Old Nexus 7 (2012)

Nexus 7: I am updating the Nexus 7 again, from a factory reset. I have had a rebooting problem the since the last time so I am doing it all again 😦 I’m using McD’s WiFi so that will help on my data. The Lollipop update is going tough for me on the Nexus 7, I must say ….. in fairness, that I am rooting it as soon as I get updated so that may the cause of some of my headaches here. Maybe I’ll wait a day or two before I root it this time and maybe not ….. πŸ˜€

Female Cardinal.
 photo CF9.jpg
Yellow Rump Warbler
 photo yrw.jpg

Verizon: I got a call from Verizon and they said it would be yet another month before My Verizon site will show my data used and send me warnings about the amount of data that I have used. Well, at least they called me back this time.

Workouts 14
Hours 16.31
Distance 40.99
Calories 4965

Night folks.

Dead app

RIP MapMyWalk: The MapMyWalk app will no longer work on my old Thunderbolt Smartphone 😦 Okay it is time to give up the Thunderbolt. I only use it as a pocket tablet anyways so I guess things will work out. I don’t have a mobile phone because I am too cheap to pay the ridiculous monthly cost to have one, so for a phone I use Verizon Home connect and I kind of like the ideal of leaving the phone at home πŸ™‚ But I do like to have a data connection with me … so some kind of device that I can carry in my pocket is the thing I,m looking for. A smart phone that is not connected to a carrier would do the trick like the Thunderbolt but a newer one that will work with modern apps. For now I just put the MapMyWalk app on my Nexus 7 and stuck it in my back pocket, but I would like a smaller device for that. So ….. I am on the lookout for something that will work. Maybe a iPod or Smartphone of some sort. At any rate I have needed to let the old Thunderbolt go for a while now so now is the time, RIP Thunderbolt!

Exercise: I took a good walk, just to walk off my frustration of not being able to get the MapMyWalk app on the Thunderbolt, and that I did, no more frustration πŸ™‚ I walked with MapMyWalk! Distance: 5.30mi, time: 02:04:07, pace: 23:25min/mi, speed: 2.56mi/h. A nice walk.

Bird of the week ….? : Okay bird of something …. it is a
Curve-billed Thrasher.
Curve-billed Thrasher photo CBThrasher1.jpg
Curve-billed Thrasher photo CBthrasher2.jpg

Night folks


Lollipop: Updated my Nexus 7 today, that took some time. Taken the update as an opportunity to revamp my apps a little bit and be rid of some that I never use. Redoing apps makes it a lot longer process but I’ll have a nice clean tablet …… for a while. At least till I clutter it up with a bunch of apps again. Many of my root apps are not working just yet, that will take some time. I did a big part of the update on my WiFi and some on McDonalds WiFI but I bet I ended up using more data than I wanted.

Okay, I’m off to play so later.

Night folks

Less Wind

Bird: Northern Cardinal.

Cardinal photo CM9.jpg

Canon EOS 20D
Focal Length

A wild Flower.
KY photo F6.jpg

Nexus 8?: Will Google announce the Nexus 8 at the up coming IO on June the 25? I wonder, can’t wait to see the specs. Should be a nice tablet. Many of the internet rumors say HTC will be the maker of the Nexus 8, but after being the owner of the Thunderbolt Phone I don’t know that I think that is all that great, like many on the net do. I was kind of hoping they would stick with Asus, I have enjoyed my Nexus 7 (2012) and I still am. The Nexus 7 (2013) can be had fairly cheap(under $200.00) now and I am not sure it might not be a good deal to go after.

Weather: The wind is much milder today, makes everyone happy πŸ™‚ There is still a little wind but not like it was.

Short Post: I do a lot of short post while I am volunteering don’t I? Well I do have a few other things going sometimes, but then again I always do pretty short post.

