More House Finches

Pictures: Couple more House Finch.



City: Went into the city and picked up my mail and did a little shopping.

Night Folks



Pictures: A mixed set.

On my bike ride yesterday I came across this pond, even though it is the rainy season here the pond isn’t much more than a mud hole.


Near the pond was this rough looking plant that had nice white blooms on it.


A sunset from a couple days ago, that lit the bottom of the clouds in red.


For tomorrow’s post I have a sunset from last night that I found to be very unique.

Weather: We got a little rain last night and maybe it was the clouds that made for the great sunset I enjoyed last night.

Mail: Today I went to the local post office to see if they would except general delivery and they had me fill out a card that ask for old and new address ….. well if I had a new address I wouldn’t need general delivery would I????? I felt like saying “here is your sign” but I was nice and explain that I was out in my RV enjoying the Nation Forest. Still, they wanted to know where I was in the RV so I give them a I-40 Exit #. Government rules, nuts!

Night folks

Ash Fork

Pictures: Looking out my front door in the evening.

Welch 1-011015_20d_

Welch 2-011015_20d_

Exercise: My short walk again today. The two miler ain’t much but it keeps things moving even if it is a bit slow!

City: Took a little trip into Ash Fork today for water, eggs and checked on mail(not here yet). Ash Fork is a really small place but it had the things I needed, for now. It won’t be long till it’s Wal-Mart time or some big store anyways.

Night folks


Pictures: Fly.
A Fly 20d

A Bee 20d _8211

Workout Summary for the month/Exercise:

Workouts 26
Hours 21.75
Distance 72.06
Calories 7989

Walk: I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.91mi, time: 01:03:00, pace: 21:38min/mi, speed: 2.77mi/h.

Friend : I had a friend come by today and visit for a spell and he walk with me today, so it was nice to have company on my walk. Visitor are always good 🙂

Mail: Today I called my mail service to have my mail forward to me. I only get mail about once every three months.

Verizon ^&**#%^(*$ : Damn, they make me nuts! When I set up my account with them a few months back, Verizon told me that they would take my account over from Millenicom and charge me 99.99 and give me a 10.00 discount to make my charge the same as I was paying Millenicon. Now they will not ….. &^$&*(&($, dirt balls. I was very careful to understand what they where offering me when I sat up the account. In the end they told me the person that sat up my account made a mistake and that they could not do that. They try twice to change my account to one of the share “everything plans” which would have cost me even more money. Poor way of doing business, however there is no better deal here in the US for wireless data plan. The business model here in the US is to Monopolize and Gouge !

Sorry about that, just needed to vent a little 😦

Night folks

Out and about

Shopping today in Blythe, CA ,  picked up a few things I needed food wise, a can of propane and some water for the RV. I also picked up my mail today, out of 10 pieces of mail only two was of use. A lot of trees are sure wasted for advertisement/promotion mail, a true shame.

My friend Max came by and visited for a little while, always good to see friends.

Took a little walk this afternoon, I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.15mi, time: 40:25, pace: 18:50min/mi, speed: 3.19mi/h.
Kind of a wimpy walk but a little something for exercise at least. The stretching was kind of wimpy too, but I did a little. When I exercise in the afternoon, I don’t seem to get as much into it as I do when exercising in the morning.

I some times get a little behind on my following up of comments and such but this evening I took a little time to get back to everyone, I hope I didn’t miss any of you 🙂

Night folks


One more

I have one more order out (the one from Paradise Memory Co ) and I will have all my junk in. (Thanks Mickey, for the use of your mail box) The one bad thing about being a boon-docker is that it is very hard to get a place where you can get all kinds of mail ( USPS, Fedex, UPS and so on). Yes, you can have it sent to your mail-service and have them forward it, but that causes a delay in getting your stuff and cost you more shipping. This is why I am so happy to have a friend here in Yuma who don’t mind me getting my junk sent to her house, it is so helpful.

Click the image for the big picture.
ImageOK, I can’t help myself now ………… here is another stacked image, I am still practicing 🙂 This little flower is easily cover over with a dime and this one has about 17 images stacked. One of the things I need to learn how to do is to batch process in Adobe Camera Raw ( ACR ). I processed each image in ACR one at a time and then loaded them into Photoshop which can obviously handle stacks pretty well. Any of you guys out there do this kind of stuff, feel free to jump in with a comment, I could use any good advice, and I will try the bad, LOL! I think maybe it will just take some time to get use to the process and to figure out a couple of the automated steps (at least I hope there is some automated steps). Be sure to click on this and look at the larger image. This little flower lived just a few feet from my RV on a little bush (with many more just like it) and I cut this one off and set up my macro rig in the RV. The background is OK by me , but I would have liked to have had a little more variety of color to it. We’ll figure that out another time 🙂  I set this up in front of one of my windows so I could have some of the colors from outside, but didn’t get the mix that I wanted but it’ll do.

The next area I am in will be interesting to see whether it will be a birding area or a macro area. I kind of like doing a little of both because that should about always give me something to shoot, wherever I am at. Of course with a camera and a little imagination there is always something to shoot but I have my rathers.

OK, time to get out of the RV for a bit.

Good news, all my stuff came in today and my friend got his work done on his RV, so tomorrow we are on the road. We will move north of here for a ways, somewhere around Quartzsite AZ. I’ll post a link to the new location tomorrow or the next day. I am kind of glad to be leaving here, this area is as dusty as can be, even more than most southwestern boon-docking areas.

Exercise was a walk today, about 3 miles I would guess. A good walk at a fair pace. It was very peaceful out this evening, I got started late in the evening, about 5:30pm and it was dark by the time I got back.

Night Folks

Miss one! I got busy doing photo stuff yesterday, not taking pictures but reading and setting things up. Any more new camera are like new computers, one has to take the time to see how they work, do all kinds of setting and testing, and like computer that takes a while. At least that’s the way it goes for me. No matter, I am having fun with my 7D. My old 20d is still shooting but if I want to keep it going I’ll be needing new batteries for it, lucky for me they are very cheap now as compared to what they use to cost, just a matter of getting somewhere where I can order and receive them.

One of the most frustrating things about RVing is mail, and more specifically packages, like things you order from online stores. When ordering from online you really need a hard address for the stuff to come to. Why you ask? Well most of them use UPS or FedEx to do their shipping and if you are out on the road where do you have it shipped to? Keep in mind I am a Boon-docker, so no camp grounds. For regular mail it is easy enough to get by using a mail forwarding service but for packages from vendors, not so. If you have time to wait you can have your package sent to the mail forwarding service and then have them ship it to you, which adds days to waiting and cost to shipping, just a pain! Other options are to try to get it by general delivery through the post office, which may or may not work. I went to the local post office and ask if I could have, UPS or FedEx shipped items, delivered there as a general delivery and was told I could but when the UPS guy tried to deliver he was turned away. Go figure! So, yesterday I spend chasing after the UPS truck 😦  lucky for me I caught up with the UPS truck by accident, at a gas station that we both happen to visit at the same time! At any rate the experience of trying to have something delivered by UPS to the post office turned out to be a real headache.

Yesterday was a beautiful day, not to sure just how this day is going to go. It is still very early but the day started with a nice sunrise, but we just got a sprinkle of rain. The weatherman says there is a good chance of rain today.

I did find time yesterday morning for a little walking, and hopefully I’ll do the same today. Update as of noon; I did walk for a little over two miles this morning, so exercise is in the can.

OK, I am off to play, later.

P.S. here is a link to my walk this morning