High in the Trees

Pictures: Here is a Starling and a Northern Flicker high up in the trees.



Solar: The wind is high today and so there is no solar work going on.

Night Folks


Resting Today

Resting : Both my friend and I are older dudes and after fighting with the mounting of the tire carrier under the RV yesterday we are both dog out today, LOL. Age …. it is a bit of a challenge!!!

Pictures: Plainopepla and a Northern Flicker.



Weather: It is a rainy day today but it is not as cold as it has been over the past week.

All the above was for yesterday. 1/6/19
Ha shoot, I forgot to hit the Publish button yesterday, so I guess this will be yesterday’s and today’s post.

All the the below is for today. 1/7/19

Today My friend and I took the solar off the roof of his RV and it is sitting outside my rig waiting patiently to be put on my roof 🙂 There is 4 large panels(little over 1000 watts) that will go my rig and a 160 watt panel that I will sale. I also removed a small and large solar controller and breaker box today today. Tomorrow will be the 4 batteries and 3500 watt inverter/charger(100 amp) alone with its breakers. (at least I think that is is a 100 amp charger, I will have to look it up to see for sure)

Night Folks

Woodpeckers, Northern Flicker

Pictures: Here is a couple of shot better than 10 year apart, Northern Flicker. Both of these are Male Northern Flicker but if you look you will see that the markings are a bit different.

This shot taken in KY is a Northern Flicker (Yellow-Shafted) (Tiger/Eastern) Subspecies. Shot taken in 2005.

Northern Flicker, I took this shot in either AZ or NM. Shot taken in 2016.

Exercise: Rick and I walked 2.5 miles today.

Night Folks

Flicker and Jay

Pictures: My feeder has slowly been picking up new birds from the area but sadly it will be time to move soon. Here is a Northern Flicker and Staller’s Jay. I started putting out un-shelled peanuts and the Jays have figure out that they likes them 🙂 They also like the suet I put out.

As always click the images twice for the larger size pictures.
Northern Flicker.


Steller’s Jay.


Exercise: All the good walks have finally caught up with me and the knees have spoken …. time for a break.

Night Folks

Four Birds

Pictures: Four mixed birds today.

The Bullock’s Oriole still likes to visit for a drink now and again.


Here is a House Finch and a Lesser Gold Finch. I modified the feeder so they have to do tricks for me now to get the seeds. They don’t seem to mind at all 🙂


This Northern Flicker came by to get a drink of water.


Exercise: Maybe 4 miles today, good!

Night folks

Compare Flickers

Birds: More Woodpeckers, and today it is two Flickers one from the east and one from the west. These are both Males and the females just have the red removed.
East … Northern Flicker. Actually the northern Flicker can be seen about anywhere in the US all year.
Woodpecker Northern Flicker_8284
West … Gilder Flicker, in the US it can only be seen in AZ.
Woodpecker Gided Flicker_9416

Weather: It is coolish, I am even running my electric heater. I think the humidity is making it feel cooler than it really is. We are getting lots of rain this year in upper NM and that is good. Looking at the forecast for next week I see a day that it is only getting into the lower 60s, wow.
It is 4pm and the rain has just set in.

Night folks

The mornings are so cool

I love the morning up here on this mountain of Cloudcroft, it is just the right temperature to sleep in. I did manage to get out of bed by 8am this morning, a good thing. If I was one with lots of money I would buy me a summer home up here.

Time to get my breakfast on, two eggs and sausage, mmmmmmm mmmmm good.  Yes that was good.

Birds; I am seeing a few that I would love to get a picture of. I have put out a seed feeder and this morning I am near sure I seen a Female Black-headed Grosbeak. While walking and at my feeder I have seen a Dark-eyed Junco(Red Back). I am seeing lots of Northern Flickers while out walking. I wish I could get pictures of all these guys but they are a bit jumpy up here in the woods. Oh I have seen a few wild Turkey too.
I like to put seed out on the ground for ground-feeding birds and I do ……  but most of those seeds are going to a local chipmunk who takes care of anything that hits the ground LOL. Just look at that “Who Me?” look, will you!

Oh it is indeed a nice morning ……. my neighbor with all the dirt-bikes just left. They where off where I could not see them very well and on their way out I could see that they had 1 four-wheeler and nine dirt-bikes LOL. It sure is peaceful again around here!

The day is done and I have not did much on the exercise side of things so maybe tomorrow I’ll do a bit of walking or something. The knees have fuss at me a bit today. Looking at the weather I see some pretty high humidity in the forecast and I don’t know how much my old knees will fuss at that.