Busy all day

I spent almost all day in Deming today doing laundry, waiting for my Nexus to be deliver by FedEx, and a couple of other things. I got back to the RV about 5pm and had my bath, supper and I am now redoing my Nexus 7 tablet. The tablet has to download about 60 or 70 apps from Google so it will take a while to do. I didn’t think I had a backup but I guess I do, LOL. Google knows …………. everything! Wondering if it is going to restore my settings in each app, I guess that would be nice but scary too.

I have not gotten anything else done today, have not been here to do anything.

TV, tonight is all about the Boston Bombers, the older brother has been killed and they are trying to get the younger one out of the boat, right now, wow! The kid is 19 says the TV, but his picture looks like a 15-year-old kid, mind you I know that he is the bomber, kid or not he is dangerous. Makes one wonder how one gets to such a place being a man that young.  The TV news has just said that the police have the guy, not said whether he is dead or alive.

I see on my Nexus 7 that it has a new USB cord with it and other than that I don’t know what they did to fix it. Would have been nice if they said.

OK, night to you folks.

Bike Ride

I took a short (7.5 miles) but hard bike ride (lots of hills and wind) today. The wind was not blowing hard just yet but it was blowing pretty hard for bike riding. I am betting the wind this afternoon will be a little harder but not as bad as yesterday.  The temperature has taken a little turn downward but only a little. I think today and tomorrow will be only in the 60s.

Added a little fresh water to the RV today (20 gallons maybe), went up on top of the RV and wipe the solar panels down, and checked my batteries out and added water to them. Them chores, just got to be done  ❗

My Nexus 7 should be here tomorrow according to FedEx, I’ll be happy to have it back. It was in for repairs for those of you that don’t know. I did not have all my stuff backed up at Google so I will have to do all the setting up of things again. That is OK, I like that kind of stuff. I do think this time I will use the Google backup though. I will have a ton of apps to download and a few of the apps need some setting done. All in good fun.

I still have not gotten a good picture of the Scaled Quail but here is a shot I took this morning (harsh sun light).

Click for a large image.

Folks, have a nice day.

Today activties

Didn’t do a lot today, went to Deming did my laundry, shopped a little at Walmart but most enjoyable was having lunch with an old friend. No exercise for today or stretching. I will get back on schedule tomorrow. After the two long walks yesterday and the day before I was due a rest for the old knees, anyways.

That pretty much covers my day. Tomorrow I will have to look at getting a little water for the RV, I more than likely have plenty but I will just top it off anyway. The wind was not too bad today, so maybe it will be likewise tomorrow and I will be able to take a bike ride. That would be a nice change of pace.

Checked the Asus site today and it says my Nexus 7 is being repaired. So at least they are working on it …………. maybe I will get it next week sometimes??? Hopefully, I miss my tablet 😯  ❗

Have a nice evening folks.

Beautiful day

Started out a little chilly this morning but I took a walk first thing, and I warmed up right away. I did not take the big walk that I took yesterday but still a nice walk with just a little climb in it this time. The best thing so far is that there is not much wind going on for now and that is a good thing in Deming on an April day 🙂  Ah shucks,  just as I was typing that I heard it start, LOL. This is Deming and it is April! Maybe it won’t be as bad as the last two days.

I have caught up on my (Location of Past   😉  stops), finally. So the blog is up to date.

Yesterday after getting off the computer I got in a really good stretch,( another finally), LOL. I had not stretched for about 5 days. Hopefully I will stay on schedule now.

Today my Nexus 7 was received by Asus, according to Fedex,  so I should know something in a few days.

I am seeing a lot of White crowned Sparrows, Black throated Sparrows, Junco(not sure what kind yet), and Scaled Quail, but not getting any good pictures just yet. I’ll keep watching for my chance. I hope to get some good shots of the Scaled Quail, don’t have any shots that I like much, yet.

I need to get out of the RV a bit, back later. 4pm update; Took me another walk and a good size one, more than I should have. Did just a little stretching, after getting back. I get started on these walks and get carried away, it is hard to resist interesting places.

Everyone have a nice evening.

