Pictures: These bird are often seen in many places here in the US. I have been hearing the Doves cooing each morning this week but not this morning. I think maybe that is because some folks came into the area yesterday and did a lot of shooting with their guns. The Doves are one of the most hunted birds in the US and maybe that scare them away.

Brown-headed Cowbird. This is a female bird and it will laid about 70 eggs this spring but … all in other birds nest! They do not raise their own.


Morning Dove, I enjoying the sound of their cooing.


Exercise: We had a great walk today! We did about 3.3 miles according to my MY phone with MapMyWalk app and we did 3.5 miles according to Jeanne’s Phone with MapMyWalk App. We just go by the lower and call it close enough 🙂

Night folks


Happy New Years, and may all your resolutions be true.

Pictures: Clark’s Grebe.
Clark's Grebe photo clark1.jpg
Mourning Dove
Dove, Mourning photo whome2.jpg

Cold and Windy: It is up on us for sure. A long time ago there was a person that was in my life that was both my best friend and lover, and as we laid down in bed one night she said these words that made me smile “Brrrr, I hear that cold north wind blowing.”. For some reason these words fell on my ears that night with great warmth and satisfaction as we snuggled close together. Now, when it is cold and windy I always remember that cold and beautiful winter night and for just a brief moment, a warm satisfying feeling flows through me …… and I smile. Maybe 30 years ago? …… a long time ago at any rate. Odd, the silly things that stick in one’s mind.

The wind has kicked up pretty high this afternoon and the temperature is dropping, feels like winter. Weatherman says it will dip just below freezing tonight. I guess I’ve got to expect some of that even here 😦 It’ll pass soon enough.

I’ll get some more of this in April when I take off for Grants, NM to my summer volunteering job. Looking at the weather averages for April in Grants, it looks like it will hit that just below freezing about every night for the month. The weather won’t be to my liking till about June in Grants.

Night folks and Happy New Years: