Tablet still on my mind

Testing the Tablet:
Trying out the new tablet for a everyday driver. It sure has a lot more possibilities than the Nexus 7 does. You can type on this because it is big enough that the on screen keyboard is usable . The Samsung keyboard even has Control V,C and X for paste, copy and cut, which I think is a nice touch. One of the big thing to me is that I have not been able to my Xmarks plug in for Firefox mobile going. Use to work fine but updates have broke things somewhere along the line. Lucky for me it still works in Dolphin. Another great thing about this large tablet is that I can do multiple windows at a time, just like in Windows O.S. I think that is a Samsung thing, no matter who’s thing it is I like it ☺

Pictures: Carolina Chickadee

Chickadee Carolina photo crlitellvv.jpg

Chickadee Carolina photo ChickD.jpg

Windows Computer: Sorry to say that you still can’t beat them for a all around internet tool. However things have gotten better with the other devices but if Windows ever catches up with just a few of the things that Android and iPad do …. I for one would only use Windows. I am cheering for them. I am so surprises to see Microsoft being a bit of a under dog in the tablet and phone world.

Exercise: A fair walk I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 3.70mi, time: 01:26:16, pace: 23:17min/mi, speed: 2.58mi/h.

Night folks

Little slower today

We have only been out to visit with a friend and do laundry today, not much road running, LOL a slow day.

I need to get back on the desktop at some point and do a few more things, I am sure there are more updates to do. I need to get my home group going again too. I like moving files around without any cloud service, it is free when you do the same thing on you own network 😉   If you listen to all the OS’s you would think the only way to sync a file is to have a cloud services. I have and do use a few of the cloud services but I don’t depend on them for everything. My favorites are Evernote and Dropbox, however with Microsoft building the Sky Drive right into Windows it may become a little more useful.

Moved;  We have moved up the road about a mile and I had hopes of maybe getting into an area where I could receive over the air TV but no luck. Also my internet went from 4G to 3G 😦  two downhills) The place is at least a lot more peaceful and quiet, (One major uphill). With the two of us moving in, there are now 3 RVs in the area. Here is the location.


It’s a Sunday

Yes a lazy Sunday is upon us, one last day off for me. I think I will do a little shopping today and later on maybe a bike ride.

This morning I was playing around in Windows and realized that I had installed Skype the app instead of the desktop version of Skype. I changed this right away. Man, the apps are just desktop hogs, when it comes to using space on the screen. If you want to talk to someone on Skype and use another program while chatting it would not work out to well with the app Skype. You know, thinking on this ………… if Microsoft really wanted to make in roads in the mobile area, one the things that I would like to see changed is the ability to see as many apps on a tablet or phone as I like with screens that could be sized as I like. In other words make the app world like the desktop world and not the other way around. I think this would be a good selling point for me. Yes, I like the ideal of re-sizable apps! There are a few apps that do this now and I have one called, Stick It, and it is a video app that I use to play podcast, needless to say it is one of my favorites.

I could not get an encryption software to work on all my devices, it is possible but it is not happening for me, I am missing something. I guess the big thing is I don’t know much about Linux. No matter, I took the long road and I am using two pieces of software, one to sync from Windows to Linux (Truecryt) and one to sync from Windows to Android (BoxCryptor) and I use Bropbox for the cloud in both cases. Both these pieces of software make a Drive on your computer so when I update a file that I want everywhere, I then  just drop that file in both Drives and then everything is synced with Bropbox.

Today is another nice cool day here in Deming, it is great that we are having these days of cooler weather, but it is sure not to last long, with it being near mid May already.

Time for a new bird and this week it is a Northern Cardinal on a rainy day in KY around 6 years ago. I would think that this is a summer rain and I was sating on the pouch with my camera on a tripod and just enjoying myself, I miss those days sometimes but not enough that I want to go back. No, I am never going back, it is just a part of my pass.

Enough for today, later.

Today is the day Windows 8 will be announced

It will be Microsoft day, today. I am watching twit on the phone as I blog and they are doing a little rerun of Windows 8 announcements. I watching the twit show Windows Weekly.

They are reviewing the Tablet Surface RT, the RT version does not run full version of windows software. Lots of new hardware out too. For the metro type apps the Windows 8 store has just under 8000 apps for now and it is jumping up fast.

By the way my copy of Windows 8 Pro 64 bit OEM version will be here on Monday according to Amazon. I look forward to playing with Windows 8.

Update; Microsoft made a show of it all and went on for 4 hours. LOL, they like to talk.

I will have to be careful not to use too much data because I am near my limit of 5 GB. I have use a lot of data this month. Lucky for me my data count rolls over tonight at mid-night , so I will have a new 5 GBs of data.

Exercise; I have done my exercise and stretching this morning. I had an excellent bike ride this morning.

Walking day

I have pretty much turned Wednesdays into a walking day instead of a bike riding day. I take a short two-mile walk and do my stretching. I like breaking up the exercise a little. This winter when I get out by myself (somewhere in the boondocks) with little to nothing to do, maybe I will finally get that upper body thing going.

Windows 8 Tablets; What do you think about them? My thoughts ……….. I think that they will make a big splash and take the market by storm. Why? Because they are going to work well with lots of stuff that is already out there, all that windows software. Many of these (not all) are going to have Intel chips and be able to run full size Windows programs and that in my eyes, is a big one!  The iPad has a big jump in the tablet market and I think that will stay fairly big but I think Windows will take the lead at some point. Maybe not in the next year or even two but I do think it will happen. Too many Windows machine out there, and its going to have some pull on things. The Windows 8 desktop move will help make it happen. I think Microsoft will do big things. I am not that big a fan boy of Microsoft either but they are just too big to over look.

The cost of the new Windows Tablets may hold things down for a bit but I think they will come in line with other tablets sooner or later and that is when things will start moving faster.

When I bought a iPod a few years back I was blow away that I had to have iTunes to run the thing, You kidding me?!?!? Only Apple makes iPads and the Windows tablets will have a bunch of makers out with products on the opening day(26 Oct 2012). Apple likes to keep things near the home front and once again they will pay the price. That is my best guess on tablets.

On the smartphones, I have no good guess. The carriers have a big say on phones, but the windows phone will make a mark there too. I am not sure how big it will be.

I would love to hear opinions from others on this.   Drop me a comment if you want.