Can’t stop playing

That’s right, I can’t stop playing with Ubuntu, so much new stuff and things to figure out! 😯  Now none of you that know me would have ever figure that, right? See what happens when you hook me up to electric? Since I installed Ubuntu a couple of days ago I have not been on Windows to do much of anything. It is kind of fun learning how to do things in another OS. I will not take it too far, because there is a very deep-well of learning to do in Linux if one wants to dive in.  I think things go pretty good for me when I move to Ubuntu Linux because it has a great interface and I use much of the same software that it comes loaded with, like Firefox, Thunderbird, Keepass, Dropbox and others. There is a lot of software that is equivalent to Windows software and other software just works on both OS’s. For example today I installed Everpad which will sync up with Evernote just fine. There are others that I have done too. But it is getting to be too many to keep up with.

Exercise; I have done a little bike riding today, about 7.5 miles just riding around town. I am so close to everything that I just use my bike for transportation, a really nice thing about this job. I will take one more small ride to warm up for some stretching here in a little while and that will be it for today, exercise wise.

I tried my best to get Ubuntu and Windows 8 to duel-boot but it is not happening. I just unplug the Ubuntu drive if I want to go to Windows 8. I broke Windows 8 from booting yesterday and had to fix it, twice even! I had to put the install disc in and restore the boot-loader. Lucky for me I was able to do that, I sure don’t want to do the whole Windows 8 install thing again, I don’t guess it would be no big deal but I had rather not, it is kind of boring.

OK, I think I will take that last ride on the bike now. Later.


Different Stretching

Today I did my stretching on the yoga side …… or as best I could anyway, from learning on the internet. The Hamstrings are the things I work on the hardest and they are tough. Me being as stiff as a board does not help. I do feel good after the stretching and it leaves my back in pain-free condition, some of my stretching causes me a bit of back pain over time I think or  …………. it could be I am just getting old 😦  . For exercise today I just walked a couple of miles and maybe later I will take a second little trip.

Looks like Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird (My browser and email client) are updating today. They are both at version 17 now with the new updates.

Weight; I am staying with my diet but I have come to a place in my diet that I am stuck at, 190 lbs. Of course, you know I am keeping up the exercise too. I am looking for a way to turn.


I have been busy doing chores today. Put new cab light on the truck and cleaned up the computer desk and did a little painting on it.

I did do my exercise and stretching but other than these things not much getting done, another day wasted away.

Windows 8; I will have two email apps the one Windows 8 comes with (mobile app) and I will have Mozilla Thunderbird that I use now on the desktop side of the computer. Perhaps as I learn the mobile app better I will use it more but I can’t see it just yet, because the mobile app will not do the things the desktop app will do. The mobile app will be good for a fast check for mail but not much of a manager.

Can’t believe it is already 5pm.  Tomorrow will be even worst because I have to drive to El Paso for a VA appointment.

Weather; The weather has been just about as good as it can get if you ask me. Just prefect.
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I am still having trouble getting the like’s to work on other people’s sites, the WordPress ones.  I am mot sign up to Facebook so I know they won’t work but the WordPress one should work, yes? Anyone knows the whys of this please let me know. For all those of you stopping by and liking my post I always take a look at your sites if you have a link but often can’t give it a like for whatever reason, sorry, I at least give you a read and sometimes a comment. Most of the time it seems that I can like blogs with WordPress in their url but the ones without WordPress in the url I cannot, even if it is a WordPress blog. Maybe something to do with where the blog lives?? Any advice would be great.

Did my thing with exercise(bike ride) and stretching this morning and I feel good ……. for an old dude! Yes, I feel feisty! LOL.

Today I updated my newly added email addresses on the laptop and I just did it manually instead of making a backup and just importing them. I use Mozilla Thunderbird for email and just let it get my mail from all the accounts I have on the web and it works great. Thunderbird and a add-on called Zindus keeps my address book synced with Google and the web sites keep my email synced so all I have to do is keep the changing addresses up to date. I don’t change them a lot but I have just dropped yahoo, (few months back) so I made up the email openings with gmail and zoho. I like to keep at least one email address around for those folks I am not too sure of, if I go into a store and maybe they ask for email address that might turn into a truck load of junk mail it is good to have it handy.

OK it is time to go play on Windows 8 preview so I am off.