Doing some cleaning today so I started the generator and run the vacuum for a good spell and while I got the generator running I have jump on the big computer (desktop). I will do my updates and take a look at my photos that I did on the laptop. The one thing I miss the most when I am in the boon-docks is my desktop computer running daily, I like it so must better than my laptop, even if my laptop is a pretty good one. If I had plenty of money I would buy  a Mac laptop just for the better graphics.

Wow I just took a look and I don’t like how the photos look at all, it makes all the different in the world to have a good computer monitor when processing the photos in Photoshop. Looking from this computer makes me not like doing the work on the laptop at all. I will have to be more careful with it if I am to do any more on it. Having a nice size monitor helps a lot too.


The weather today is not the great weather that we have had, a little wind in the mix and it makes it feel a little cooler but still not all the bad. The weather man says a few days just a little cooler and then back to warm.


I will not exercise today except to do a little stretching maybe and perhaps a short walk and maybe none of the above.


I put the 50mm lens on today and went out for a couple fast snap shots. Here are things that are just outside my door.


While cleaning

This morning while I was doing my cleaning I got rid of a couple of things that had laid around for too long and not used. As always when full-timing in an RV, if you have things that you don’t use it needs to go. I sometimes don’t believe the things that I just don’t use. If I had a stick and brick place I am sure I would keep
about everything. Even when I have some things that I do use now and then, I ask myself just how often do I use it and could I get by without it. If you only use something once a year and could do without it all together should you do away with it? It is a hard question sometime and I fight with it. I have a few things that I have not use since I started RVing near 5 years ago and still I know I can make myself throw the stuff away. It is mostly tools that I am that way with, but there are other small things around that are just here and will stay on.
Adding a line or two with my Galaxy tab. I have not posted much with the tab at all, and I find that it is a little better than the phone when it comes to trying to get words down in writing. I like my keyboard better than the phone or the tab but I am getting to where I can get a few words down if need be with the mobile devices.
Night folks.

2012 already 2 days gone ……….

2012 is already getting gone! Come back time don’t go away LOL. I look at the calendar and think man is it already this late in the week, man is it already this month and worst yet, I look and say its “what ?!?!??! 2012 !!!!!!!!!!!!! ”

Yesterday when my friend Bruce came by we went out and did a little shooting with the cameras. Here is 4 of the shots I took.

Old bucket, a stump that looked like a horse, to me 🙂 , Great horn Owl, and the tree has it’s nest. Please forgive me on the owl shot, it was a shot that had to be taken into the sun and the light was harsh to say the least. Lots of Photoshopping on the owl.

The day is yet another beauty.


Taking the day off. Yesterday there was very little exercise (only the walking to take pictures, under a mile I think) but I did done a good bit of stretching. Today I have not done anything and I think I will keep things that way, give the old broken down knees a break.

Spring Canon the Big Walk

I did go to Spring Canon yesterday and walk to the top of the Florida Mountains and it was a big work out for me. It took a lot more time and energy then I thought it would. On the way up I walk on a lot of loose rock with steep hillsides and on the way down I took a wash with lots of small drops that were kind of challenging for someone as over weight as I.  I had a lot of energy on the way up but it had pretty much run out by the time I got back to my truck.

Here are a few pictures. The first shot came be enjoyed by anyone who just drives up to Spring Canon the next three were taken from the top of the Florida Mountains, a little harder to get to. The second shots is looking north at Cooks Peek and the last two looking west at Deming.  All these shots taken at 50 mm or under.

These next shots taken with a lot more Lens, 420 mm. The first one of Rockhound State Park and the next 3 have the LoW-Hi RV ranch in them. The last three are all the same shot with each one crop a little closer. Can you see the LoW-Hi?

Just before I got to the top I came across this flaming cactus………………………..


Needless to say yesterday was one big workout for me. I don’t know if I will get around to any exercise today or not! I did do just a small amount of walking around the park to get some of the soreness out. Tomorrow I will ride my bike if the weather is good.


Some of the folks at the ranch decided to cook out so I with over  and put two of my hamburgers on. Good!

Thanks for looking in.

Later John