Making a Living

Pictures: I took this shot in AZ about 3 years back of the Long-Hron Sheep making a living in the desert. It amazes me that they live well off land this harsh.


Weather: We are having a little cold snap way down here in the south and I guess they are having a really big one up north. I guess I have it pretty good 🤔 . The days are hitting about 50° F here and with all my blinds up on the south side of the RV, I don’t need to run heat during the day and that is nice!

Night Folks


Big Horn Sheep

Pictures: I took a short walk yesterday evening and seen these Long Horn Sheep making their living in the rough mountain area that this is. It amazes me that they can do it!

You can click on the images for a larger picture, if you like.

A small group here, I counted 15 but I could not get them all in one shot.
Long Horn Sheep 32_7D2_240316

This one shows some signs of the hard life that the desert offers, looks like some pretty mean scars to me 😦
Long Horn Sheep 36_7D2_240316

Still new life keeps coming forward 🙂
Lon-Horn Sheep 17_7D2_240316

Internet Bandwidth : I’m about out of that stuff! It rolls over tonight so tomorrow maybe I can do some blog browsing and catch up a bit 🙂 Trying to be careful today and not run over my limit.

Night folks