Night folks

Kicking up the pace

Weather: Almost every morning is pants and sweater weather here, and that is what I expected. Today is windy too, making it feel even cooler. Hey, it really is not all that bad but I do like the T-shirt and shorts weather, because I’m a bit spoiled. πŸ˜›

Walk: The wind is cutting today so it made me kick up my pace a little 😯 I’m holding to short walk still, the knees ask it of me! I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.36mi, time: 43:39, pace: 18:31min/mi, speed: 3.24mi/h.
Little faster this morning

Blogging with Android: Blogging with the nexus 7 to be more precise, has gotten to be fun and ease. About the only thing I don’t do with the Nexus is post my pictures. Neither of my mobile browsers(Firefox or Dolphin) interact well with the photo sites(Flickr or Photobucket). I’m going to play with Chrome a little today to see how that works.

Bird: Well the test of posting with Chrome is not much better than the other two browser, the way I see it. I can do it but it has it’s problems too. The bird is a American Avocet and I took this picture just a day out two ago.
American Avocet2_1037

Night folks

Playing with the toys

Today I have read up on how to root my Nexus 7 and I may get it done later this evening. I have all the computer files and programs set up so all I like is a few things on the Nexus and I’ll be rooted. And I think all I need to do is to flash a new recovery software to the Nexus and add the superuser file and I’ll have it done.

The reason I decided to root it now is because when Google updated the other day it took out an app that I very much want (app ops start) and without being rooted I can’t get another program that does the same trick. After I get the Nexus rooted I will download another program, haven’t decided which one yet. You can look at the app on Google store if you want to see what it does, but basically what it does is to allow you to control the user permissions of your apps. For example a flash light app just has no need to use your contact list, and you can stop apps with silly permissions like that with control apps like mentioned above. In my mind this should have been a thing you could do from day one. Google on the other hand is about knowing more about you than your mother so it’s not a thing they would want us to have. Google is also okay with all their app makers knowing all things to. Lately there have been apps makers that have collected and sold info about their customers, just sad if you ask me 😦  . Such is …… the new electronic age!

Another reason to root now is that my Nexus is no longer under warranty so I can’t break the warranty by rooting it πŸ˜‰ I guess the bottom line here is I just like to play with my toys sometimes 😯 LOL.

The weather has been just the best today. The sunrise this morning was beautiful but I only watched from bed, to lazy to get up LOL.

No exercise for today, we will give the knee some more time ….

I did go out today and have my propane tank filled, the cost is running about $20.00 for a 30 pound tank here in Q.

I will have to leave here Saturday so I will have to get my fresh water tank topped off and get the laundry done before then. I don’t think I will go far but who knows?

Night folks

Blogging in a small Screen

This morning I am at the local McDonalds enjoying a cold drink, people watching and blogging. I am also being reminded that the keyboard on the old Thunderbolt smart phone that I carry around for data use is so much smaller than my tablet. I have not try to use the phone to blog any for a very long time. I would replace this phone if it was not too costly, I would just love to have the new Nexus 5, but at the price of $400.00 that is not going to happen. I don’t even use the phone part of the Thunderbolt anymore, I just carry it around for data over WiFi connection, for times like now. I have looked around for a data only device that is small enough to carry in my pocket but I have no luck finding one I like. There is the iPod, but a 4 inch screen don’t work for me, just too small. I would like something with a screen size of about 5.5 to 6 inchs, that would be tight for the pocket but it would work and it would give me a little bigger screen to navigate around. I don’t guess it’s no big deal, because I don’t do a lot while I am out and about anyways.

Back at the rig, good to have the tablet back in hand πŸ™‚ . A 7 inch screen is much better than a 4.3 screen.

Okay let’s get on to the good stuff ….. Weather! Okay I won’t go on forever but I just got to tell you it is getting so much nicer with much better temperatures. The sunshine just warms my heart.

Man, I have missed my exercise! The knee still feels just a bit out of whack but I may try a small walk tomorrow, not sure just yet and kind of think maybe I should give the knee a bit more time. If I do walk, it will be a short walk of no more than 2 miles, but we’ll see.

A fellow RVer that I know (Tom) came by to say hello. Always good to see someone I know.

