What’s that Clicking?

Pictures: A Juniper Titmouse and a Mocking Bird, I like it when the birds give me that look that says (Hey, what is that you are doing there?)



Exercise: I rode the bike this morning for a little over 7 miles. I added 3 more miles this afternoon so 10 miles total for today, I am happy with that! 🙂

WordPress Plans: Okay …. I am a dummy 😣!!! When I looked at the cost of the WordPress plans I did not notice the price had a “MX ” before the $45.00 (Like this MX$45.00) so after a friend bringing this to my attention(Thanks Rick) …. we think this is a Mexico price in Pesos.

So for whatever reason my WordPress thinks I am in Mexico or at least gives me the price in MX$! I run a VPN but even when I disconnect from it, WordPress still gives me MX$ prices, so …. I need to figure out why. Or maybe I don’t, some folks are telling me they don’t see much in ads when looking at my blog no way.

I tried many times to find out why I am being given the price in MX$ but I have not figured it out and I cannot get it priced in US dollars when I am logged into WordPress.

So, can anyone tell me if I run it through with MX$’s on my American bank, if it will come out all right? It looks cheaper with MX$ anyways! Just wondering.

Friends: I have a friend in the area(Dale) and it was good to have someone to set out and chat with for while yesterday evening. Always good to have friends around.

Night Folks

Couple of Birds

Pictures: A couple shots of a Mocking bird that would not let me get too close but mocked every song it knew. The first shot is a White Crowned Sparrow.

White Crowned Sparrow.


Mocking Bird.


Mocking Bird.


Birding: I did not get many good shots with the camera but seen a few, Mocking Bird, White Crowned Sparrows, Saga Sparrows, Jays and Nat-catchers.

Exercise: I walk about two miles while out birding this morning.

Camera Gear: After last year’s investment I was not likely to invest in any new gear for a couple of years but I did do a little one 🙂
While in Parker, AZ I met up with Martshal (Great person) who use to have some SLR gear but no longer had it but did still have one piece that he offered to me at a great price! A Cotton Carrier 635RTL Camera Vest for 1 Camera and I did buy this! Thank you so much Martshal! Martshal has a blog or two John Q. McVanGuy and Clownsville . Go give him a look!

I have been trying the Vest out on short walks but today I took it for a two mile birding walk that was about two hours in time and it was very helpful indeed! I usually don’t carry the camera with a long lens that kind of time but the vest made for a ease go with the heavy gear. I am very happy with it, especially with the deal Martshal give me 🙂 As a mater of fact if I had to buy this new …. I just would not because it is costly as you can see from the link, but after using it for a while, I don’t see how I have done without it all these years! Again thank you Martshal!

Note; There are much cheaper version of this gear but I have no ideal how it compares to the real Cotton Carrier units, like the one I have.

Night folks


Pictures: A couple of birds.
Little Mocking bird, missing a tail?
Mocking Bird photo MBNT2.jpg

Killdeer with lunch.
Killdeer photo KillD.jpg

Weather: While the rest of the country is having terrible weather it has just been beautiful here in Lake Havasu. Days in the 70 to 80 range and the nights around 50 or so, I just don’t see how it could be better. Hey, that is why I am here 😀

Exercise: Took me a short walk today and used my app MapMyWalk on the new phone and it worked swell ❗ I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.30mi, time: 54:19, pace: 23:37min/mi, speed: 2.54mi/h.

Night folks

Windy walk

It was too windy to ride the bike so off I went on a walk and it was somewhere just over 3 miles. I was hoping to ride the bike today but it just was not to be, maybe tomorrow. Later on I will do a little stretching and call it good.

While out walking I seen a few birds, Great Horned Owl, Mocking bird, Phainopepla and Ladder back Woodpecker.

Still fighting the good fight of cutting back on the caffeine by holding down to 3 glasses of tea, a day. I have a bit  of a craving but I can live with it for a while. 2:50 pm starting on glass three …………… LOL

Computers; Man they are going hard at getting all your documents online and for free, what do you think they are getting out of it? We all know that nothing is for free unless there is a reason for it, but you know I am not sure just what they are getting, beside hoping you will need more space than the free amount and buy more from them. I am on about 5 of them now but hardly use any space on either one of the bunch. I guess I have about 30 gig free if you count them all. There are some things I put on these spaces just so I can share them across devices and they work very well for that. Of Course my blog lives online, along with all my Photo Bucket pictures. You think our life will  continue to become more and more open or will people buck up on having their privacy back at some point? I hear a little on it now and then, for example, I heard the other day about a law where potential employers could not ask for the address of your social sites such as, Facebook and Twitter accounts. A good thing you ask me, everyone is entitled to a certain amount of privacy I would think, even in a time where we all have less and less of it. All things one says and does should not be for all to hear and see and that is fair. I am not a fan of politic but I sometimes feel their pain when all their business is open for the world to see. Sure has changed a lot since I came into this world, that is for sure. I guess the only change for sure in this world is change.

OK, I have had my exercise and now it is time to get out and enjoy some fresh air and maybe do a little stretching, beside I need to get out of the big chair  ❗ Back later, maybe.

Stretching done and I also climb up on the roof and give the solar panels a good cleaning that was much needed. The temperature isn’t bad today but the wind is going pretty good. Night folks

Bright sunshiny day

Bright sunshiny day it is here in Wellton,AZ ………. nice indeed. Last night it got very cool, with the high humidity we had going on, it made it seem even cooler. Lucky for me that is not the normal weather here. I like that I have gain 10° with my move west and not that bigger one either.

I have already gotten my first walk in my new location, maybe 3 miles. I may add some more later on, or maybe not.

Here is my new locations for those that would like a good boom-docking spot. I had better update the Locations of Pass Stops (top of page) and Where I am Now (on the right) link, before I forget.        La La La …………………… There, my blog is all updated! Good to get the chores done, LOL.

OK I think I will get out the Humming feeder and decide where I want to put it. Also time to get up and get some vitamin d going too!

Got my feeder out, took a short walk, did my stretching and got me some vitamin d, all and all a good way to close the day. On my walk today I watched for birds and I did see the Owls that I seem last year here but I did see a few other birds. I was happy to see the Phainopepla (both male and female), Mocking bird and Hummers. I will keep a watch and see what all is around.

Short walk

Today I took only a short walk for exercise and I haven’t stretched any as of yet.

I have found that I really like the people here in this boon-docking area are friendlier than the one in Welton, they seems friendlier ………… maybe it is just me. Odd how that works from one place to the other. For those of you that don’t follow my blog I spent about 5 months boon-docking in Welton, AZ last year. I may spend a little time there this year too but not 5 months, that was too long for one place. Anyway the first year I RVed I came by this park and meet folks that I really liked, maybe some places just have good karma? I find that I have found some places that I like really well but don’t fit in with the people and others are just great places and have the nicest people. This park has been great this year.
Some pictures from around the park ………and here is a Mocking Bird.

Click for larger image.

Weather is one of the things that has also been great this year, with fall temperature about 10° above normal. Yes this has been a good start to the winter for sure.

My diet is going well but I do need to take the next step. I need to give up all my artificial sweeteners ……….. I ain’t much wanting to, but I need to, in order to move on. 😦   My weight has stay at the same place for over a month now so I have to change something and I think it is the sweeteners.

Added another short walk to my day. I enjoy walking around the little park, it is such a great place to boon-dock and just to be.