Nexus updates

Exercise not: I am not doing any exercise today, the knees ask for a rest and the knees get what they want ๐Ÿ™‚ so a couple of days off.

Nexus: I will have to update my Rooted Nexus 7(2012) in a bit. The new update(Lollipop) is out. I will wait till after the 25th so I know that I have plenty of bandwidth to play with. I will have to read up on it too, these updates are just far enough apart for me to have time to forget just how I did the last one ๐Ÿ˜ฆย  I would like to get a newer Nexus device but I don’t much like what is out just now. At least not at the price,ย  the(Nexus 9)ย  is out at, just too costly for my taste.

Night folks


About birds, diet and exercise

No they are not connected: Well the exercise and diet is but not the birds.

Walk?: Maybe, I have not decided yet. 10am; The knees don’t feel too bad this morning but we might give them some slack today, I’ll be on my feet enough with all the RVers coming in today. The knees don’t differentiate between walking and and just standing or moving around as I do my work. Bottom line, on days that I am going to be on my feet a lot is best to not walk, so says my knees.

Bird: This is a Mountain Blue Bird and I took this shot at Blue Water State Park, NM.
Mountain Blue Bird_0966

Here is a Rose-Breasted Grosbeak, this picture taken many years ago in KY.
Print 2

Diet: I am making adjustments to my diet and like all other folks this is a tough thing for me, but at any rate it is coming along pretty well. Many more vegetables, a little less meats and taking out the soda(again), been without soda for a week tomorrow. This time I am drinking other drinks to replace the soda, like tea, water additive, maybe a half glass of some kind of juice however not more than two glasses of anything but water and I try to drink a gallon (or more) of water per day.

Night folks


Soda: I have loss my battle and I’m drinking soda againย  ๐Ÿ˜ฆย  It sure taste good. Should I renew the fight? It did not help with weight as best I can tell. However, I may renew the fight, it is not good for you. I have been back drinking soda for about a weekย  now.

No Walking again today: I have not done so much around the camp ground today either, a days rest is okay now and again ๐Ÿ™‚

Update my Bird of the Week: Or month? This is a White-breasted Nuthatcker.

White-breasted Nuthatcher photo NutHatcher.jpg

Canon EOS 20D
Focal Length
Canon EOS 20D
Focal Length

Night folks

Colder last night but better today

More cold: Hopeful it will get better after today. I am ready for some above average temperatures, not that I’m going to get any. Okay, I’ll make do ๐Ÿ˜ฆ At least the night’s are going to get above freezing from here on. The best thing of all, is that the days are just great.

Update 12 noon: Ha, it is noon and time for some shorts and a t-shirt! May not be able to set still outside in a t-shirt, but if you’ll moving around it feels fine.

Walk: I want to, but the knees are not happy right now, so if I do it will probably be a short one, we’ll see.

Moving day coming: I will be moving in a day or two(when the notion hits ) but not far. I will be going to Blue Water lake, another one of my favorite sites.

See Out: Hey, I can see outside now that I have washed and cleaned my windows, they had a ton of wet dust on them. Just one of those things you can expect to happen now-and-then here in the southwest. The truck is still a mess.

Another workout Surrary:
WORKOUT SUMMARY for 04/07/2014 – 04/13/2014 view all
6 workouts
4 routes
16.5 miles
6.2 hours
1,973 kCal burned

Passwords: I spent about an hour updating some of my passwords, that where affected by the heartbleed bug. I was going to put a link to some info about heartbleed bug but there is just too much, you’ll have to Google it and pick what you want to read. It is still hard to find out what sites got hit with this, my Lastpass app tells me Google, Yahoo and others are in the mess.

Night folks

Slow day

Weight: 186.6 ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I feel like a huge rock in a deep hole, stuck!

No exercise : for today, even though my knees feel fine today. I will let them rest because I know they have a way of catching up if I don’t. I may get some stretching done today, something I have not been getting to as much as I should.

Stretching: Has been added to the day. Odd about stretching some days I do better than others and why, I know not. I worked the hamstrings pretty good today but still I seen very stiff. Of course I had not stretched much for a couple of days, don’t take long for it to go away.

