Long Bike Ride

Pictures: Here are a few shots along my bike trail today, just for an ideal of what they look like. They are pretty rough for me and my street bike 🙂 I have more shots to post so tomorrow and maybe the next day will be photos along the trail.
As always you can click for the bigger picture.

Top left, you can see the RV in the distance.



Again you can see the RV, just to the left of the big rocks.

Exercise: I took the long bike trail today and I am going to say it was roughly 12 miles. My odometer said 11.68 and it is a bit behind my GPS or Google maps when I use them. There are a few spots along the way I have to get off and push but only a few feet each and I would guess that I push less than a half mile. Long hard ride for the old dude!!! But damn it felt good 🙂

Night folk


Is my time here shorten?

I may have to leave this beautiful place before I planed on it. Today a guy came around from the county saying that they where soon going to start a no overnight parking here?!?!? RVers have come here for years and are probably the better people who do come here and I would think since this is a main corridor for drugs out of Mexico, and they avoid this area because the RVers call in on them that we are a benefit here. I hear only “here say” but I am told by many that this place was donated to the county on the condition that it stay open for camping. At any rate there are many other places but this is one of the nicer ones. We’ll see.

I did my third 20 mile bike ride of the week, today. This will be the last one of those for a while I think 🙂  . It takes a toll on me after few rides like that, but I do like doing them. I have not done my stretching just yet. Each day I have read a little more about different ways of stretching and I think I will be changing how I do things.

The weather here has been just the best, I am liking it very much. The nights are cool and the days are warm, nice conditions for RVing.

More later.



Long ride

This morning I had a nice long ride on the bike, about 17 to 18 miles(well long for me anyway). One of my longest of late. I think all the riding is giving the old knees a good bit of wear. I may need to take 2 or 3 days off in a roll and give the legs time to rest. I do enjoy riding, I find it to be very relaxing.

Well the day is buzzing by and I think I will get out a bit. I spent much of the morning looking at a thing called Small Basic. It is a small programing program. Kind of fun to play with.