Just another day

Another day: Another day come and gone and each one comes and goes by faster it feels. The first half of life you are always wishing for things to hurry up and happen …. the second half of life you are always wishing things would slow down and happen later ❗

Exercise: Another walk this morning. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.21mi, time: 50:25, pace: 22:48min/mi, speed: 2.63mi/h.

Pictures: Nuthatcher, Red-breasted
Nuthatcher Red-breasted photo RBN9.jpg

Nuthatcher, White-breasted
Nuthatcher White-breasted photo WhitebreastedNuthatcher.jpg

Night folks

A couple or three year ago

Workout Summary:
130 workouts
485.08 miles
6.19 days
50086 kCal burned

Needless to say I have really slacked up this summer.

Bird: Another Downy Woodpecker. This Woodpecker is on one of my home made feeders, it is just a piece of wood with a hole drilled in the bottom of it. I then fill the hole with suet which the Woodpeckers and several other birds enjoy eating while hanging upside down 🙂 This feeder also served the purpose of keeping some of the bigger birds away because they are less acrobatic. The area that I lived in was one that had tons of Starlings and they would hog up a feeder of suet in no time at all.
Woodpecker, Downy photo ponfeeder.jpg

Here I was one day, a couple or three year ago,( I can talk like that if I want to because I am a hillbilly) enjoying the good life. This is a area about 10 miles west of Casa Grande, AZ that is now closed to free boon-docking 😦
In the Rainbow photo INTheRainbow_8274.jpg

Night folks

Off to Mexico

I will go to Mexico today and see a dentist, I’ll let you know how that went! I get an early start and go soon.

Nice to have a day off to get things done. I think that I would have like to been born rich LOL, Life could have been so good! But it is not so bad now so all is well.


Well I took yesterday off and we will see for today. I would enjoy riding my bike today if I have time and the wind stays down. The walking is keeping my knee a bit sore, I need to walk less and ride more.

OK off to Mexico!

Back from Mexico

Well I got my teeth cleaned, not the best cleaning I ever had but no matter it only cost $25.00. The dentist said that I needed 3 small filling. Maybe I will do this later.

I pick up some Meds while I was down south too.


I am a low-income old dude, so donation are not a thing you hear me talking about much. I do however come across some things that are worth having and that I use a lot, so to give just a little is a good thing for me. Scroogle Scraper is a search engine that I love to use and do use every day. It is a search engine that is all about pricey! Do I need that …….? No, but it is nice to know that there are people out there that can do things for you without sneaking around the back door to figure out a way to get a dollar out of you!!! Advertising, collecting information on you to sell and god know what else they will do to make a dollar at your expense!

Pricey is an ideal that I will give to! Mind you it is a small amount of 10 or 20 dollars a year but I do give. I think we each should demand pricey……………. we have so little left.


Good night folks.