Yet another busy day

This one should hold me for a while ………… I should be able to slow down a little and get back to a nice slow routine again. This morning I went off to have the oil changed on my truck and a few things checked out. Before being stuck at the garage most of the morning (nobodies fault, just busy like all garages, and I like this one) I went and sent my Nexus 7 off to Asus ( the maker of the device) to be repaired. I have no ideal how long this will take. I did this at Fedex and it cost me over $20.00 to send. The last thing I did in town was to pick up a friend and grab some lunch at Windy’s and then stopped at Walmart for a couple of things. At any rate, by the time I got back to the RV and then went out for my walk the day is just about gone. Just a few busy things that needed to be done, now they are 🙂 .

Trying to let all the folks I know around Deming, know that I am back in the area for a short spell.

Looks like we are in for some cool weather here in the Deming Area over the next few days, down in the 30’s at nights, just a bit of a change from AZ, LOL. I don’t think that kind of temperature will last long here in Deming. However the wind will go on for a while. It is always windy here in the spring.

I have a lot of email to catch up on, so I think I will start that now. Later.

More connected

I think that my tablet has cause me to become more connected (neither good or bad, just is) . I find myself reaching for the tablet often, it’s just so easy to get on the internet with it. A Quick check for email in the morning and also in the evening, I often watch a podcast in the evening just after going to bed, it puts me to sleep 🙂 Alone with the smart phone’s internet connection it sure makes a handy little device. It makes for a great search tool, “where is this” or “what is that” and so on. If I wonder where a bicycle shop is, I simply pick up the smart phone or the tablet and ask Google, if I hear something on TV and I don’t know what it is, I ask Google. So handy.

This refers to yesterday because I wrote it last night; Today has been just about too close, to being too warm. Got up to something a little over 80 today. Of course this is the evening before this post I’m sitting around the RV and it is just about too warm in here. I do like the warm better than the cold though. The desert night will cool it off quick enough.

Well, it is Saturday night and TV sucks tonight. So I’m here trying to figure out something to do with myself. Perhaps I’ll set outside and enjoy the cool weather of the night.

930 p.m. Saturday night, the evening has cooled off nicely. Maybe a podcast or Ted show …………  should put me to sleep.

By the way, all the above was done with voice recognition and the Nexus 7. Had to do a few corrections.

OK, it is Sunday and today is a little cooler with overcast skies. Cooler …………. but no solar happening(sunshine), still I’ll be fine on power. I get just enough solar power to keep the batteries going on these kind’s of day, but I cannot use much power during the day. 3:40 pm; Little update here, the temperature got to 80 today, but still it did not feels as hot with the clouds covering the sun.

This morning I took off to the laundry mat for a couple of loads, so there is one chore done. Later, I took a bike ride of 10 miles with a fair pace, and I may add a little walk to the mix here in a bit. It look and feels like it would be a good day to walk.

3:40 pm; I did take a walk and when I got back I did my hamstring stretching. So I am set for today. Tomorrow I will be off to Yuma to shop and visit with friends, so no exercise or stretching for tomorrow. I look forward to visiting with my friend.

OK, enough for  today, later.

P.S. Almost forgot to post a new bird of the week. So here it is, a Goldfinch and I am not sure where I took the picture.

Goldfinch photo Goldfinch2.jpg

Wind and more wind

Last night the wind blew all night and it is going to blow all day today too. Cloudy to the boot, my beautiful desert weather is gone for today.

Exercise; a very short walk will be all for today. My knee is bugging me and I am going to have to cut it some slack. I will be running the exercise on the low side for the next few days I think, at best short walks. I got some things that I need to get done around the RV anyway, so this will give me a chance to do them.

I am slowly putting all the little parts together that I will need to mount my 4th solar panel on the roof. Bolts, nuts, washer, aluminum angle strips, leg bolts and other such little pieces and parts. One of these nice days here in the near future, I will get started on mounting it. This will more than likely be my last panel, 520 watts should be good enough. It has taken me five years to get it where I want, but it is working very well.

My friend (Max ) is here in the area and we will play with the tablets and see what kind of tricks we can do with them. Yesterday I set my tablet (Nexus 7 )  up with Google Voice and Talkatone, and I can now make free phone calls to phones anywhere in the U.S. or receive calls as long as I have an internet connection. Kind of neat.

