Moved Today

Pictures: More Black-headed Grosbeaks. I just love these guys.



Moved: I have moved down the road today about 40 miles or so. I am in Pie Town.

Night Folks


Cooler Times

Moved: Today I have moved to a place near Datil, NM. It is for sure nowhere land. A little peace and quiet now after being around cities for a while. Very slow internet connection and no TV what-so-ever!

I have no pictures for you today but tomorrow I will get some of the camping area 🙂 The place has lots of birds around too but it has a week limit stay so I may not have time to entice the birds to come pose for a photo or two 🙂

The good news is that it is farther north and higher in elevation …. oh yeah it is a lot cooler!!

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Pictures: A new area for camping, we move about 20 miles or so up the road I will have to move again if I stay till the end of Apr, and I will.

This spot will do for a while 🙂 My rig, in its new spot.
Elephant Butte-5-7D1-040318

Barry’s and my rigs.

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Little Move

Pictures: The gravel road in the lower Camping area got to us so we moved again. We only moved about a mile or less to the upper camping area. We now have a view of the lake 🙂 Here are a few shots of the new view.

It is very Overcast today. All these shots taken from the steps of my RV.

Up the lake.

Down the Lake.
Caballo Lake-4-7D1-032618

Across the Lake.

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Two week move

Pictures: Here are the last pictures from Rockhound State Park, these cows would come by grazing in the field now and again. Don’t look like a lot to graze on to me but they look like they are doing okay.
Another thing is I was born and raised in the country and they give me that down home feeling 🙂
I get a kick out of folks that come from the city and have never seen cattle up close, I really love it when I hear them calling the cattle like they call their pets. Of course the truth is cows are like most animal you can train them to come to about any call if you give then the reward they want (food/feed)!





Moved: My friend Barry and I have moved today. We are now in Caballo, NM.

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More Cars

Pictures: Two more from the the car show.


What do you think ….. maybe this one needs a little work??


Moved: Today My friend and I moved south a ways, we are now south of Sedona, AZ – about 18 miles. Last night at our location west of Flagstaff it got down to 21° F, a bit cold for RVs I think. We moved less than a hour away but drop in elevation by about 3400 feet, it should be a bit warmer!

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