Little Treasures of Beauty

Pictures: More wild things, as time goes by I find more and more little treasures in the desert.




Chores : Today was my day to do chores, laundry, water and shopping.

Night folks


Little slower today

We have only been out to visit with a friend and do laundry today, not much road running, LOL a slow day.

I need to get back on the desktop at some point and do a few more things, I am sure there are more updates to do. I need to get my home group going again too. I like moving files around without any cloud service, it is free when you do the same thing on you own network šŸ˜‰Ā Ā  If you listen to all the OS’s you would think the only way to sync a file is to have a cloud services. I have and do use a few of the cloud services but I don’t depend on them for everything. My favorites are Evernote and Dropbox, however with Microsoft building the Sky Drive right into Windows it may become a little more useful.

Moved;Ā  We have moved up the road about a mile and I had hopes of maybe getting into an area where I could receive over the air TV but no luck. Also my internet went from 4G to 3G šŸ˜¦Ā  two downhills) The place is at least a lot more peaceful and quiet, (One major uphill). With the two of us moving in, there are now 3 RVs in the area. Here is the location.


Nice to be near the stores

I like that now I am only 4 miles away from the city and I can most things I need. I like that I don’t have to buy food for two weeks at a time, I can do Walmart everyday if I want. LOL, the things we get spoiled to! Oh I got more TV on the antenna now too. One other nice thing is that the laundry is only 100 feet away, and I guess the best thing is that I have friends to chat with and run around with. I do miss the cool weather and the peace and solitude of the mountain, but I like trade offs, I get a little of everything that way.

Man it has gotten hot. Time for some AC. Here I can pay by the week or the month ……. week cost more but I get electric free with weekly pay, so for the first bit I will pay by the week to see how much I need the AC, during this hot weather. I have turn it on at about 4pm and will see about turning it off and 8 or so.

OK, going to Walmart with my friend.

Chores Again

Chores are never done are they? Today I went into Cloudcroft and did a load of laundry which included my sheets this time so I should be caught up for at least a week.

Weather is still cool and wet. I still need to get out and do my exercise. I hope the rain will let me have a spot that is not so wet. It is staying mostly overcast and the sun only gets out every now and then.

I am happy with my solar as it is doing very well during all the overcast days. My batteries are staying up just fine. I don’t use a lot of power, mostly for the computer and a little TV which neither one take much to operate. Of course, there is the water pump and lights but again …………. not much power needed for those either.Ā  I feel like the one thing I got right on my rig was the solar, a very good investment indeed. I am sometimesĀ surprised about how well it does.

I am also very happy with my direction antenna I got a couple of weeks back, it is doing a fine job. There were days that I just could not get connected to the internet at all before I got the antenna and since hooking it up I have at least been able to get connected even it is not very fast sometimes, I do at least get connected. Of course I have the 3G amp too. I give it away to a friend last summer and the friend give it back to me this spring and it is a good thing because I would not be getting connected without it. Later this summer or maybe this fall they will have the newer amp which will cover both 3G and 4G and I will buy one when they come around. I feel that the internet connection thing is a much have for me.Ā  I get off in area like this that are hard to connect from and it makes the amps and antennas important tools to have. I don’t see me not getting off into area like this anytime soon, I kind of like them.

The internet will continue to be an expense to me. However the smart phone may be a goner when my contact is up, the cost is just too much and I can do the same thing a different way. I may drop Verizon all together next spring. I might just go with Millenicom next time. I can get more data from them and they are on Verizon/SprintĀ  network(the plan I would get is on the Verizon network). After hooking up with this plan I could get rid of the smart phone and use a tablet and MiFi device to do the mobile data thing and go to a lot cheaper phone plan. We’ll see.

OK time for me to get up, out and about ………… exercise time. Later.

4pm update; Exercise is done, a short 2 mile walk. Also have had my second meal. The sky has stayed pretty much overcast all day. Man it would be nice to have some clear days but that might not be in the cards. I think that maybe June is the month to be here.