’ll let you know if I do any good with it. I got to give up something that I don’t want to, but it has to go, and this is not the first time I have had this battle. No more about it for now. Just know that I am still at the battle 🙂 I hate it when I must have the same fight over and over, don’t you? Sometimes that just the way our mind makes us do it.

Slack: My blog has not been getting much love of late, the old mind has just been wondering in other places. That is okay, I like letting it(the mind) float around on its own sometimes, it takes me to places that only I can visit, LOL. I was once a young hippie dude and my mind did do some floating around ….. I think there was the one night that I watched …. through a purple haze or maybe it was some strawberry fields …could have been a window pane …? You got to be an old hippie to understand this 😛 I am sure glad that part of my life passed pretty quickly 😯 Oh, I’m pretty sure I did inhale too …. deeply, but that was another time, long ago! Okay, enough self-incrimination.

Wake up the blog:
Oh boy, those last few lines should have woke up the blog a little, LOL. I am out of here, before I get into more trouble. It was fun being young 🙂 …. best I remember!

Night folks