Playing with the computers

Exercise: I have been doing fairly well on my exercise, nothing special but staying steady with either walking or riding the bike. Today was a 3 mile walk, yesterday was a 10 mile bike ride. Starting to get back to eating a little better too. I seen to have just loss my way totally during the holidays.

Windows 10 : Still playing with a few settings in both my laptops seeing as Windows 10 is fairly recently install on both. I am still learning to use some of Windows 10 features and some of those go back to Windows 8 …. Yes us old dogs can learn new tricks but we don’t get in no hurry about it 😉 One of the things I have let go is the Start menu that I have always added to the task bar since Windows 8, as I have became more comfortable with Windows 10 Start menu. I still dislike that you can highly modifier the icon side but have no control over the text side of it. I much prefer text menu to icons/ribbons menu and add text menu any time there is an option to do so. The Windows 10 Menu is alphabetical and I would prefer categories organization but I am starting to learn to live with it being alphabetical.

Laptop: The new laptop is doing okay by me and I am liking it a lot. Even with it being kind of low end it is still way better then the 5 year old one that I have.

Night folks

Good bike ride toady

Pictures: White-Crowned Sparrow and a Anna’s Hummer.

White-Crowned Sparrow 22_7D2_140116

Anna's Hummer 27_7D2_140116

Exercise: Today I rode the bike for about 14 miles, nice ride.

New Computer: Still liking my new computer. It has great battery life and is doing a fine job. Just a little more working with it and I’ll reset(reinstall Windows 10) my other laptop. Something I have not done sent I brought it 5 years ago, I’ve always just upgraded and a reset is much needed I think. Maybe I’ll add a copy of Ubuntu on it too.
At some point I will reformat my hard drives on the desktop and take it down too. When I get an Apple computer that will be my desktop replacement.

Night Folks

Getting that solar love

Sunshine: We are definitely getting some of that solar love this morning. I love a sunny day even if it is cooler. The weather man is predicting a few of these sunny days in a row and I look forward to that, after all the cloudy ones we had.

Exercise: Just another 2 mile walk. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.46mi, time: 46:07, pace: 18:47min/mi, speed: 3.19mi/h.

Tablet: I’m still liking my new Samsung Tablet, and I find that I use it a lot more than I was thinking I would. It is begaining to be the most use computer type device in the RV, the laptop is getting lonely. While in the boondocks battery life is a big deal and the tablet is doing pretty good, much better than the laptop with it’s 4 year old battery 😆

For this next job I do have to fire up the computer, photo editing. I can post pictures that I already have done but I can’t see trying to edit on a tablet, not yet anyways.

Pictures: Took a little nature walk today(I need to do more of these) and snaped a couple of shots. I’ll have two more shots of these guys tomorrow. Click for bigger images.
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher.
Gantcater Black-tailed TomWells 7D_1598

ButterFly TomWells 7D_1605

Night folks


Busy: I am busy getting ready for my move, after setting all summer things are all out of place o_O I think I have near got things in order.

I am so ready to go, but as it is every time I leave a place after being there for a few months I feel the excitement of moving on but also I feel a little sadness of leaving a great place and new friends. I have had a great summer. Thanks to a great staff (Steve, Mike, Mannuel, George, Mario and Amanda ). Wishing all the best to the bunch of you 🙂 Bueno mis amigos.

Also I had a few campers (now friends 🙂 ) that returned to my area of the camp ground all summer and they too made my stay great, ( Jeanne, Barbara, Nancy and others) thanks ladies!

Exercise: I had a nice 2 mile walk this morning with my friend Jeanne ( Thanks Jeanne 🙂 ). Added a little stretching in the afternoon.

Pictures: Good Bye Storrie Lake State Park.




Desktop: It is time ….. to shut down the desktop computer and it may be a while before I fire it back up because I don’t use the desktop in the boon-docks, I only use the laptop and tablet. If I fire up the desktop in the boon-docks it is to update it. I will miss my big screen 😦

Night Folks

New Bird

Exercise: I rode with MapMyRide! Distance: 10.76mi, time: 49:39, pace: 4:37min/mi, speed: 13.00mi/h.  Good ride.

Workout Summary :
WORKOUT SUMMARY for 03/17/2014 – 03/23/2014
6 workouts
5 routes
41.8 miles, Bike riding about 30 miles of the total
6.9 hours
3,063 kCal burned

Bird of the week: I’m slipping again by not getting the bird of the week updated on time. Better late then never? This weeks bird is the Gray Catbird.

Gray Catbird_7202
Gray Catbird

Laptop: I have the Laptop fired-up today for a change of pace. I have gotten so I can go days now without using any kind of computing device other than the tablet. That is kind of handy.

Lunch: That will be a Pork chop, a small salad and a small amount of peanuts. It is cooking now 🙂
hmmmm hmmmm was good 🙂

Night folks


Walk: I started today with my walk and I kept it short. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.73mi, time: 54:07, pace: 19:51min/mi, speed: 3.02mi/h.   A little stretching was added.

After that, batteries: where the next thing on my list of need to get done things. I added water as usual and look them over for any problems, all is well.

Thirdly, I fired up the Computer(laptop): and did a little catching up. You know I have not had my desktop computer turned on in almost two months now, wow. I use to have to fire it up at least once a week, or I would have withdraws! I guess I am getting more and more mobile.

The weather: needs a little attention, why you ask? Well let me tell you, it is just the best you could possibly ask for! Beautiful is an understatement, in my view it is as good as it gets! Just dandy.

Diet: I am in the battle now, I have taken the weight off and the fight is on to keep it off. As expected and as I knew this is the hard part. When all things are going at their best, diets are good but if things get out of sync a little it is when you got to look deep ….. and I am there. My knees have set the limits of how much exercise I can do. Sometimes my emotions are not in their top condition as with anybody. The big one is probably the ever-present appetite, that us folks that have that tendency to be over weight have. I have been in battle pretty heavy with this for the pass couple of months and I have lost ground to the tune of about 5 or 6 lbs, it may not sound like much but I know just how fast it can get out of hand. So as a blow from me in this battle, I put it out to the world to be seen ….. this will hold me accountable to not only myself but to others. I don’t know about you, but if I think others are watching it makes me want it more. Mind you, I have not thrown in the flag yet, but I need to find that edge again.

Folks at this point it is not about the know how or the know what …. it is 100% about the will power that lives within. I know all the tricks ….. now I must use the tools to fight the battle. I think this is a very important time in my life and if I am not going to be fat, now is the time to make that decision. May I find the higher power from within to be that skinny guy 🙂 

Night folks