In the Boondocks

Pictures: Some wild flowers out of the area I’m in now.

Wild Flower 20d_2190

Wild Flower 20d_2199

Boondocking: I am enjoying my peace and quiet out in the forest. I like being out away from the crowds so much better then RV parks. It has it’s down falls as far as conveniences go, but makes up for it in peacefulness.

Weather: The mornings are kind of cool here, even in July (about 50° or so) but the days turn into beauties of about 75 to 80° Given a choice I think this is the kind of weather I like best.

Night folks


Pictures: A couple of birds.
Little Mocking bird, missing a tail?
Mocking Bird photo MBNT2.jpg

Killdeer with lunch.
Killdeer photo KillD.jpg

Weather: While the rest of the country is having terrible weather it has just been beautiful here in Lake Havasu. Days in the 70 to 80 range and the nights around 50 or so, I just don’t see how it could be better. Hey, that is why I am here 😀

Exercise: Took me a short walk today and used my app MapMyWalk on the new phone and it worked swell ❗ I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.30mi, time: 54:19, pace: 23:37min/mi, speed: 2.54mi/h.

Night folks

The doing of Nothing

About my new Location: Walking around the campground, it is obvious that they did not get a camp host for the summer. All ten of the camp sites could use some work. The host here also does some work at the arch (see this post for what the arch is)

Weather: The weather here looks good for the next week, so I am set for a week if I like. High 80s yesterday but starting today looks like 80 will be about as high as it will get to, that is just where I like it when I’m boon-docking 🙂

The doing of Nothing: Yes I have things to do but …….. I am kind of enjoying the doing of nothing today 😈 Prehaps I will get bored in a bit and do something useful or maybe go for a walk, for now this chilling thing is working just fine, LOL. I am being so lazy today that I have not shaved and wash my face yet and it is pass 10am. You know, if I have a job I go at it hard and when I want to be lazy I do a fine job of that too, LOL if you going to do a thing, do it well!

Exercise: Took myself a slow ride up to the ranger station about 2.5 miles away. I rode with MapMyRide! Distance: 5.54mi, time: 44:40, pace: 8:04min/mi, speed: 7.44mi/h. I may ride some more or take a walk later on.

Pictures: I am too lazy to post pictures today but here is a link to my Flickr Album of this area.

Night folks