Yet another Rainy day

Pictures: Seems like I have been in a lot of rain this year. I guess that is a good thing when you are in the southwest.

Clouds and the mountains at play.



Weather: It is raining a little today but mostly cloudy.

Exercise: I walked for 2 miles today and I cannot lie, I was just a bit stiff when I started today’s walk, form yesterdays walk. When I got back I was doing better 🙂

Night folks

Trip to big city

Rode with a friend to Las Cruces today and pick up a check value for my RV. Pick up one two other things I can’t get in Deming ( self-rising Corn meal being one).Tomorrow I will run back into Deming to get my oil changed in the truck and pick up 2 or 3 more things I need. PVC glue, pipe dope and a 1 by 3. I have gotten a lot done on the RV and it will have to do for now.

This time when I go out in the RV I do want to see things but I also want days of doing nothing or pretty much nothing, things like birding, small hikes into the desert/mountains and maybe a nice ride on the bike now and again. Some time to just get out and shoot with the camera will be nice to.

Night folks.