Pinyon Jay

Pictures: I had a batch of Pinyon Jays come by the other day and snapped a few shots and did not notice the my flash was not firing (dead Batteries) so I had no fill light to fight the harsh sunlight. So … the post processing was a bit of a challenge for me.



Social: I am going to turn off my likes for now …. I will keep my comments open. I will still be visiting, liking and commenting on other folks blogs.

Post of Yesterday: I didn’t get around to posting yesterday, I spend the day in the city getting work done on the truck. Still needs more work done … that dang truck is going to put me in the poor house!!!!

Exercise: I walked 2.8 miles today.

Night Folks


Wild flowers

Pictures: Just some wild flowers around the RV.

I am surprise sometimes when I see the rough area that these flowers will grow in.

Flower 11-7D1_091616

But grow they do.




Makes a bee’s mouth water ๐Ÿ™‚


Exercise: I walked for about 3 miles today.

The following is for folks that use as their blog.
Likes: WordPress is a pain sometimes! I use my Android WordPress App to read blogs(it has a build in reader) and it gives a bit different look than a browser. In some ways it is easier but it don’t show the full site, it just kind of shows text and images, like reader/image viewer. Which is fine most of the time.

However….. ๐Ÿ™‚ sometimes I like to look at sites in my browser and I got to noticing that many sites when looking at a front page that shows many posts (like my blog does), each individual post in the front page did not show the “like button” at the bottom of each post. To see the like button you had to click each post individually like it than go back to the main page and do the same for the next post. Doing likes like this takes a lot more time when the blog is like my and shows all of each post without the need to click on it. So it is nice when the Like button is there on the main/front page with each post. You can like it and just stroll down to the next post. Saves a lot of time and page loading(Data).

So …. I wonder if my site is like that …. so I log off and click on my site and it too did not show the likes at the bottom of each post without clicking the post first.

I had to fix that! This is how I did it. Link to the support page WordPress Like Support Page In the support page find this (figure 1) and do it! (Note “it” being to put a check in the box by Front Page, Archive Pages, and Search Results ) Than each post on your front page will have the Like bottom ๐Ÿ™‚ without having to click each individual post, as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 1.
 photo the-likes_zpsv7ttr1sj.jpg

Figure 2.
 photo Like-this-likes_zpsyrlqzfyq.jpg

Wee, I hope this helps someone!

Night folks

Headed into the Week

This is Tuesday and I still have not set a time to go. Guess it will happen when it happens.

Exercise is in the can for today, a bike ride of about 11 miles and a little walk down to see the Owls. After the exercise I did do my stretching, which I missed yesterday.

Wind, there has been a lot of wind this last week or so, but that is kind of expected here in the southwest this time of year. I think it is better here inย  and around Yuma vs the Deming NM area. It is pesky here but it is worst in the southwest of NM, I think. The temperatures are going to get pretty high later on this week, mid 90s or so. The good part of the weather for today is, that there is plenty of sunshine.

I have put on a crock pot full of chicken breast and it will be ready about 3 or 4 pm today. Should make me at least 4 good meals. I put in just a little garlic salt and Mrs Dash Table Blend season, makes for a good meal along with a vegetable of some kind. Speaking of vegetables, of late I have found that I’ve taken a likingย  to canned Collard greens and Turnip greens. I will start watching for fresh ones in the stores but I like the canned ones pretty well too. I bet the fresh ones will be harder to find. Even the canned ones are not to be found here in Wellton, for the greens I got to go to Yuma. I guess the next chance to get them will be in Casa Grande at the Walmart. Today I am having me some green beans, not a thing I have often on this Atkins diet because they are pretty high in Carbs, but it won’t hurt to have some now and then. I am starting to eat and like foods that I have not seen on the tables much since I was a kid, by the way I didn’t like them then, and only eat them because I was hungry. At least, that is the way I remember it ๐Ÿ˜‰

I get a good many Likes on my blog and in return I go over to the “liker” site and give them a good read and often return the like. I don’t do this every day but when I have 5 to 10 in my email box, I go do it( about every other day) . I have gotten to enjoy this a good bit because I find some very interesting folks out in blog land. Many are much younger than I, but still I like to hear what they are up too. Very few of them are as boring as I with my little old slow-moving blog. They are doing exciting things, living exciting life’s and almost all of them are good writers, unlike myself. Makes me sometimes wonder just what the hell I am doing out here in the blogosphere. I guess I am one of the representative of the plain and non-exciting people that the world is so full of? Hey, all I can say is that we (plain and ordinary people) have got all you other kinds of people out numbered! LOL.

I hope in the after life, that my spirit turns out to be more exciting than Iย  โ— ย  ๐Ÿ™‚



I am still having trouble getting the like’s to work on other people’s sites, the WordPress ones.ย  I am mot sign up to Facebook so I know they won’t work but the WordPress one should work, yes? Anyone knows the whys of this please let me know. For all those of you stopping by and liking my post I always take a look at your sites if you have a link but often can’t give it a like for whatever reason, sorry, I at least give you a read and sometimes a comment. Most of the time it seems that I can like blogs with WordPress in their url but the ones without WordPress in the url I cannot, even if it is a WordPress blog. Maybe something to do with where the blog lives?? Any advice would be great.

Did my thing with exercise(bike ride) and stretching this morning and I feel good ……. for an old dude! Yes, I feel feisty! LOL.

Today I updated my newly added email addresses on the laptop and I just did it manually instead of making a backup and just importing them. I use Mozilla Thunderbird for email and just let it get my mail from all the accounts I have on the web and it works great. Thunderbird and a add-on called Zindus keeps my address book synced with Google and the web sites keep my email synced so all I have to do is keep the changing addresses up to date. I don’t change them a lot but I have just dropped yahoo, (few months back) so I made up the email openings with gmail and zoho. I like to keep at least one email address around for those folks I am not too sure of, if I go into a store and maybe they ask for email address that might turn into a truck load of junk mail it is good to have it handy.

OK it is time to go play on Windows 8 preview so I am off.