The River: it’s not far from me and I think one day I will go down by the river and see if I can spot any birds. Something to do for a few hours maybe.

The Weather: is just about hot, wow that is saying a lot even for here. February is not usual this warm. Nice just too lazy around in but too warm to work in, well for an older dude anyways ๐Ÿ˜› ha, who wants to do any work!

Night folks

Knee is doing good

Slow start today, it was coolish this morning and I didn’t much want to climb out of my nice warm bed, so I didn’t ๐Ÿ™‚

The knee does not hurt today but it does feel a little inflamed. There will be no exercise today, we’ll give the knee it’s much deserved rest. I may do some stretching but that will be all for today.
Update; I did do some good stretching today, still not back to where I was last year, but coming along.

My humming feeder keeps busy with a few Hummers coming and going but the seed feeder and the water I put out for bigger birds has gotten no visitors. I see and hear a few birds when I walk but not a lot. The Colorado River is about 6 miles away so I’m guessing that is where all the local birds hang out, near the water.

I added the water to my fresh water tank that I picked up the other day and I have done my stretching ……. and the day mosey on by ๐Ÿ™‚

Night folks

Truck maintenance

Today I changed the oil in my truck, a thing that had needed done for a while now. It is a job I hate but it has to be done, now and then. Changed the fuel filter too. Good day for chores ๐Ÿ™‚ย  and my truck had a merry Christmas with it’s fresh new oil!

I will not walk today, so said the knee : shock:ย  but that is okay it is Christmas so I can take the day off, I guess.

I hope everyone got the things that they most wanted for Christmas, whether it be a new car, the love of your life or just good times with friends and family!

Night folks

Chores, tech and other nonsense

Today will be another nice day of warmer weather, nice. Just love these warm days.

About rooting the Nexus 7, I have decided to wait a bit on that. Rooting will cause a complete data loss and I’ll am not ready to do all that resetting just now. If I had unlocked my Nexus when I got it than I could have rooted without the reset, but I didn’t. Should I ever update to the second version of the Nexus 7, I will unlock it first thing.

I picked up a load of water today for the RV and added about 25 gallons to fill the fresh water tank. I use less than 5 gals a day and I am pretty generous with my use of water. I think one could get by on about 3 gallons a day, at least I could if it was necessary.

Exercise will not be happening today, the knee just needs a little more time to rest. If the knee feels pretty good tomorrow maybe I’ll take a slow birding walk and see how that feels. I did do some stretching today to see if that would have any effect on it and I’ll know if it does, or not, by tomorrow morning. I know when the knee starting giving me trouble it was right after I started stretching again, so this is a test to see if that is what got things going the wrong way. I do think the cause was that I just over did things, but we’ll see. I was having too much fun ๐Ÿ™‚

I did my maintenance on the house batteries today. Now that the batteries are older I keep a pretty good watch on them. Next winter will be the time to replace them, but I will nurse them along for this winter.

This winter, I have noticed that I had a little bit of grey tank smell getting into my RV, so I have added a cyclone vent to the roof of the RV and it seems to be doing a great job because I no longer have that smell. I have hauled the cyclone vent around for about 4 years now, LOL. I had the smell problem before but it went away. I think it may come from the tanks not being properly rinsed, and that can happen when you do a lot of boon-docking. When you are hooked up you can take the time to run lots of water through the tanks and keep them nice and flushed out. When hooked up I use lots of water so they just stay flushed by themselves but boon-docking I try to use very little water and so there not much rinsing happening. I have only been hooked-up for about a week in the last year and a half. When at dump station you don’t have the time you need to give them a good rinsing and you are not at dump stations that often if you boon-dock as much as I. No matter, I got it worked out.

Night folks

Wandering Soul

Evening 12-8-13
Man oh man, these evenings are starting to get colder! Looks like we are going to have some freezing weather for a few nights, not looking forward to that. I got the Wave 8 turned to high and I am glad it is doing its job. Dang cold weather.

Morning 12-9-13
Crap, it is to cool! Looks like I will be running my heater during the day for the rest of the week, cold and more cold ๐Ÿ˜ฆย ย  The older I get the more cold weather bugs me. I am also sure this cold is not helping my old rusty joints either. Okay, enough fussing about the weather, I feel better now!

