Sea Horse Flower?

Pictures: I have no ideal what this flower is but I want to call it the Sea Horse flower, LOL. It is quite the little beauty. As I recall the flowers themselves are dime size, while the plants was about 2 feet tall.



Exercise: I have walk a couple of miles today.

Moved Today: Well I have moved another 25 miles north or so and up about 2500 feet in elevation. Should be cooler 🙂

Verizon Unlimited: Well today after getting set up in my new location I did a speed test on the MiFi Device and I am running 4G speed again and I am well over 10 GIG. However I think they will get around to making it 3G after 10 Gig at some point in the near future.

Night folks



Pictures: Two more different things I see in the desert sometimes.



Location: I have moved a bit today, not far, maybe 10 to 15 miles to a different National Forest. I had to work hard to get into my new spot, a tight fit! But I got a great view now 🙂

Night Folks

Settle In

Pictures: I have move to the Cottonwood/Camp Verda area. Maybe some of you remember me being here last spring or last fall. This is the area where they have Hot air Balloon Rides and I was treated to one flying over this morning. If you are interested in riding in one Here is a link to all the information about it.

I was out for a walk this morning and this one was landing just as I got back. You can see the “chasers” ( the folks with truck and van to pick up the balloon and passengers after landing) in these shots. I was about a mile away. I am lucky to be parked near an area where they often land 🙂

Coming in for the landing.


Hold her down boys!



Weather : I moved here to get away from the heat wave and the weather is prefect here now, but I will pay for that when the heat wave passes and the temperature drops back down a bit. I don’t believe it will stay cold long though.

Exercise: I walk for two miles this morning, after no exercise for two days with the repairs and traveling. Felt good to get out 🙂

Night folks

Light House 4

Pictures: Next two mini Light House around Lake Havasu.





Moved: I have moved to what will likely be my winter home for the next 2 to 4 months. It is a fairly peaceful place compare to most of the other in lower southwest AZ. I have winter here before so it is a old haunt. Lake Havasu is a great place but a little busy for my liking.

Night folks

Moved today

Pictures: New area.

Hiding away.

I set up a feeding area but I am not sure I will be here long enough to get any birds coming by.

Moved: I have moved today and I am near Ash Fork, AZ again, not sure how long I will stay.

Exercise: I walked for about 2.5 miles today.

Night folks

Moved Today

Pictures: I have moved today and I am now near Camp Verde, AZ. The area is much different than the one I just left. The one I just left had tall Pine tree and lots of large Gamble Oak but this new area has very few tree over 10 feet tall. The two places are only an hour apart but I am at about half the elevation now. The birds will not be as populated here but Needless I put out my bird bath and threw out a few seeds, so maybe I’ll get a bird or two 🙂



Weather: I woke this morning to rain so I hurry along to get on the road to my location. It was not raining in the new area, nice!

Night folks

Grace’s Warbler

Pictures: I am happy to add yet another lifer to my list, Grace’s Warbler 🙂



Data: Verizon will suck a extra $25 out of me this month 😦 Everything seem to take more bandwidth to do now-a-days. I fear that it will soon become prohibitive for me if the rate keep going up. Today is my last day on this data cycle so I will be able to do more tomorrow 🙂

Travel: I have moved but not very far. I am now about 40 miles west of Flagstaff.

Night folks