Out for a bit today

Blythe : Took a little trip to Blythe today looked around a bit, did some shopping and snap up some internet time from McD’s. Wanted to sync my music with Google music but I have about 6 gigs so I didn’t want to do that on my bandwidth. Of course at McD’s speed that is going to take a few trips, today I got about 1.5 gig done.

Exercise: Short walk today. I am keeping my exercise going pretty good and one day when I am on my death bed I can look back at my blog and at least say I was trying to do right, LOL. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.03mi, time: 45:25, pace: 22:21min/mi, speed: 2.68mi/h.

Pictures: Here is a Pyrrhuloxia.
Pyrrhuloxia photo pyrrhuloxia3.jpg

Red Tail Hawk
Red Tailed Hawk photo RHawk3.jpg

Night folks


Brrr, it is cool today and tonight is supposed to get into the 30s! Yep, time to start west! I fear that I will be in the cooler parts of AZ for just a little while though. I am going to stay in the north of AZ for at least mid Oct, that is my best guess anyways. The lower parts of AZ are still (enjoying?) temperatures with three numbers, don’t want none of that either. You know, the weather is a hard thing to catch, yes it is. I have stayed very cool this summer with most days around 80 or so and very few near 90 which ain’t bad in the dry weather. I did get to enjoy far more rain than I cared too, but hey, you can’t have it all.

As I sat here playing on the computer I am enjoying listening to some music on my computer speakers. They are a very old set of Logitech 5.1 but they still sound very good compare to anything else I have. It is good to have a little sound in the RV.

I took a good walk around the park this morning and will add to that later today. As a matter of fact now sounds like a good time to take that second walk.

I took a little walk with the camera too and seen this bird and I think this an Hepatic Tanager. Click for the big pictures. 🙂

I am still playing with the image hosting sites and I think they all become more of a pain in the backside everyday. Trying one at imgur.com now.


Generator running

Had to do a little cleaning this morning and run the vacuüm for a bit. I have the desktop running with the big screen and I sure like the extra real estate.

I guess since I got my laundry done yesterday I have a little free time today to play on the computer. I am listening to music on the computer as I blog and I do that now and again when on the desktop. I have not copy all my music to the laptop maybe one day I will do that. Of course all my music is pretty old, like me and I like it that way. I play a real mix bag of music. Music has always one of them things that I can live with or without. Sometimes I really enjoy it and today is one of them time. I should put a few good track on the phone so I could listen while out exercise but I guess I kind of like hearing the things that are around me when I ride the bike, you know birds and such(nature). When in the city I like hearing the traffic, don’t want to run over you know.

I think I will get out and ride my bike today, the wind don’t seem to bad just yet. With that in mind, I best get started before that wind picks up, so later.

3PM I have done all my exercise stuff and I am now in the chill out mode! I took a 10 mile ride come back did a good amount of stretching and a little body type exercise. I feel good, yes I do.

Computers; is something I enjoy messing with, most folks just use them to do a few things but I like computer just for the computer. I had computers before the internet. I am not a geek by any means but know a little more than the average user, and only because I play with computers more. If a had lots of money to burn I am sure that computers would be one of the areas that I would spend it. I have gotten away from a lot of stuff I use to do on computers, just ain’t enough time in life to do everything, is there? I need to find the discipline I once had to make myself learn. Anymore tech type things change so fast it is almost impossible to keep up with. I sometimes miss knowing what the latest is all about. Maybe I should subscribe to a computer magazine again, online of course.

I got to thinking on computers and the like and ended up do a little reading around the net, so I have had my fixes! LOL

Good start

I got off to a good start today with a small bike ride of just over 13 mile. I shorten the ride just a little for today anyway.

This morning I am sating here and listen to music and blogging, just in a good chill mood!  Sometimes everything is just fine and life is well ( you know one of them times, Living in the moment). LOL they pass fast enough,but they are nice while they last. Seeing as they usually come when I am doing something I enjoy, it must mean that I enjoy blogging! A thing that only a few years ago, I would have never thought that I would have enjoyed.

Oh well as I get older I find that things, they are a changing! That is OK I guess it show that I still have a mind that can grow. Man that damn thing needs some growing!! LOL!

One last work day for work weekend and then I will be off for 4 days and I look forward to it.

Bruce Springsteen sings “these are Better Days” and life is good for me today. I like my music sometimes. I have iTunes set to shuffle and I have 2950 song of all kinds and there is no telling what the next one will be. I sometimes make it jump over one but not very often. I usually just let it go.

The weather is giving only 88 for a high today, wow, that is nice! Cool day! I look forward to the cooler temperature of the fall.

Wow it is overcast and cool today, just beautiful LOL!


Cooler this morning

It is cooler this morning but I don’t think that will last. It will be hot by the mid day and the humidity is up to, well up for out here in the west anyway. 61 % humidity at 6pm this morning and that is high for the west! Back east that would even be low humidity LOL.


I did get out and ride the bike this morning and had an OK ride. Did my usual 11 miles and that makes 40+ for the week. I will ride tomorrow and get my 50 in for the week.


I don’t often listen to music when I am at the RV but today I thought that I would and so I started with an oldie but goodie “All Shook up” by the King himself “Elvis”. Talking about a jump back. From my start point I just let it shuffle to whatever it likes. I got all kinds of music, mostly old stuff I have not bought any for a long time. Maybe I should now that you can buy it without all that DRM junk on it. I think that both Napster and Amazon sell DRM free music, I have also heard that Verizon V-cast Music will be DRM free. Music can be had pretty cheap on-line and with it being DRM free it means that you can copy it and play it where you like.

Well as usual I have set here and burn my morning away surfing the internet. I do like doing a lot of reading on tech stuff.

Time to get ready for work. Later

Doing chores

Chores are the in thing today. Laundry, washing all the sheets and rugs and thing like that getting ready for the road and cleaning of the RV.

Give a few things some extra holding power for when I go down the road.


11.5 miles for today on the bike. I enjoy riding the bike a lot. Sometime the roads/city are not to friendly for bicycling but still it is fun.


Today as I sat here on the computer like many days I listen to music and today I am listening to American Indian Music and it is fun. Music is often a hearing aid to the heart of a people and it is fun to hear and feel others. Everyone has just got to love the flute.


I hear thunder outside! Maybe a rain ……………. the weather man give a 20% Chance of rain. The wind is blowing pretty good out.

Night all.

Friday, My day of chores

Well it is laundry, Wal-mart and such today as I get ready for my big 3 day work week ……….. yes yes, I know, Life is good!  Only this weekend and 2.5 more days and I will be into something else. I look forward to doing something different, just different is good for me. I hate doing the same thing all the time it just makes me nuts.


I got my last ride in for the weeks, something over 12 miles. It felt good. I really enjoy riding my new bike and I am just super glad I put out the money for something better than a Wal-mart bike. It makes riding a lot more enjoyable for sure. I do a bit of stretching before I go and that helps the knees and sometimes I stretch a little more when I return.


I am listening to music today. I have good bunch of music on my computer, mostly old stuff, you know like me! I have pick Born in the USA by Bruce Springsteen, Album to get me started.

The old man boogie is on! Photobucket Hey Hey, no making fun of my old man boogie!!!!!!

Chores getting done

OK my laundry is done off to the store.  Back from the store and my chores are all caught up! Now it is chill time!


Went out to eat at the Golden Corral and pretty much pigged out! Now I am about to bust! Need to sat and let the swelling go down …………..

Think I will have a cold one……………………..Pepsi mmmm good!

Good night folks.