The next sore subject …….. Yes there is more ( Hey us old dudes got to have something to go on about, yes? ) and it is the knee, still not right, so I will rest it again today. I may just not walk for the week and when I do go it will be a short test walk to see how the knee will react. That won’t be today. I want to go walking anyways but I won’t …………. I sure miss it.

A list, I see lots of list of things in other blogs and I have notice that I have just got to read them when I see them. So here is one from me.

Note: Not everyone can have the choice of full-time RVing, because they have jobs and life’s that keep them where they are but for those that do.

Ten good and/or bad things about ย ย  ……..ย  House vs RV full-time living ……………..

1. Doing maintenance; I never-never mow the grass ๐Ÿ™‚ย  A RV has maintenance that needs to be attended to but not as much as a house. If you rent you just pay for the maintenance in a different way.

2. In a house you can have friends that are always there, maybe next door. In an RV you can make new friends ever time you move. On the other hand …………….. If you are in a house and have a …. lets say undesirable neighbor … you are stuck with them but if you are in an RV it takes so little time to move, there is no such thing as a bad neighbor!ย  While RVing I have made friends with other RVers that I see very often as we cross paths a good bit, so I still have …. full-time friends that I see often while living in a RV ๐Ÿ™‚

3. Stores, shopping andย  (maintenance that needs to be done by others) , if you live in one place you know where all the good deals are and such and you know who/what to stay away from. In a RV you constantly have new choices in many things but you may not know who you are dealing with if you need repairs done.

4. In a house you are always ensured of the familiar which can be safe but boring. In in RV there is always something new but unknown, fun but scary?

A little background for this next one. Ways to RV,

a) You can have both a house and a RV and this is what most do.

b) You can just have a RV like me, and a few thousands more folks.

I am going to speak to having only one, which of course for me, is a RV.

5. Cost, for me is very cheap to live in a RV vs a house. The cost of living in a house or a RV all depends on how you go about things. It is likely that if you have a hard time with money staying in a house, you will have a hard time with money living in a RV, and I think if you do good with your money in a house you will do fine in a RV. What does it cost to live in an RV? ……………. I see folks living in RVs that have only 5 or 6 hundred dollars a month income(some less than that, I am sure) and I see folks that obviously have millions. I have never met a person that says they have more than enough money (me included)ย  but still here in the US, I don’t recall the last time I seen someone that looked like they where not getting enough to eat. So in the end, no matter the cost you’ll get by with what you got, just like people all over the world. If you want to come out and RV full-time just do it, you’ll be as well-off as you are now, MY OPINION.ย  Now if I just had a little more money ……………… LOL.

6. With a RV you have many options as to where you live within its limitation (example, you probably don’t want to try RVing in Alaska in January). A house can be only one place, a RV can be wherever you take it. If you have read only two or three post of mine, you know that I like to be where the weather is nice! LOL.

7. Some times it is the silliest little things one might miss the most. For me it is a washer and dryer! You can’t have a very good one in a RV for the most part. I have seen some folks that pull big trailers behind big motor homes that have a full size washer and dryer in them, but I am not in the income level ๐Ÿ˜ฆย ย  You can fit rigs like mine with small units but they are not very good. However I have adjusted to going to the laundry mats, and all is well.

8. Hobbies, Some of the hobbies that I have are enhanced while RVing like birding and photographing while other like computers may not be better but still doable. The traveling says it all, for the first two(really good) but with computers now-a-days you need to be connected to the internet and that is somewhat of a problem while on the road unless you just have tons of money to throw at it. Here in the US you can get much better connection and deals if you are where you can hook up to some kind of wire on a permanent bases, can’t do that in an RV.

9. Staying fit, Exercise is something that can go both ways. One if you walk or ride a bike a lot like I do, than traveling in a RV just gives you new and fun places to do those things. On the other hand if you like going to the gym or swimming than those things will be harder if not impossible.

10. Full time RVing fits best with a wandering soul, it is not for those that has to have complete stability.

There is my first list ……….. Oh mine ……….. it was so good! LOL! Something to do on a cold day while having a sore knee!

OK, this post is too long, so I will stop now.

Night folks