No Pictures

Pictures: Not today 😦 This place leaves me without!

City: Got into the city today and got some things done, laundry, shopping and such.

Exercise : I walked for 4.3 miles today.

Weather : It has been a fine day with temps in the low 80s to mid 80s.

I hope today post wasn’t too exciting for you 😈 I promise to do better tomorrow even if I have to dig up some old shots 🙂

Night Folks


No Pictures

Hi everyone, I’m going to be lazy today and not post a picture or pictures. My water pump on the RV went out over the weekend and I had to take a trip back to Flagstaff to get a new one and come back and replace the old one, so it was a long day. I had some problems with the old pump last year so it finally give up the ghost.

I always eat bad when I go into the city and I didn’t exercise any today so that is a double hit 😦 I’ll have to do good tomorrow 🙂

Night folks