Night folks

Another nice walk

A walk today? I think yes! Guess I will get to that now.

Back from my walk, a big one with just over 3.5 hours walk time. I did take a backpack with me today but with only 10 pounds or so in it.Β  I found the end to the road behind us but I still was not at the top of the hill. That means I have no ideal about the vehicles I see coming and going on that road. I did see one truck park near the end of the road with a guy sleeping in it, go figure!?

Cloudy days means a chance to use my Nexus 7, which I have took to like a duck to water. I think the only thing I might like better would be a Surface Pro 2 or one of the Windows competitor tablets. Never thought that I would really like a tablet, but I really do like the Nexus 7 and I am thinking I would like a Windows tablet even better. I think that the Windows tablets will eventually come into their own. Microsoft got a late start on the game but they are starting to come on now, slowly but surely. Today turned out pretty nice, not so many clouds after all, which is very good. I am still spending time playing with my tablet, it is just so much easier and quicker to pick up and use as compared to a computer. I’ll really getting spoiled to the convenience of these new modern toys.



This morning I stop by the campground where I could possiblyΒ  be work camping at, and was told that the lady that opens the office wouldn’t open till 9 am. So I went to get one of my propane tanks filled (run out last night)and while doing that the lady called and said she would not open till this afternoon. So while I was waiting I thought I would play around with the Nexus 7 and start today’s blog post, and as always when I post with the Nexus 7, I also play around with the speech recognition. I just can’t understand why this thing don’t understand hillbilly 😯 ❗ LOL I will have to send an email to Asus/Google and see if they make a southern version of this nexus 7!

If I take this work camping job, I guess it will be a good test for my old body to see if the knees and other old wore out joints that I have, will hold up to a little bit of labor. Just this morning I had a really sharp pain in my right knee, the one that’s been replaced. Hopefully that’s something that won’t continue. I’ve have walked a lot and maybe that was the cause. I may be on my feet a lot with this new job so I guess it’d be a good test. Hopefully I can get a passing grade 😯

I noticed at the campground that they had a sign up saying free WiFi, so hopefully it’ll be nice fast WiFi. If all works out, come mid May, I could drop my Verizon air card and save myself 50 bucks a month for the summer. Well maybe not, I do like the security better on the air card, especially when doing my banking.

Update 3 pm;Β  I am a Workamper. I have moved into my new spot and will get started on my new job tomorrow. The WiFi is pretty fast. There is cable here too, but I am not hooked up just yet. Looks like they are laying new cable in the camp ground.


Great to have my Nexus 7 back

I spent all my evening playing around with the Nexus 7, restoring and such. I got all my apps back but I still need to do a few settings. I was sure I had turn off the auto backup Google feature but no ………. it was all on Google site, Google knows everything, whether you want them to or not! It is good and it is bad. It is good when it is needed like I just did, but I am sure if I read and understood Google Terms and PrivacyΒ  Policy, I would not like it. Lucky for me ……….. It is too dang long to read and all the legal talk is way over my head! I am sure they would find my Tablet setup very boring anyways ……….. My $2.00 check account, my one word Doc that is just to see if I could get it uploaded and view it, my bookmarks, links to things like this silly blog and for the really boring stuff they could read my Email LOL! So there Google, snoop your nose into that! ROTFL.

Kidding aside I am glad to have my tablet back πŸ™‚Β  and all my apps saved.

I have a friend coming by today so it will be nice to visit and do nothing. My friend likes to walk so maybe we will get in a little exercise too. Update 3:30 pm;Β  my friend came by and we had a great visit, a meal and a nice walk. The one thing I like about being in the Deming Area is that I do have some friends that I see now and then.

Weather, it is so good to see the wind calm down. It is a great day out today, sunny and a fine temperature. Update; the afternoon did bring in a little wind but not too bad.

Tonight will be my last night here in Rockhound park for a spell, my two weeks are up. I will more than likely move to the City of Rocks State park, about 30 to 40 miles away.