OK enough for today, have a nice one.

Long Bike ride

I took a wrong turn while out on the bike today and ended up riding way farther than I intended, about 28 miles, which is much too far for me. I was looking to do maybe 20 today but not 28. I will pay for this and I know it. I will give you an update on the knees tomorrow and I don’t think it will be good. It is nice to know that I can ride like that once every now and then, just hoping the payback ain’t too bad!

I was hoping that my mail would be in today but it was not at the post office this morning but I am sure it will be in by tomorrow.

I am having me a salad, don’t feel like having any meat just now. The Atkins diet can be trying at times.

Hey, I got me an update for the Nexus 7, downloading now! Going to Android 4.2.2  😀  I am liking the ideal of owning Nexus devices, they get the updates right out the gate from Google. Other devices have to wait on the phone carriers which take their sweet time if they bother at all. I think from now on it will be Nexus devices for me and if not I will have rooted devices. The carriers suck.

OK, I am going to try to work out some of the kinks by stretching ………… and hope nothing breaks 😯 ! Later.


Beautiful morning

The day is starting out fine, for a February day. The day has mild temperatures and lots of sunshine. 🙂 , what more can you ask for?

This morning my friend and I took a fast trip to Jack in the box, and while I was out I picked up a few gallons of water.

We are now both sitting around the RV just kicking back and playing with our tablets. Yep, devices can be very fun playing around with and pretty useful as a tool. I am doing my blogging with my Nexus 7 even now. I am getting better at using it each time I post to the blog. I am very happy with my Nexus 7 purchase, I seen to find more and more uses for it every day. Just think, 50 years ago we would have both been setting outside whittling. LOL, times, they have changed, you think?

Exercise; we took a short walk, about 2 miles. and I later did my stretching, so again I am fit. The knees are fussing just a little today after yesterdays hard bike ride. I may just take a short ride tomorrow instead of a long one.

The last time I tried to update my iTunes software it would not install, so I am going to try again today and I am doing that now. Hopefully they have put out a later version. I’ll know in a little while. It ticks me off when I download a 60 MB file and then it won’t install. I only have 5 gigs a month on the air-card and it don’t take long to add up with those size files, and it is only 3g speeds here so it takes a while. Here goes ……………….. going, going ………….. looks stuck ………… hard drive is turning so maybe not …………… no, it would not install, the whole damn thing is about to get uninstall! iTunes is junk-ware. We won’t worry with it today.

Folks have a nice day.

Great ride today

I again, rode with Fred and we rode for 18.5 miles at a little faster pace of about 13 mph (Fred set the pace). That is a little faster than my normal pace of 10 or 11 mph so I had to push a little harder to keep up. Of course I will not be able to do this every day but I think I can do it now and then. There was a little wind today and I may have not rode if I had not of had someone to ride with, great to have another rider around. I really like riding with someone who is a stronger rider than I, it gives me something to strive for. A great ride.

I hope my knees don’t do bad with the extra effort on the bike. All other aches and pains are secondary to the knees, those knees I keep an eye on. Maybe I can just ride every other day. We’ll see.

I’ll add a little stretching  here after a while and it will be a good day of fitness for me. About 2:30 p.m.  stretching added.

I can’t believe that it is already Sunday, the time just flies by, it seems. It has been a cloudy week and it is cloudy today for the most part, but the temperature is fine, just over 70° out now, perfect.

Playing with the Nexus 7 again and speech recognition, while sitting outside enjoying the beautiful weather. It is very handy to blog with the Nexus 7 on these cloudy days, it is a very power saving device compared to the laptop. I am getting more used to it and may start using it even more for my blogging. Is also very handy when I just want to add 1 or 2 lines to the blog. I can just pick it up and start speaking after only a couple of clicks.

One of the women staying here in the area feeds the birds so one of the trees nearby my RV is full of house finches, they are singing their hearts out. I enjoy listening to them. House finches seemed to always have something to say. 🙂 they just love chirping away.

OK enough for today, Later.