Bush Bloom

Pictures: Couple shots of the bush blooms.



Move: I have moved back to the first park I was in when I came down a couple of weeks ago, it will be a nice park to spend the holiday.

Night Folks



Pictures: A quick snap on the way down to Parker today. Very overcast today.
Move: I have moved again, back to Parker, AZ area. My friend Rick is still here, always good to be around friends.

Night Folks

Slowing down

Pictures: This is a nice RV park and I can stay here for a really good rate but I sure like the freedom of boon-docking, space and such. I have great neighbors here with a lady on each side of me and they both work here in the park and you never hear any thing out of either of them but I do like my space and look forward to peace and quiet from the busy roads that are next to the park and maybe it’ll be nice to have some big trees around too.
The one place I am looking at is hitting the 90s for temperature just now and will be hot without hookups but hopefully in a week or so it will get better and if not I got wheels, so we’ll see. The good part is that at night it cools to at least 60 or below.

Ready: I am ready to roll, to where? Well … I have somewhere in mind but I may or may not end up there, we’ll see. I spent the day stocking up on food and stuff so if I end up way out in the boondocks I’ll be set for a spell and if not, well I will not have to do any shopping for a bit 🙂

Hooked-up and ready to go.
Connected 20-6-16 7D1_3819

My Friend: My friend will be headed north somewhere. I will miss having someone around to chat/fuss with about things. If I had plenty of money I’d go north too, but seeing as I don’t I am going to slow down for now.

Night folks

Looking ahead

Pictures: Some old shots for today. I have not taken many pictures over the last 3 weeks, so it is time for some old shots. A fellow blogger, Hien posted some great shots of the Rose-Breasted Grosbeak and made me realizes that I miss the eastern birds 🙂 After I made a commend on his blog, he mention that I had the Black-Headed GrosBeak in this area which reminded me of both the picture I posted today.

This Black-headed Grosbeak shot taken in Cloudcroft, NM maybe 4 years ago.
Black-headed Grosbeak photo Black-headedGrosbeak7-3-12.jpg

And this Rose Breasted Grosbeak picture taken over 9 year ago, in KY.
Grosbeak,  Rose Breasted photo gb.jpg

Swamp thing/Weather: Today I sold the Swamp thing and I am now using the AC which does a good job and I don’t have to add water ever couple hours, of course it cost more to run. Getting ready for a new and hopefully a cooler place 🙂 The whole south-west is hotter than normal now and it will be warmer than it should be about anywhere I go but I think it will get back to more normal temperatures as the summer goes alone. I sure hope so.

Diet/Exercise: I have been off my Atkins diet for some time now but I need to get back at it and maybe getting a little isolated will help, so I am keeping that in mind on this move. My exercise routine has not been up to power either, mostly due to my knees hurting so maybe a good diet with a little weight lost can help that too.

Exify plugin: Do you use plugins in your Browser? I use a good bunch of them and one of my favorites is Exify for the Firefox browser. If you have it install and hover over an image it will give you basic Exif info, but only if it is there of course. Sometimes I need a second plugin to see some Exif data in an image and I use Exif Viewer for that, by right clicking on the image and picking View Link Exif Data it gives you more detail, lots more. Neither work all the time but one or the other work most of the time.

Night folks


Pictures: This morning it was very wet and muddy when I got up and the weatherman said more was coming so I decide I best try to get out of the area I was in. I sling a little mud around but I got out Okay. It rain a good bit while I was traveling today so most of the mud got wash off. Of course they is still plenty of road dirt on things if you know what I mean ….. but better than the mud I had on this morning. I am now near Kingman, AZ. Here is some shots looking out my windows.

Kingman 2_20d_171015

Kingman 1_20d_171015

Travel: Always leaves me a little tired even when it is not far that I travel.

Night folks